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2017-10-25 Halloween 2017 event

Halloween Trick or Treating was the 2017 Halloween event on DragCave.

Halloween 2017 icon

It’s time for trick-or-treating—only this time, you have an unexpected visitor...

General Event Credits[]

Organizers: TCA
Scroll Badges: Shajana
Event Icon: TCA
Event Banner: Shajana

User Trophy
Halloween 2017 badge


Players were given the choice of 8 Halloween breed hatchlings, from which they would pick one to keep for the duration of the event. Once a hatchling had been selected, players were then able to dress up their hatchling, get candy or access the Store to buy new outfits (store unlocked on Day 2 of the event).

In the "Get Candy" menu, players could send their hatchling to collect a piece of candy once every hour. When doing so, the player and a randomly-selected visitee would recieve one piece of candy; the dressed up hatchling of that visitee would then be visible on the player's "Get Candy" page, along with a tally of how many hatchlings they had seen. If a player was the visitee to another player, then a piece of candy from the interaction was automatically added to their account and the hatchling that visited was shown on their "Get Candy" page (which also updated the tally on how many hatchlings they had seen). Each dragon visible on the "Get Candy" page contained a link to the dressed up dragon's own page (which would also show the owner's scroll name), if the scroll owner had allowed their scroll to be publicly viewable.

In the "Dress Up" menu, players were able to access their inventory of items and then use them to dress their hatchling in different ways. Players could layer on multiple items that pertain to a hatchling body part, and re-arrange how they displayed using the re-ordering menu below the inventory menu. By default, the Ghost outfit was available in the player's inventory when first starting. On Day 2, the Store page opened up, revealing a section where players could trade candy for new outfits. Each new day saw the release of a new outfit(s) both in the store and to the player's inventory:

  • Day 2: Wizard robes were released, with players given a random version and the remaining 3 of green, black, red and blue available in the Store to buy.
  • Day 3: Ballerina outfits were released, with players given a pink version, and black and white available in the Store to buy.
  • Day 4: Pirate outfits were released, with players given red and navy versions, and a black available in the Store to buy. A Mummy outfit also became available in the Store to buy.
  • Day 5: Knight outfits were released, with players given a silver version, and gold available in the Store to buy.
  • Day 6: Fairy outfits were released, with players given a pink version, and lavender and yellow available in the Store to buy.
  • Day 7: Fox Spirit outfits were released, with players given a blue version, and black and white available in the Store to buy.
Show/Hide Official Descriptions
Outside your window the sunset bleeds over the horizon, and the moon begins to rise round and orange in the sky. The autumn breeze rattles what leaves remain on the trees and blows their fallen brethren about the cobbled street. You have just finished carving a pumpkin and are sitting back, admiring your apricot-hued piece de resistance. Rather than a spooky face you decided to be avant-garde this year and carved the shape of a pumpkin into your pumpkin. After only a few moments of intense self-satisfaction you are interrupted with a knock on your door. Trick or treaters already?

You grab your bowl of candy and cross to the door. Putting on a big smile you swing the door open, only to have your grin replaced by a look of shock. To your great surprise, a very large adult dragon is peering into your home.

‘Uh…hi! I…didn’t realize dragons celebrated Halloween. Can I offer you some, uh, candy?’

Dragons don’t often visit your town, though they aren’t uncommon in the surrounding area. Your guest is brown with a yellow and green crest—a Seasonal Dragon, if you remember correctly.

Suddenly you hear a voice in your head.

Halloween? Of course we do, where do you think humans got the idea? Oh, I’m sorry, I should introduce myself. I’m Grrrarghragh, your neighbor!

‘Neighbor?’ I didn’t think dragons went for town life.’

Oh yes. I’m just down the way, a few miles outside of town.

Dragons apparently have a different perspective when it comes to distances.

Anyway, I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you, as a neighbor. I offered to watch my friends’ hatchlings while they go to a costume party, and we were going trick or treating but there are just too many for me to keep track of by myself. Would you be willing to help me? Even if you could take just one with you, it would be a huge help…

The dragon trails off and gives you what you believe is a hopeful, ingratiating look. It’s just as well that you aren’t in the habit of saying no to gigantic reptilian creatures.

‘Well, sure, I could watch one I guess. Why not.’ You hadn’t been planning on going trick or treating this year, much less with a dragon, but how bad could it be? Maybe it would be fun!

The Seasonal steps back from your front door and sits on her haunches. You can now see a group of eight hatchlings are with her. They are watching you with great interest. Which one do you take with you?

Select a hatchling type to dress up. Choose wisely; you won’t get to change your mind later.
– Event Introduction


Sprites Artist(s)
Halloween 2017 candy TCA
Halloween 2017 pumpkin base Halloween 2017 black marrow base
Halloween 2017 shadow walker base Halloween 2017 cavern lurker base
Halloween 2017 grave base Halloween 2017 desipis base
Halloween 2017 caligene base Halloween 2017 witchlight base
Halloween 2017 hatchling base
TCA (All)
JOTB (Witchlight)
Halloween 2017 ghost TCA
Halloween 2017 wizard green
Halloween 2017 wizard black
Halloween 2017 wizard blue
Halloween 2017 wizard red
Halloween 2017 ballerina pink
Halloween 2017 ballerina black
Halloween 2017 ballerina white
Fiona BlueFire (All)
TCA (Black & White outfits, All Headbands)
Halloween 2017 pirate navy
Halloween 2017 pirate red
Halloween 2017 pirate black
TCA (All)
Pixxelation (Shirts, Coats, Pants, Cutlass)
Halloween 2017 mummy Fiona BlueFire
Halloween 2017 knight silver
Halloween 2017 knight gold
Halloween 2017 fairy pink
Halloween 2017 fairy lavender
Halloween 2017 fairy yellow
Marrionetta (All)
TCA (Lavender outfit, All Crowns)
Halloween 2017 fox spirit blue
Halloween 2017 fox spirit black
Halloween 2017 fox spirit white


  • The Wizard costume's four color variations match the colors of the four houses in Hogwarts: red and gold for Gryffindor, green and silver for Slytherin, blue and bronze for Ravenclaw, and yellow and black for Hufflepuff.[1]
  • The 'default' base uses the face of, and head costume pieces for, Shadow Walkers.[1]
  • The parrots in the pirate costume are intended to be a Scarlet Macaw, a Blue and Gold Macaw, and a Military Macaw.[2]
  • The knight costume is loosely designed after the armor worn by Saber (King Arthur/Artoria) and Archer (Gilgamesh) from the Fate series.[2]
  • The fox spirit costume was based on Japanese kitsune masks and shrine maiden clothing. TCA was inspired to make it by this song.[3]