The second Trick or Treat event began on October 25, 2012. If the pumpkin bucket was obtained in 2010, the new tricks and treats were placed in there together with the ones from the event in 2010, separated by a spooky border with the newly caught sprites beneath it.
But, if a player couldn't participate during the first "trick or treat" event, they got the chance to get a pumpkin bucket badge right after they caught their first sprite of the 2012 ToT event.

There were 59 tricks and treats in total to collect in 2012 and there was no reward for collecting them all.

  • October 28, 2012 - 24 new treats have been added.
  • October 29, 2012 - 2 new treats have been added.

All information on how to catch the eggs/tricks and treats was summarized in form of a small FAQ by SockPuppet Strangler (re-worded her text to fit the ToT event) on the forum in 2011, read more here.


Coding - TJ
Organizer - Mysfytt
Border - Mysfytt
Badge - Bernouli

Pumpkin BadgesEdit

As the pumpkin buckets were the same as in 2010, click here for more details: 2010 Pumpkin Badges


The Border was made by Mysfytt. YSdU

Tricks and TreatsEdit

There were 59 tricks and treats in total.

As they appear in the pumpkin bucketEdit

7gvK JrJs TRGM X5rf H6BX HA7E
BZs9 UYTA Hkhd Sko8 2oBD PSO2
WslK MQIR PMFs R76O 2XHl N2fo
HN7N D97f PZEt BnBW MBvV Puld
FcEY 3C2K VDIR Qc4Z M6qI Olbi
HcYv HRW5 LOJn ITBb 8u9h TfW9
PCkl EjrW RCmb C1Jm LD46 NJD8
7foR JvKW SpZr DDnA Rnvv NC9W
FjpG 8RXQ 1FUn C8fm Glhb

Sprites and sprite artistsEdit

Artist Sprites Artist Sprites
Starscream M6qI Mysfytt Qc4Z8u9hJrJsIRjLL4WtHcYvFcEYNJD8BZs9HA7EPSO22XHlWslKC8fm
Aislein TRGM ParticleSoup SpZr
Ashywolf 7gvKHN7N Playdoh HRW5
Birdzgoboom RCmb Pokemonfan13 EjrW
Dolphinsong VDIR RheaZen WJplNQpGLJWT
Earthgirl HkhdD97fPZEtBnBWMBvV Seraphinu LOJn
Fiona BlueFire PuldC1JmLD46 TaesoSpiritDragon LP90RnvvFjpG
Hot on Fire JvKWSko8PMFs3C2KOlbi Thuban 7foR
Infinis ITBbH6BXN2foUYTA Tikigurl91 8RXQR76OTfW9PCkl
JOTB MQIR Verridith 1FUn
Kiffren NC9W2oBDDDnA Wynni X5rf
LadyLyzar Glhb Happy Halloween
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