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2024-07-12 - Dragon Cave API Update - - 2024/07/13 00:26

Dragon Cave has had an API for 15 years now. If you don't know what an API is, that's fine (this post is likely not for you)—it's the thing that allows 3rd party sites such as hatcheries to work....

2024-06-30 - June Dragon Release - - 2024/06/30 04:00

June brings another drake to Dragon Cave. Grab these new breeds from the Forest, Alpine, Coast, or Volcano....

2024-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 18th Birthday! - - 2024/05/21 04:00

Dragon Cave turns eighteen years old today! That’s a long time! Join us in celebrating with these five new breeds....

2024-04-28 - April Dragon Release - - 2024/04/28 04:00

April's release brings a new egg in the cave, and a new egg not in the cave. Enjoy!...

2024-04-01 - TOP SECRET RE: “APRIL” - - 2024/04/01 04:00

I am receiving reports from my extensive network of field agents of an alarming development: despite our best efforts to stop it, “April” has arrived. While these reports are not yet substantiated, if...
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