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Valentine adult

Valentine's Day is a holiday that has been celebrated on Dragon Cave every February since 2009. Typically, Valentine's Day celebrations include a Valentine-themed mini-game and the introduction of a new Valentine's Day dragon. Additionally, the Valentine season is the only time past Valentine's Day dragons can produce eggs of their own breeds or be found in a special Valentine biome of the cave.

Valentine's Day dragons[]

Valentine's Day dragons are limited release dragons that can only be found during the Valentine season. Starting on February 8 of each year, past Valentine's Day dragons may be bred or found in the temporary "Valentine" biome of the cave. On February 14, a new Valentine's Day dragon is released in all biomes of the cave.

Similar to Holiday dragons, Valentine's Day dragons are limited to two cave-born dragons per breed per scroll. This limit includes frozen cave-born hatchlings, but does not apply to any bred Valentine's Day dragons. Users can check their status for each breed on the egg limits help page.

Traditionally, Valentine's Day dragons have been single-gender breeds, with the gender alternating every year (odd years female, even years male).

Sweetling mechanics[]

Sweetling alternate adult

Alternate Sweetling adult

Sweetlings have a unique alternate mechanic. During the original 2010 release, a bug caused certain users' eggs to automatically abandon, despite the users not exceeding the scroll limit for Valentine's Day breeds. The bug was fixed, and the users affected by it were given a black and red alternate Sweetling sprite.

When the scroll limits for bred Valentine's Day dragons were relaxed, the alternate coloration was scroll-linked. Any Sweetling on the scroll of a user who had alternate Sweetlings would also become an alternate. If an alt Sweetling hatchling was transferred to a non-alt scroll, it would become a regular Sweetling again.

In 2018, it was announced that the alternate Sweetling mechanic would be retired. However, following feedback from users, the mechanic was merely adjusted. Now only offspring of an alt could become an alt, and only if it is on an alt holder's scroll.[1]

Note: Even after hatching, an alt Sweetling will revert to the standard Sweetling coloring if the hatchling is transferred to a non-alt scroll.

Regular father Alt father
Regular scroll
Sweetling mature hatchling
Sweetling mature hatchling
Bug-affected scroll
Sweetling mature hatchling
Sweetling alternate mature hatchling

Valentine's Day egg guide[]

Description Notes
Valentine egg


This egg is speckled and very fragile. Female-only breed.
Sweetling egg


This egg looks delicate and sweet. Male-only breed.
Rosebud egg


This sweet smelling egg is covered by a ribbon. Female-only breed.
Heartseeker egg


This scarlet egg has a faintly sweet aroma. Male-only breed.
Arsani egg


This egg is a deep pink. Female-only breed.
Radiant Angel egg

Radiant Angel

This radiant white egg has red and gold swirls on it. Male-only breed.
Heartstealing egg


This egg is so shiny it makes you want to take it. Female-only breed.
Mutamore egg


This lovely egg has rolled off to the side. Male-only breed.
Soulstone egg


This deep purple egg shimmers like a pearl. Female-only breed.
Floral-Crowned egg


This egg has a sweet, floral scent. Male-only breed.
Sakuhana egg


This warm egg is surrounded by plants. Female-only breed.
Erador egg


This regal egg feels oddly light. Male-only breed.
Amarignis egg


Dim flames spark up from this egg whenever joy sparks up in you. Female-only breed.
Vermeil egg


This egg smells pleasantly floral, maybe fruity. Male-only breed.
Xocoatl egg


Colorful swirls decorate the surface of this glossy egg. Female-only breed.
Fenghuo egg


Holding this warm egg rekindles your spirit. Male-only breed.

Past Valentine's Day events[]

Valentine's Day 2009
Valentine's Day 2010
  • Sweetlings were introduced to the cave.
    • A bug early in the release caused some users' Sweetling eggs to automatically abandon. As an apology, the affected scrolls had their eggs replaced with black and red alternate Sweetlings.
Valentine's Day 2011
Valentine's Day 2012
Valentine's Day 2013
Valentine's Day 2014
Valentine's Day 2015
Valentine's Day 2016
Valentine's Day 2017
  • The Valentine's Day 2017 mini-game became available.
  • Soulstone Dragons were introduced to the cave.
    • The intended release for this year was the "Cermorvus Dragon". Due to internal issues the breed was replaced before TJ09's dragons reached maturity.
Valentine's Day 2018
Valentine's Day 2019
Valentine's Day 2020
Valentine's Day 2021
Valentine's Day 2022
Valentine's Day 2023
Valentine's Day 2024