aka Whiskers

  • I live in a pineapple
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is biology/zoology major (pre-vet)
  • I am female
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Release date April 10, 2000
Rarity One of a Kind!
Color Silver
Breed specific action Teleport!
Nicknames Silver, Whiskers, Silverstar
Habitat Coast

Nihao, Hola, Hi, Hello, I'm Silverwhiskers!  (You can call me Whiskers, Whiskerz, Whisker, Silver, Silverstar, whatever you feel to!) I'm 20mia08 on the Forum and on my Scroll.  My first dragon was a Gold-Horned Tangar, and the funny thing was, one I was searching for my first egg, I came here to see what it looked like! (Yeah, I'm impatient) My current trophy is Gold, and I'm not exactly hoarding anything.

My Fav. Dragons:Edit

1) Shimmers/Tinsels - They're just sooooo Pretty! <3

2) Gold - Rare

3) Soulpeace - They're gorgeous, and fun to try and breed!

4) Copper - I love breeding them!

5) Striped - Taste the Rainbow!

6) White - They look so cute and innocent

7) Silver - They're cute, but the hatchies look sooo sad. :(

8) Nebbies - I love they're beautiful Galaxy patterns!

9) Two-Headed Lindwurm - Ahhh, I love looking around the in the Forest and Jungle areas, and finding these little guys, makes me feel so triumphic!

10) Vine Dragon - I love these lotto tickets (like Blacks), it's fun to try and get an Alt.!

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