Aeon Wyvern maleAeon Wyvern female
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Aeon Wyvern egg
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發佈日期 2016年8月21日
元素親和力 時間
型態 翼龍
稀有度 不常見
BSA 預知
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棲息地 高山
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顏色 紅色、黑色、青色
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永恒龙绿石龙黑絢光龍侏儒藍晶石龍帝冕龙一同于2016年8月21日公布 .














种类 龙蛋 幼龙 半成龙 成年龙

Aeon Wyvern egg Aeon Wyvern hatchi Aeon Wyvern mature hatchi Aeon Wyvern female

Aeon Wyvern male

- - - Aeon Wyvern female active

Aeon Wyvern male active


階段0 階段1 階段2 階段3 階段4 階段5 死亡
Aeon Wyvern egg Aeon Wyvern crack 1 Aeon Wyvern crack 2 Aeon Wyvern crack 3 Aeon Wyvern crack 4 Aeon Wyvern crack 5 Aeon Wyvern dead egg



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And here's the (giffy!) art of the Aeon, both inactive (non-glow) and active (glow).

Aeon Wyvern concept

I hope you guys find use for its BSA, Precognition.

  • 关于它们的BSA与其他BSA的影响:
[Sub-quote: However, I have a question for the new BSA: What would happen if you used it on an egg, received the gender, then influenced it using a pink? Would it then be influenced? Or would the prediction cancel out any attempts to change the gender?]

As I believe Pie said earlier, Precognition can be used multiple times on the same Egg/S1 Hatchling.
Therefore you could still use Precognition on an egg, find out its gender (say male for instance), and influence it to be female. You could then use Precognition on it again and find out the result of the Influence.
Precognition would not cancel out an Influence made on an Egg or S1 hatchling, or make you unable to use Influence on an egg.

If anything, Precognition was made to go sort of hand-in-hand with Influence, or to test to make sure an Influence is entirely necessary (and maybe even help swap trades of eggs or hatchlings go faster). It would stink if Precognition cancelled Influence out, haha.
  • 有关它们的翅膀变化:
[Sub-quote: The aeons are cool but the wings why are the wings for the male transparent to the point you can see the tail behind it but the female the wings are a solid red that just doesn't make sense to me

The reason is because I made their wings to act similarly to what we have IRL called a 'one-way mirror.' The red is opaque, but the white can sometimes be seen through.

It's just a much easier concept to convey actually in the sprite as opposed to not, so even though realistically under the lighting in the sprite it wouldnt quite look that way, I figure it's more important to actually show it in the art rather than leave it out since it's part of their design.
(I figured someone would ask about that, haha.)
  • 关于它们预知能力的原理:
It says in the Aeon Wyvern's adult description:
"They are able to peer into the multi-dimensional plane of time, seeing all that is, all that has been, and all that could be—within a small localized zone. "

So think of it like this-- in a ring of an area around the Aeon, it can look into/project the future or the past and see the destined future (so what will definitely happen if things are allowed to naturally play out), anything that may potentially play out in the future if variables are changed, and also see into the past... but just in that zone. Like a recording playing through for them in that area of effect. Fast forwarding, rewinding, playing over again... that sort of deal. But they can't tamper with anything themselves, and they won't tell anyone the destined outcome of major conflicts/events (war, disaster, etc). (They also won't tell anyone how to change the future and avoid said outcome, either.)

[Sub-quote: Or, having seen the full depth and breath of ALL of time, do they realize that even the worst events are just a spec of dust in the huge flowing river of time, and that this, too, shall pass?]
More or less this, as well.

And if the Aeon helps someone(s) once for something major, then people are going to expect the Aeon to do it again. And again. And again. And then they just get reliant on that Aeon's help/foresight. And they might get angry if the Aeon decides not to do anything for other major events. So it's better not to touch the issues in the first place, and let them just play out on their own.