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Lineage example Thuwed

A third generation Thuwed dragon

The Thuwed Lineage consists of dragons descended from dragons on TJ09's scroll. Any dragon with one of TJ's dragons in its lineage may be considered a Thuwed dragon, though it usually this refers to dragons descended specifically from his public breeding pairs (see below), and not necessarily to descendants from his other known dragons.

Thuwed dragons with short lineages are considered very valuable by many DC players.

Sometimes users breed Thuweds with Dorkfaces to create Dorkweds. They seem to be more sought after than Thuweds or Dorkfaces since they combine the two.

The Name[]

"Thuwed" means "dragon" in Saurian, a cipher language created for the video game Star Fox Adventures. Many of TJ's dragons are named in Saurian, usually with names that describe their breeds - for example, his female Silver Dragon is named "Wahc Jacloh Thuwed", literally "Girl Silver Dragon". Many players continue the tradition of naming Thuwed dragons in Saurian on their scrolls. More information about Saurian and an English-Saurian translator can be found here.

How to obtain a Thuwed[]

Presently, Thuweds are bred sporadically to the Abandoned Page, where any user may pick them up.

In the past, it was possible to request a Thuwed through a hidden page with all of TJ09's public Thuwed pairings on it. The list opened up when TJ09 decided to breed his dragons.

Thuwed list open

Users could then choose between the following options:

  • A random egg
  • An egg from a specific pairing
  • An egg of a specific type
Thuwed on breeding list message

After choosing from the above mentioned options, the page would notify the user that they were listed on the Thuwed breeding list. However, it could still be a surprise which egg a user got, since sometimes it seemed to switch.

Users only needed to wait and if they were next in line and had an open egg slot, the new Thuwed egg would appear on their scroll.