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    20:40, August 13, 2019

    It's been a good while now since the Starsingers were released, but all their info is still just on the Currently Being Released page's Sandbox. I'd be happy to make the page, but A) I don't want to break wiki etiquette, and B) my account is too new to edit Dragon Types.

    Is it time yet to make the page? If so, and someone could just put them on Dragon Types, I'll make the page no problem.

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    • Hi! Sorry, I've been away overseas for the past week so much of the wiki's work has just sat in the sandbox. I'm intending to catch up on this over the coming week :)

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    • Am I going crazy, or is there still no page for them yet?

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    • No, I'm pretty sure there isn't. My account's old enough to edit Dragon Types now, though -- is it OK if I just make the page, Bluesonic?

      edit: Nope, spoke too soon, I can't edit Dragon Types.

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    • Hi all, apologies for the delay as RL has a strong hold on me nowadays. I am looking to mentor others on taking more responsibility for the wiki though, and I'll be more than happy to guide you through the process of adding a new dragon to the wiki :D What message is it giving you when you try to edit Dragon Types? p.s. Take a peek at my profile, and you'll find an almost-finished guide to adding new Holiday dragons to the wiki, let me know if you find that helpful!

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