Hi, I'm SH172, your friendly formatting warlord.

I am not around here constantly, but if you need something post a message on my talk page and I should be over within a few hours, if not sooner.

Hey there, mortal[edit | edit source]

My scroll and forum name is SlowHornpipe172. I'm here to help out and keep things clean and factual and yes. woot.

Also I make art sometimes.

Stuff I'm working on:

  • Redirects to dragon pages (this is long, laborious, and boring)
  • Getting as many pages linked to each other as possible
  • Providing screen shots where appropriate
  • Making it easier to help newbies be productive around here
  • Typo fixing

Want to help? Go click that random page button over there, read the page you get, fix the typos and link whatever you can.

DEAR EVERYONE: Please don't capitalize "breed specific action". It is not a proper noun. For whatever reason, this really bothers me (and as such it is another thing I am working on fixing on random pages). love SH172 :)

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