Dragon Cave 龙洞中文维基
Geminae adult
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Geminae egg
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發佈日期 2019/05/21
元素親和力 魔法
型態 雙頭龍
稀有度 常見
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棲息地 沙漠
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顏色 黃、紅、藍
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種族 幼體 亞成體 成體

Geminae egg Geminae hatchi Geminae mature hatchi Geminae adult


階段0 階段1 階段2 階段3 階段4 階段5 死亡
Geminae egg File:Stage 1.gif Geminae crack 2 Geminae crack 3 Geminae crack 4 Geminae crack 5 Geminae dead egg



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  • 巨大、強壯,且行動緩慢。
  • Their hide is sleek, covered in tiny scales that give a satiny texture. The shinier the Geminae the healthier. Their bold colors grow stronger with age, but may also be an indicator of failing health if the color ever dulls.
  • The manes on both heads are meticulously groomed, and feel almost like down.
  • The spherical glass-like gems that grow on their foreheads are mostly translucent, but will emit bright yellow light for various reasons, such as whenever that particular head gets an idea, or if it is alarmed or alert.
  • Each head has a unique set of horns; between Geminae, there are a few different combinations of horn types, though the curved variety appear to be the most dominant. Beyond this, an individual's heads are identical in appearance.
  • Rather unthreatening in appearance—especially facial structure—but when truly angered they may reveal large, thick fangs and a surprising range of jaw motion.
  • Despite their size, a Geminae is capable of maintaining flight for quite some time before it needs to seek rest.


  • Young or unhatched Geminae have no focal point for their psychic power and thus exert it outward with no filter. This may cause headaches or mental fuzziness nearby creatures.
  • As they develop, forehead gems will grant a hatchling control over their magic. Hatchlings tend to experiment with this power rather than keep it in check.
  • The curiosity of a Geminae hatchling is almost unmatched. Combined with a general lack of concern for their physical well-being, this often leads to dangerous situations.
  • Hatchlings make a variety of sounds. These are noted to be more expressions of emotion than actual communication.
  • Even when young, Geminae display an uncanny intellect, sometimes capabvle of outsmarting adult dragons.
  • They exhibit no aggressive traits and have no interest in play-fighting. Other hatchlings are often calmer in a Geminae's presence.


  • Sponges for knowledge. Their interest in understanding the world does not wane, and they constantly search for new things to learn.
  • Telepathy may manifest as an audible projection instead of within the minds of individual creatures, focused through their gems.
  • Both heads may speak at once, either seamlessly jumping in to finish sentences for the other head or speaking over each other. It is less common for heads to take turns.
  • Magic is used defensively to alter the perpetrator's motivations and intentions so that the Geminae is no longer the target.
  • Though quite capable of devastating psychic attacks, Geminae have no interest in fighting. The establishment of territory or mates is not concerning to them.
  • The two heads have near-opposite personalities and methods of cognition; one is typically more logical while the other creative, and approach tasks with vastly different ideas and understanding. The heads get along well nonetheless.
  • If one head is severed from the body, a Geminae may still yet live, though this naturally takes a large psychological toll on the remaining head.
  • Devoted parents and mates. Both heads must agree on a mate before choosing, and usually make this decision based on how interesting a Geminae finds the potential mate.


  • The Geminae appear most in open spaces such as deserts, but are capable of settling in a variety of locations during their pursuit of knowledge. Temperature don't appear to be a concern.
  • Geminae nests are dug out of the ground, where the warmth of desert sands is used to help incubate eggs.
  • Not all Geminae create permanent lairs, but those who do may dig out a large basin in the rock as their home.
  • A Geminae dragon may create an illusion with psychic magic to prevent egg hunters from discovering a nest.


  • The Geminae may eat both the flora and fauna of their environment, and require a large amount of natural fats—either plant or animal—to achieve high mental clarity.
  • 當雙子龍飢餓時,會發出精神探測尋找最接近的食物來源,並促使獵物自己靠近。
  • 在吃掉獵物之前會因為憐憫而將獵物打暈。