About me[edit | edit source]

I joined Dragon Cave on 06 July 2010, missing for two days the Beat the Heat badge. In the first weeks this Wikia was very useful to a newbie user like me so, every time I learn on the forum a new thing that isn't written here, I add it to this Wikia to return the favor and to help confused newbie as I was. I'm always glad to improve this Wiki's pages! Other than a Wiki contributor, I'm also a DC Mentor; if you need my help, you can PM me on the forum anytime, there I use the same username as here.

My user profile on the forum:

Proud owner of:

  • A scroll with 980 Dragons - and still counting! ;)
  • The Festival of Eggs Basket (2011 - 53/53 eggs)
  • The #500 Dragons Badge (gained after a year and 17 days of hard work ;) )
  • The Magikarp Badge (gained with 98 Splashes)
  • The Trick or Treat Basket (2011 - 94/94 tricks)
  • The Tree Decorating Contest Badge (2010 - 12/12 days)
  • The Carrot Cave Badge (2011)
  • The Haunted House Event (2011 - 40/40 items)
  • The Wreath Decorating Badge (2011 - 12/12 days)
  • And a GoN (summoned at my first try!)

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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