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Falconiform Wyverns are normally shy creatures. However, when approached, they often feel threatened, and the flames along their bodies leap higher. Females tend to be smaller than males, though Falconiform Wyverns are typically rather large overall. They use their size to their advantage by hunting smaller dragons. The Falconiform’s graceful, swooping dives are said to resemble birds of prey. Falconiforms are largely solitary dragons that only meet in order to breed.

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Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Features/BSA Habitat Rarity Body Type
Albino Albino egg.gif Albino hatchi.gif Albino mature hatchi.gif Albino adult.png Alpine,
Common Western
Balloon Balloon egg.gif Balloon hatchi.gif Balloon mature hatchi.gif Balloon adult.gif Alpine,
Exotic Western
Black Black egg.gif Black hatchi.png Black female hatchi.gifBlack hatchie m.png Black female.gifBlack male.gif See also - Alt Black. All Uncommon Western
Black Capped Teimarr Black Capped Teimarr egg.png Black Capped Teimarr hatchi.gif Black Capped Teimarr female hatchi.pngBlack Capped Teimarr male hatchi.png Black Capped Teimarr female.pngBlack Capped Teimarr male.png Coast Common Western
Black Tea Black Tea egg.png Black Tea hatchi.gif Black Tea mature hatchi.gif Black Tea female.pngBlack Tea male.png Desert Common Western
Blacktip Blacktip egg.gif Blacktip hatchi.gif Blacktip mature hatchi.gif Blacktip adult.png Coast Exotic Western
Bleeding Moon Bleeding Moon egg.gif Bleeding Moon hatchi.gif Bleeding Moon mature hatchi.png Bleeding Moon Female.pngBleeding Moon Male.png Alpine Rare Western
Blusang Lindwurm Blusang Lindwyrm egg.png Blusang Lindwyrm hatchi.png Blusang Lindwyrm female hatchi.pngBlusang Lindwyrm male hatchi.png Blusang Lindwyrm female.pngBlusang Lindwyrm male.png Coast Rare Lindwurm
Bright-Breasted Wyvern Bright-breasted Wyvern egg.gif Bright-breasted Wyvern hatchi.gif Bright-breasted Wyvern female hatchi.gif Bright-breasted Wyvern male hatchi.gif Bright-breasted Wyvern female.gifBright-breasted Wyvern male.gif Jungle Common Wyvern

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Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Features/BSA Habitat Rarity Body Type
Turpentine Turpentine egg.png Turpentine hatchi.gif Turpentine mature hatchi.gif Turpentine adult.png Desert Uncommon Western
Two-Headed Split egg.gif File:Split Hatchling .gif File:Female split hatchling.gifFile:Twoheaded male hatchie.png File:Split3.gifFile:Split3m.gif Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. All Common Two Headed
Two-headed Lindwurm Two-headed Lindwyrm egg blue retired 2021-05-08 .pngTwo-headed Lindwyrm egg green retired 2021-05-08.png Ciriax hatchling blue.gifTwo-headed Lindwyrm hatchling green retired 2021-05-08.gif File:Two-headed Lindwurm blue mature hatchling.pngFile:Two-headed Lindwurm green mature hatchling.png Two-headed Lindwyrm female blue retired 2021-05-08.pngTwo-headed Lindwyrm male blue retired 2021-05-08.pngTwo-headed Lindwyrm female green retired 2021-05-08.pngTwo-headed Lindwyrm male green retired 2021-05-08.png Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. Blue


Exotic Two Headed,
Water Water egg.gif Water hatchi.gif Water female hatchi.gifWater male hatchi.gif Water female.gifWater male.gif Coast Common Leviathan
Water Walker Water Walker egg.gif Water Walker hatchi.gif Water Walker mature hatchi.gif Water Walker adult.gif Coast,
Rare Traditional Drake
Waterhorse Waterhorse egg.gif Waterhorse hatchi.gif Waterhorse female hatchi.gifFile:Water horse dragon.gif Waterhorse female.gifWaterhorse male.gif Coast Exotic Traditional Drake
Whiptail Whiptail egg.gif Whiptail hatchi.gif Whiptail mature hatchi.gif Whiptail adult.png Forest Rare Western
White White egg.gif White hatchi.gif White mature hatchi.gif White adult.gif All Uncommon Western
Yellow-Crowned Yellow-Crowned egg.gif Yellow-Crowned hatchi.gif Yellow-Crowned mature hatchi.gif Yellow-Crowned female.pngYellow-Crowned male.png Desert Common Western