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  • I live in New Orleans
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is Software Engineer

Rina's quick list of maintenance items™ Edit

Work item # of issues
Article stubs: Article stubs to be expanded/completed 3
New dragon articles: Recently released dragon articles that have not completed the new dragon checklist 0
Candidates for deletion: Items to be deleted 20
Rename: Items to be renamed 0
Candidates for merging: Items to be merged 0
Candidates for splitting: Items to be split 0

Scroll: Stromboli
Forum name: Stromboli

hey there!

I'm RinasaurusRex (Stromboli on DC), the latest in the line of admins on the Dragon Cave Wiki.

If you need any help with anything Wiki or DC related, drop me a line on my message wall. :)

I'm also responsible for RinasaurusBot which I use for automated edits. Please contact me if it causes any problems!

Draft list Edit

These are larger-scale edits that I'm experimenting with, take a while to implement, or need community discussion.

To-do listEdit

  • Clean up Zyumorph article. There's gotta be a better way to organize that.
  • Build out lore articles from event info. Avery's been a recurring character, at the very least.
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