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Tree Decorating

Holiday 2010 tree decorating
Christmas tree on day 1

Tree Decorating is a Holiday mini-game first featured in Dragon Cave's 2010 Holiday celebration newt. Starting December 25, 2010, visitors to the cave received a tree badge at the top of their scroll which led to the Tree Decorating game. Each day users visited the game, new decorations would be unlocked. The decorations could then be placed on the tree to the user's taste.

January 1st, 2011: T.J. added a opt-in function on the tree page, which gives you the possibility to receive up to 20 popcorn garlands or Christmas lights.

The first appearance of Tree Decorating took place for 12 days, from December 25, 2010 to January 5, 2011. It has since returned as a feature of the Advent Calendar.

Tree Decorating Contest[]

At the end of the first Tree Decorating Event (January 5, 2010), there was be a Tree Decorating contest. Everyone's tree could be judged by other users, and the best 30 received an exclusive Tinsel Dragon. Twenty honorable mentions were awarded for runners-up, who received an egg of their choice. The rules for the contest were outlined in an announcement thread on December 27, 2010. The contest prizes were awarded on February 13, 2010.

Christmas tree badge[]

The amount of decoration on the little tree badge increases at certain milestones as well as the presents beneath the big Christmas tree.

13-18 19-24
+ 1 present unter big tree
+ 2 presents unter big tree
+ 2 presents unter big tree
62- no limit
+ 2 presents unter big tree
Holiday 2010 badge 1

Holiday 2010 badge 2 Holiday 2010 badge 3 Holiday 2010 badge 4 Holiday 2010 badge 5

- - - Holiday 2010 badge Sif

- - - Holiday 2010 badge Skinst

- - - Holiday 2010 badge Silvanon

Ornaments and artists[]

A new set of ornaments appeared every day a user visited their tree. Each day had a specific theme.



Wynnitinsel Goldgarland
Wynni, appeared on Day 6 Sif, appeared on Day 8
DCChristmasTreeGarland Lightgarland
Sif, appeared on day 9 Dolphinsong, appeared on day 12

2021 additions[]

As part of the 2021 Advent Calendar, the Tree Decorating mini-game was updated with new decoration sets based on the elements, as well as a new set of tree toppers.


New presents under the tree appeared every two days, when users visited their tree. The presents below are numbered in the order they appeared.

  • Presents 1-5 were made by Sif
  • Present 6 was created by Skinst

Presents big

Tree border[]

Tree border

The border around the tree started out as bare branches. By the end of the event, it grew lush, complete with blooming flowers. Each day the tree was visited, the border around the Christmas tree grew.

The main border was created by Skinst. The credit for the decorations is as follows.

Border Elements
2rgkrdh Poinsettia Puckerup Snowflake
Skinst Lyssie Wynni Earthgirl