• Hey folks,

    The new Dragon Rarity Guide has been implemented, as well as some new rules of thumb for classifying dragon rarity. Dragons have been reclassified according to market price, using the following scheme:

    0 – Very common –           100 shards
    1 – Common      –   200 -   400 shards
    2 – Uncommon    –   500 - 1,500 shards
    3 – Rare        – 1,600 - 2,500 shards
    4 – Very Rare   –      >= 2,600 shards
    5 – Extremely Rare – Reserved for highly limited or hard to obtain non-market dragons (ie, neglected, prize, GoN)

    Dragon articles have been updated and recategorized to reflect their rating on the Rarity Guide. There are some exceptions, such as for Xenowyrms which are considered rarer by users than their market price would imply. If you think there are any other breed rarities that don't align with the guide above, please open a topic on the Rarity Guide Talk page.

    I wanted to touch on the rarity categories for dragon articles. Right now, all Holiday dragons are also categorized as Rare Dragons. I'm not sure that rarity classification is entirely appropriate for Holidays? They behave so thoroughly outside of normal dropping/breeding dynamics that I wonder if they should have a "Limited edition" rarity category, or just use "Holiday Dragons" as their "rarity" and remove them from the regular "Rare Dragons" category.

    If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know!


    RinasaurusRex (talk) 18:45, October 15, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Very nice work! Personally I'd support your suggestion regarding the holidays: the simplest way would be to just replace their rarity with the "Holiday Dragon" tag. Besides, the "Rare" category seems to be full of holidays now which isn't very practical...

      One thing I was wondering, as far as I've seen, xenos are generally considered about as valuable as zyus in trading, yet they are placed in different categories. Apparently zyus aren't available on the market so how should their rarity be defined?

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    • Yeah, after recategorizing I checked the categories and the "rare" category is... real full, having all those holidays in there, lol.

      As for Xenos vs. Zyus, since the Zyumorphs weren't on the market they kept the same categorization that they previously had in the rarity guide. I don't pay enough attention to trading/user value to skillfully handle those cases, so I'll defer to you if you say Zyumorphs are on par with Xenowyrms in terms of value, and whether that should be "rare" or "uncommon" for both of them. :)

      Dinos were also a bit of a tossup, since their market prices fall over the Rare/Very Rare cusp and I honestly don't know whether user value for different dinos varies.

      I'm kind of at a point with that article where I'm happy to structure the data and maintain that structure, but I'll leave it to the fandom to come to a consensus on what the actual values should be. :)


      RinasaurusRex (talk) 20:30, October 15, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Well honestly, I'm no expert on user values either, and the market prices don't go hand in hand with those anyway (for example there is the case or trios having higher prices than, say, a gold). That's why I'd perhaps just follow the market prices for every breed, to me that seems at least a bit less controversial.

      Looking at the Dragon Rarity Guide though, I can't find but few breeds which are categorised as rares while the "Uncommon" and "Very rare" classifications contain a varied group of dragons. I guess the best option is indeed to get more opinions on the values of different ratings and see if they need to be improved still. :)

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