The fourth Trick or Treat event began on October 25, 2014. If the pumpkin bucket was obtained in one of the previous Trick or Treat events, the new tricks and treats were placed in there together with the ones from previous years, separated by a spooky border with the newly caught sprites beneath it.

If members couldn't participate the event in 2010, 2012 and 2013, they got the chance to get a pumpkin bucket badge by joining the "third Trick or Treat" event in 2014. A lot of the newer users were confused, since when they hovered their cursor over the little basket badge it would read "2010 Trick-or-Treat". That's because the images of the 2010 badges were also getting used for the following "Trick or Treat" events.


There were 43 tricks and treats in total to collect in 2014 and there was no reward for collecting them all.

  • October 27, 2014 - 6 new treats had been added.

All information on how to catch the eggs/tricks and treats was summarized in form of a small FAQ by SockPuppet Strangler (re-worded her text to fit the ToT event) on the forum in 2011, read more here.


Coding - TJ
Organizer - Fiona BlueFire
Border - Hot on Fire, Tikigurl91 and Infinis
Badge - Bernouli
Artists - See Sprites and sprite artists

Pumpkin BadgesEdit

As the pumpkin buckets were the same as in 2010, click here for more details: 2010 Pumpkin Badges


The Border was made by Hot on Fire, Tikigurl91 and Infinis.

2014 ToT Border
ToT border 2014
  • Instead of the finished banner TJ accidently added a WIP banner, which had people think that the banner changed with the amount of tricks and treats you've collected. The error was discovered quickly and TJ fixed it.

Tricks and TreatsEdit

There were 43 tricks and treats.

As they appear in the pumpkin bucketEdit

Sprites and sprite artistsEdit

Artist Treat Artist Treat
Aangs-sister ToT 2014 8ToT 2014 23 Odeen ToT 2014 15
Birdzgoboom ToT 2014 24 PieMaster ToT 2014 16ToT 2014 17
Dolphinsong ToT 2014 25 Shajana ToT 2014 2ToT 2014 3ToT 2014 4ToT 2014 5ToT 2014 6ToT 2014 18ToT 2014 38
Fiona BlueFire ToT 2014 26ToT 2014 27ToT 2014 28 Sif ToT 2014 19
Floralpikmin99 ToT 2014 29 SphinxLucida ToT 2014 9
Infinis ToT 2014 7 Tazzay ToT 2014 39
Jmm ToT 2014 1 TheCompleteAnimorph ToT 2014 20ToT 2014 40
JOTB ToT 2014 30 Verridith ToT 2014 21ToT 2014 41ToT 2014 42ToT 2014 43
LadyLyzar ToT 2014 31ToT 2014 32ToT 2014 33ToT 2014 34ToT 2014 35ToT 2014 36ToT 2014 37 xDragonia ToT 2014 22
Mysfytt ToT 2014 10ToT 2014 11ToT 2014 12ToT 2014 13ToT 2014 14 Happy Halloween
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