• I still don't get it why they can't breed baby Sinos - since the Zyus officially don't CREATE Sinos, just call them in, the Sinos should be able to breed more Sinos (regardless where they are). They have to be born SOMEHOW wherever they live before Zyus teleport their adults in and it's illogical for them to suddenly loose their former abiliity to reproduce (which they obviously had before their arrival, adult creatures-of-flesh don't just pop into existence!) and, moreover, suddenly breed Zyus... 

    Regardless if it's biological logic or just a fantasy logic, complete lack of hatchlings is simply illogical. Why is it even a thing? A mechanic for a mechanic's sake again?  

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    • They can't breed baby Sinos because Sinos are Very Rare. If they could breed more Sinos, Sinos would no longer be Very Rare.

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