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  • I live in Brisbane, Australia
  • I was born on June 2
  • My occupation is Biologist/Behaviour Analyst
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I am an inactive admin now- please refer any questions or issues to User:RinasaurusRex for more prompt responses. Thank you to all those who supported me in my endevours to keep this place running for the sake of other players, you were my last reason to be here and in the DC community in general, and I wish nothing but the best for you all in this life and beyond. To the select artists and individuals who worked so hard to put me down and chase me from the community; well done, you won. Enjoy your existing traced artwork and witch hunting those who may or may not be doing so at the moment as a result (my condolences to the spriters involved with the Soulstone Dragon, original and those who produced the current sprites).

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PoliciesManual of Style
When in doubt, check the release or event before yours for style, formatting, code & categorisation.
Use Source Mode to copy directly and just change the info you need.

Article Creation Checklist (New Dragon or Event)
  • Have all files been named/renamed to match file naming scheme?
  • Have all files been correctly licensed?
  • Have all files been categorised?
  • Have all stages of the dragon growth been uploaded, including egg cracking sequence and dead egg?
  • Has the forum been checked to see if the spriter(s) has posted Additional Information?
  • Has an event been provided with the given credits to those involved?
  • Has all event information and images been collected (within user reason)?
  • Has a Holiday dragon had its spriter(s) contacted for Spriter's Alts (permission + additional sprites they may want to show)?
  • During the event, have updates/fixes/changes been noted in the Trivia section with corresponding source links using {{Reflist}}?
  • Post article creation(s), has the associated forum announcement been locked, and categories updated to link to the new article(s)?
New Article Creation Process (Non-Holiday)
  • Update breed count on Template:DT Notice.
  • Does the egg have a unique cracking sequence? Add them to Egg#Egg Sequences.
  • Is the new release a hybrid? Add them to Breeding as well as update the articles for the species that creates this new hybrid.
  • New articles to be created:
    • Dragon article(s)
    • Release category e.g. July 2019 Release (this then needs to be filed under the "Releases" category).
  • Categories to add to the new Dragon article:
    • Dragon Types
    • [Rarity]
    • [Dragon sub-type(s)]
    • [Spriter(s)]
    • [Release Name e.g. July 2019 Release]
    • [Habitat(s)]
    • [Encyclopedia Entry status]
    • [Elemental Affinity(s)]
  • Pages to update with the new Dragon info:
New Article Creation Process (Holiday)


  • Update breed count on Template:DT Notice.
  • Does the egg have a unique cracking sequence? Add them to Egg#Egg Sequences.
  • New articles to be created:
    • Dragon article
    • Event article(s)
    • Event image category as [Event Name] - [Year] (Add this to category [Holiday] Event Images). If there are multiple events, such as Trick or Treat for Halloween, be sure to add this category to all new event articles.
  • Pages to update with the new Dragon & Event info:
Greetings, I'm Bluesonic1. I'm a Science graduate living in Australia who has an immense love for animals, having majored with both Biological Sciences and Psychology. I joined Wikia in 2009 and my home wiki is currently the Dragon Cave Wiki, the wiki where it all began for me. Since then I've chosen a few wikis to remain working on, whilst occasionally visiting and editing an array of others. I also operate a bot account on certain wikis- BluesonicBot. Feel free to contact me on any of the listed sites below, or alternatively find me on Deviantart.
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Co-Founder of Bluepaw Games

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I started playing DC around Jan 2008 and am confirmed as a veteran player on the forum. I'm one of the few players left from the times where we had small numbers of dragons and no intentions of making new ones, old sprites and no intentions of replacing them and when names were a lot easier to have because we had hardly any members. I breed on request, generally return stuff that's been accidentally auto-abandoned to the AP and accept IOUs on a case by case basis- don't hesitate to contact me here or on the DC Forums.

I tend to be most active during holiday events now as life priorities have taken over, and have contributed sprites to certain events. My DC goal is to collect 2 CB adults (1 ♂ and 1 ♀), 2 hatchlings (1 ♂ and 1 ♀) and 1 ungendered hatchling of every dragon. Where this is sometimes not possible, then I aim for 2G ♂ and ♀ adults. I also avidly collected Spriter's Alt lineages and Thuwed dragons. I'm not really one for lineages in general, but I do have my own called the Leetlewing dragons which consist of descendants from my 2 Leetlewing Pygmies. I'm also the admin & founder of the DC Roleplay forums.

☽ Bluesonic1 ☾
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ToT 2015 10
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Release Date June 2, 1993
Elemental Affinity Air
Morphology Pygmy
Base Rarity Uncommon
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Habitat Forest
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Color Blue, silver
Nicknames Blue, Blueson, Sonic
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On this Wikia site, I adopted it during its second abandonment phase in 2008-2009, and was the last admin
to have to file for adoption rights to it. I also try my best to protect this site from people who vandalise
pages and attempt to steal art. I had to leave the Wiki and DC site for a few years some time ago due to
health reasons, but I'm glad to be back and taking this up as a hobby.

I miss the days when this wiki was member driven rather than DC-staff controlled- we published everything
we knew, and didn't bend to the pressures of not publishing certain information. The Wiki was created
during the time when guides were not allowed on DC, and a lot of people sacrificed their accounts to pool
together their guides to create the foundations of this wiki. We worked hard to publish information that
people wanted to know, that staff told us we were not allowed to- the wiki was a place where people could
freely share information without fear of being reprimanded or banned on the main forums. Without even realising, the wiki has gone back to the days of being told what we can and can't publish.

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