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When you go to the main cave you will find several mystery eggs and you may ask yourself, which egg is which? Previously, there was a rule preventing users from sharing information on what eggs hatched into what. This rule has since been removed.

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Year-round Dragons

These dragons can be found year-round either in the Habitats, through breeding or by using certain breed specific actions (BSA).

Egg Description Breed Rarity
Aeon Wyvern egg It’s almost like time is distorted around this egg. Aeon Wyvern Uncommon
Aeria Gloris egg This crystalline egg almost looks like you could reach into its depths. Aeria Gloris Common
Aether Wyvern egg Wind gusts around this egg. Aether Wyvern Uncommon
Albino egg You can see the baby dragon curled up inside this translucent egg. Albino Very Common
Almerald egg This glossy green egg is rather warm. Almerald Uncommon
Anagallis egg This delicately patterned egg is sitting in the sunshine. Anagallis Common
Antarean egg This egg is surrounded by mysterious, reflective dust. Antarean Uncommon
Aqualis egg This drab egg rests far from the water’s edge. Aqualis Uncommon
Aria egg This bright egg has a warm shell. Aria Common
Avatar of Change egg This iridescent egg radiates mysterious energy. Avatar of Change Uncommon
Avatar of Creation egg This shimmering egg radiates primordial energy. Avatar of Creation Uncommon
Avatar of Destruction egg This smoldering egg radiates volatile energy. Avatar of Destruction Uncommon
Ash egg This ashen egg is smooth to the touch. Ash Uncommon
Avea Pygmy egg This tiny egg is rather light. Avea Pygmy Common
Azure Glacewing egg This large egg has a lustrous sheen and appears to be covered in scales. Azure Glacewing Uncommon
Baikala-egg-rotator This heavy egg has a soft, yielding shell. Baikala Uncommon
Balloon egg This light egg is floating in the air. Balloon Common
Bauta egg This egg has raised golden ridges. Bauta Uncommon
Black egg This egg has a faint green glow around it. Black Regular: Uncommon; Alt: Rare
Black Capped Teimarr egg This egg has a black cap. Black Capped Teimarr Common
Black Tea egg This egg has a faintly exotic scent. Black Tea Common
Black Truffle egg This egg has a pleasant, musky smell. Black Truffle Uncommon
Blacktip egg This egg is off-white in color and smells a bit like salt. Blacktip Common
Blancblack egg This egg is dark with light speckles...or maybe it’s light with dark speckles? Blancblack Uncommon
Bleeding Moon egg This egg shines brilliantly in moonlight, and is covered in red spots. Bleeding Moon Uncommon
Blue-Banded egg This egg is covered in thick blue stripes. Blue-Banded Common
Blue Dino egg This egg looks like it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored with white spots. It's much lighter than the other eggs. Blue Dino Rare
Purple Dino egg Purple Dino Rare
Blusang Lindwurm egg This egg smells faintly like brine. Blusang Lindwyrm Rare
Bolt egg This egg has a striking pattern. Bolt Uncommon
Boreal egg This egg is covered in pale blue spots. Boreal Uncommon
Bright-breasted Wyvern egg This egg is covered in speckles. Bright-Breasted Wyvern Common
Brimstone egg This egg smells rather rancid. Brimstone Common
Brute egg This egg is unusually large and heavy. Brute Common
Candelabra egg This mottled red egg almost glows from within. Candelabra Common
Canopy egg This egg is hidden by some leaves. Canopy Common
Carina egg This egg shimmers with dazzling constellations. Carina Uncommon
Carmine Wyvern egg This pink and red egg wobbles occasionally. Carmine Wyvern Common
Cassare egg This egg makes you feel a bit uneasy. Cassare Common
Celestial egg This translucent egg shines like starlight. Celestial Uncommon
Cheese egg This egg is soft and smells uncannily like cheese. Cheese Rare
Chicken Egg This egg is much smaller than the others. Chicken Rare
Coastal Waverunner egg This egg reminds you of the sea. Coastal Waverunner Very Common
Pygmy egg This egg is so tiny you almost didn't see it. Common Pygmy Common
Copper egg variations rotator This egg gleams with a reddish shine. Copper Rare
Crimson Flare Pygmy egg This egg is tiny and brightly colored. Crimson Flare Pygmy Common
Dark Green egg This egg is sitting in a patch of grass and small flowers even though there's no sun in the cave. Dark Green Regular: Uncommon; Alt: Rare
Dark Lumina egg This egg shines coldly in the moonlight. Dark Lumina Uncommon
Dark Myst Pygmy egg This tiny egg is mysterious and dark. Dark Myst Pygmy Common
Daydream egg This egg is sitting on a cloud. Daydream Uncommon
Glory Drake egg This egg displays the colors of both dawn and dusk. Day Glory Drake Uncommon
Night Glory Drake Uncommon
Deep Sea egg This egg appears to be covered in scales. Deep Sea Common
Shallow Water egg Shallow Water Uncommon
Diamondwing egg This egg shines like a diamond. Diamondwing Uncommon
Dorsal egg rotator This egg has multiple bands of color on it. Dorsal Purple: Common; Red: Rare
Duotone egg This egg can’t seem to make up its mind on what color it is. Duotone Common
Dusk Pygmy egg This tiny egg is cold to the touch. Dusk Pygmy Uncommon
Electric egg Electric sparks dance across the surface of this egg. Electric Common
Ember egg This egg is really hot. Ember Uncommon
Falconiform Wyvern egg Cold flames dance across the surface of this egg. Falconiform Wyvern Common
Fell egg This mottled egg looks positively ancient. Fell Uncommon
Fever Wyvern egg This egg is patterned with an orange flare. Fever Wyvern Common
Fire-Gem-egg-rotator This rough egg has shimmering veins of crystal running across its surface.
(This description includes a color once the egg is taken.)
Fire Gem Uncommon
Flamingo egg It's bright. And pink. Flamingo Wyvern Common
Pink egg Pink Uncommon
Floret-Wyvern-egg-rotator This shiny egg smells faintly like flowers. Floret Wyvern Uncommon
Freckled egg This egg is yellow with orange speckling. Freckled Uncommon
Frostbite egg Frost is creeping over this cold egg. Frostbite Common
Galvanic egg Powerful energy emanates from this egg. Galvanic Wyvern Common
Geminae egg This shiny egg gives you a headache when you get close. Geminae Common
Gemshard egg This egg is encrusted with colorful gemstones. Gemshard Uncommon
Geode egg This egg is heavy and rough, as if it were made out of rock. Geode Uncommon
Stone egg Stone Common
Gilded Bloodscale egg This egg glitters oddly in the light. Gilded Bloodscale Uncommon
Glaucus Drake egg This striped egg feels moist. Glaucus Drake Common
Glowback Pygmy egg This tiny egg gives off a colorful glow. Glowback Pygmy Common
Gold egg This egg is very reflective, almost metallic-looking. Gold Very Rare
Gold-horned Tangar egg This egg has bright orange and green markings. Gold-Horned Tangar Uncommon
Golden Wyvern egg This egg shimmers like gold. Golden Wyvern Rare
Greater Spotted Drake egg This egg is speckled with rosette-like markings. Greater Spotted Drake Common
Green Dino egg This egg looks like it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored with white spots. Green Dino Rare
Green egg This egg is sitting in a pile of small pebbles. Green Very Common
Guardian egg This egg is sitting in front of the others. Guardian Common
Guardian of Nature egg This egg glows mysteriously. Guardian of Nature Very Rare
Harvest egg This heavy egg feels slightly warm. Harvest Common
Hellfire Wyvern egg This egg radiates the heat of a fell flame. Hellfire Wyvern Uncommon
Hellhorse egg This hot egg shakes violently when you touch it. Hellhorse Uncommon
Honey Drake egg This egg is covered in tiny golden scales. Honey Drake Uncommon
Hooktalon egg The surface of this egg is rough and sharp. Hooktalon Common
Horse egg This egg has strange markings on it. Horse Common
Frilled egg Frilled Common
Ochredrake egg Ochredrake Common
Skywing egg Skywing Common
Howler Drake egg You hear strange noises coming from inside this egg. Howler Drake Uncommon
Ice egg This egg has icicles forming on it. Ice Rare
Imperial Fleshcrowne egg This egg is hidden in the trees. Imperial Fleshcrowne Common
Khusa egg This egg is smooth and shiny. Khusa Uncommon
Kingcrowne egg This shiny egg gives off an almost magical aura. Kingcrowne Uncommon
Kovos Pygmy egg This tiny, dark egg fills you with existential dread. Kovos Pygmy Common
Kyanite Pygmy egg This tiny cobalt egg has a crystalline sheen. Kyanite Pygmy Uncommon
Lacula egg This green and silver egg lurks in the shadows, tempting you to steal it. Lacula Uncommon
Leodon egg This red and gold egg sits before the others, almost daring you to grab it. Leodon Uncommon
Lihnseyre egg This glowing egg seems to tug at your very core. Lihnseyre Common
Lumina egg This egg shines brightly in the sunlight. Lumina Uncommon
Luminox Wyvern egg The markings on this egg glow brightly in the shadows. Luminox Wyvern Common
LunarH-egg-rotator This metallic egg shows faint iridescence in moonlight. Lunar Herald Uncommon
Magelight Pygmy Wyvern egg This small egg is engulfed in a cool, purple flame. Magelight Pygmy Common
Magi egg This egg has an orange aura radiating from it. Magi Uncommon
Magma egg This egg is almost too hot to touch. Magma Rare
Mariner egg This tiny egg smells like the sea. Mariner Pygmy Common
Melismor egg This heavy egg has an earthy scent, like freshly-tilled soil. Melismor Uncommon
Mimic Pygmy egg This tiny glowing egg tempts you to follow its light. Mimic Pygmy Uncommon
Mint egg This egg is hidden behind the others, as if it is shy. Mint Very Common
Misfit Pygmy egg This tiny egg has crazy swirls on it. Misfit Pygmy Uncommon
Monarch egg This egg is buried in leaf litter. Monarch Uncommon
Moonstone egg This egg resembles a glowing stone. Moonstone Very Common
Sunstone egg Sunstone Very Common
Morphodrake egg A few bright markings decorate this egg’s shell. Morphodrake Uncommon
Nebula egg This egg glows with a brilliant radiance. Nebula Uncommon
Neglected egg This egg is very sickly looking, like it's diseased. Neglected Extremely Rare
Neotropical egg This egg has strange yellow stripes. Neotropical Common
Nexus egg This dense, crystalline egg seems dangerously unstable. Nexus Uncommon
Nhiostrife Wyvern egg This dull purple egg has two bright stripes on it. Nhiostrife Wyvern Common
Nilia Pygmy egg This tiny egg is heavier than you expected. Nilia Pygmy Common
Nocturne egg This egg appears to be made of limestone. Nocturne Very Common
Olive egg This egg smells musty, like rotting leaves. Olive Common
Paper egg This egg is tiny and made out of several pieces of paper folded together. Paper Rare
Pillow egg This egg has a velvety texture. Pillow Uncommon
Pipio Pygmy egg This little egg is soft with a few feathers stuck to it. Pipio Pygmy Uncommon
Plated Colossus egg This massive egg is covered with thick plates. Plated Colossus Common
Purple egg Wow, purple isn't a color of egg you expected to see. Purple Uncommon
Pyralspite-egg-rotator This egg feels like polished stone. Pyralspite Uncommon
Pyrovar egg This glassy egg is too hot to hold with your bare hands. Pyrovar Uncommon
Razorcrest Wyvern egg This blue and bronze egg piques your curiosity. Razorcrest Wyvern Uncommon
Red Dino egg This egg looks like it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored with white spots. It's much warmer than the rest of the eggs. Red Dino Rare
Red egg This egg is rather warm. Red Uncommon
Red-finned Tidal egg This egg is wet from the waves and has bright red stripes. Red-finned Tidal Common
Red-Tailed Wyrm egg This tiny egg has a bold red streak on it. Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy Uncommon
Ridgewing egg rotator A cool mountain breeze blows around this egg. Ridgewing Uncommon
Rift Wyrm egg This egg radiates an otherworldly chill. Rift Wyrm Common
Risensong egg This bright egg shines in the morning sunlight. Risensong Uncommon
Royal Blue egg This egg shines in the moonlight. Royal Blue Uncommon
Royal Crimson egg This large egg is a dark crimson color. Royal Crimson Uncommon
Sapphire egg This egg looks like a beautiful blue stone. Sapphire Uncommon
Scimitar-wing Wyvern egg This egg seems quite harmless. Scimitar-wing Wyvern Uncommon
Script egg This egg is covered in mysterious patterns. Script Uncommon
Seasonal egg variations rotator The markings on this egg match the weather outside. Seasonal Uncommon
Seawyrm Pygmy egg This tiny egg shines like a pearl. Seawyrm Pygmy Common
Seragamma Wyvern egg This plain-looking egg has faint speckles. Seragamma Wyvern Common
Setsong egg This dark egg shines in the evening sunlight. Setsong Dragon Uncommon
Shimmer-scale egg variations rotator This egg is very reflective, almost metallic looking. Shimmer-scale Rare
Tinsel egg variations rotator Tinsel Rare
Silver egg This egg gives off a beautiful glow. Silver Very Rare
Soulpeace egg Soulpeace Uncommon
Sinii Krai egg This striped egg has a warm glow. Sinii Krai Uncommon
Siyat egg This egg seems to be glowing in spots. Siyat Uncommon
Skysilk egg This light egg has very vibrant colors. Skysilk Common
Speckle-Throated egg This egg has a rough—yet shiny—shell. Speckle-Throated Common
Spinel-Wyvern-egg-rotator This glassy egg has a single stripe on it. Spinel Wyvern Uncommon
Spirit Ward egg This egg glows from within. Spirit Ward Uncommon
Spitfire egg This egg has brightly colored markings on it. Spitfire Common
Striped egg variations rotator Striped Uncommon
Spotted Greenwing egg This egg is covered in bright spots. Spotted Greenwing Uncommon
Storm egg This egg is surrounded by fog. Storm Very Common
Storm-Rider egg You can feel the static electricity that surrounds this egg. Storm-Rider Uncommon
Striped River egg A small puddle of condensation has collected under this egg. Striped River Common
Sunrise-Sunset egg This egg is glowing as brightly as the sun. Sunrise Uncommon
Sunset Uncommon
Sunsong Amphiptere egg This egg changes colors in the sunlight. Sunsong Amphiptere Uncommon
Swallowtail egg This egg has a very thin shell. Swallowtail Uncommon
Tarantula Hawk Drake egg A delicate web-like pattern decorates this egg’s shell. Tarantula Hawk Drake Uncommon
Tatterdrake egg This egg has a rough shell. Tatterdrake Uncommon
Terrae egg variations rotator This egg is a lush green hue. Terrae Common
Tetra egg This egg has faint markings. Tetra Uncommon
Thunder egg Whenever you go near this egg your hair stands on end. Thunder Rare
Tri-Horn Wyvern egg This brown egg is covered in intricate designs. Tri-Horn Wyvern Common
Tsunami Wyvern egg This egg is rocking back and forth in a puddle, creating small waves. Tsunami Wyvern Uncommon
Turpentine egg This egg smells strongly of turpentine. Turpentine Uncommon
Two-Finned Bluna egg This egg has colored speckles on it. Two-Finned Bluna Uncommon
Two headed egg This egg is split down the middle into two colors. Split Uncommon
Two-headed Lindwurm egg variations rotator This opalescent egg shimmers in the moonlight. Two-headed Lindwyrm Uncommon
Ultraviolet egg This egg is very warm, as if it has been sitting out in strong sunlight. Ultraviolet Uncommon
Undine egg There is a thin layer of moisture coating this egg. Undine Regular: Uncommon; Alt: Rare
Vampire egg This egg is stone cold and smells rotten. Vampire Rare
[Holiday Dragon obtainable year-round through their BSA]
Vremya egg This smooth green egg looks vaguely familiar. Vremya Drake Common
Water egg This egg is sitting in a shallow puddle. Water Common
Water Walker egg This egg seems to be floating on a puddle. Water Walker Very Common
Water Horse egg This egg is slimy and blue. Waterhorse Very Common
Whiptail egg This egg shakes from time to time, as if it is eager to hatch. Whiptail Uncommon
White egg This egg has a very clean look; it's completely devoid of dirt and scratches. White Common
Xenowyrm egg variations rotator Mana courses throughout this glassy egg. Xenowyrm Rare
Yellow Dino egg This egg looks like it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored with white spots. It's much heavier than the other eggs. Yellow Dino Rare
Yellow-Crowned egg The air shimmers around this egg, as if from heat. Yellow-Crowned Very Common
Zyumorph-egg-rotator This shiny egg seems to radiate power. Zyumorph Uncommon


These eggs are only available around their specific holidays (with the exception of Vampire Dragon, which are produced by biting year-round).

Egg Description Breed
Valentine's Day
Valentine egg This egg is speckled and very fragile. Valentine
Sweetling egg This egg looks delicate and sweet. Sweetling
Rosebud egg This sweet smelling egg is covered by a ribbon. Rosebud
Heartseeker egg This scarlet egg has a faintly sweet aroma. Heartseeker
Arsani egg This egg is a deep pink. Arsani
Radiant Angel egg This radiant white egg has red and gold swirls on it. Radiant Angel
Heartstealing egg This egg is so shiny it makes you want to take it. Heartstealing
Mutamore egg This lovely egg has rolled off to the side. Mutamore
Soulstone egg This deep purple egg shimmers like a pearl. Soulstone
Floral-Crowned egg This egg has a sweet, floral scent. Floral-Crowned
Sakuhana Wyvern egg This warm egg is surrounded by plants. Sakuhana Wyvern
Vampire egg This egg is stone cold and smells rotten. Vampire
Pumpkin egg This egg smells like the autumn harvest. Pumpkin
Black Marrow egg This egg is covered in a dark crust. Black Marrow
Shadow Walker egg This egg fades into the shadows. Shadow Walker
Cavern Lurker egg This egg is wedged in a dark corner. Cavern Lurker
Grave egg This egg appears to have an evil grin. Grave
Desipis egg Being near this egg makes it hard to think clearly. Desipis
Caligene egg The pattern on this egg’s shell is unsettling.. Caligene
Witchlight egg This downy egg is hidden in brambles. Witchlight
Omen Wyrm egg This warm egg is tangled in the roots of a dead tree. Omen Wyrm
Arcana egg This egg has reflective spots that remind you of gems, or eyes. Arcana Dragon
Holly egg This egg has a holly leaf stuck to it. Holly
Yulebuck egg This egg is covered with bright, festive stripes. Yulebuck
Snow Angel egg This egg fills you with holiday cheer. Snow Angel
Ribbon Dancer egg This egg shines like a holiday ribbon. Ribbon Dancer
Winter Magi egg This colorful egg is covered by a light layer of snow. Winter Magi
Wrapping-Wing egg This egg has a rich, shiny pattern on it. Wrapping-Wing
Solstice egg This egg emits a soft, heartwarming glow. Solstice
Mistletoe egg This colorful egg gleams in the light. Mistletoe
Aegis egg A wintry chill swirls just beneath the surface of this egg. Aegis
Snow egg This egg is surrounded by frost. Snow
Garland egg This festive egg gives off comforting warmth. Garland
Starsinger egg This egg glows with a soft, soothing light. Starsinger


The Leetle Tree is currently the only available leetle. It is counted as an egg, though it does not "hatch" or mature in any form.

Leetle Trees & Description

All leetle trees2
Oh my. There is a Leetle Tree among the eggs.

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