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    Is there any way to upload sprites to the wikia in .png format? Just asking because currently the Pyrovar egg in Currently Being Released looks absolutely atrocious, like it's been run through .jpg saves 4 times in a row or something. I see now it's in .gif, but really, since 99% of the images on this wikia are sprites, a direct .png upload would be the best way to display the quality of the spriters' art.

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    • You can upload .png files to the wiki, yes. All sprites are downloaded directly from the site and some are png while others are gif. I can't see the difference in quality that you're mentioning though- could this be something related to your browser? Wikia is known to have caching issues when it comes to externally showing an image, are you able to post a screenshot of what you're seeing?

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    • Capture d'écran 2018-08-12 10.54.23

      Magma from scroll (screenshot)

      Capture d'écran 2018-08-12 10.53.25

      Magma from wikia (screenshot)

      Hi, I'm sorry I completely forgot this at the time, so the images I was talking about are obviously no longer up.

      I was still going to find an example of blatant image deterioration, but in doing so I think I found the source of the corruption: it's just the upload to wikia that ruins image quality. The two images I uploaded here look bad. The beige background is a scroll screenshot, and compared to how it actually looks on my scroll, this is completely fudged, pixel value is averaged all over, so there is less contrast and lines are not well-defined. The screenshot I took of the wikia image is even worse, as it is a smudged image of an already-smudged image.

      For comparison, here are the two images hosted independently:

      In conclusion, this seems to be a wikia image hosting problem, and there's probably nothing you can do about it. Oh well.

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    • That's very strange, because the Magma sprite I see on the wiki is the one you've posted as seeing on your scroll. I'm aware that Wikia has had caching problems with images before in the past- try hitting Ctrl + F5 on your computer to do a hard refresh on the Magma Dragon page and see if that fixes things (if you're on a Mac, you'll have to search up how to do a hard refresh as I'm unsure).

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    • I see the same problem with the Magma Dragon's Sprite in this wiki (despite refreshing and trying different browsers). I'm also kind of surprised that it's in gif format because when I saved the Sprite from my scroll it was a png. Here, I uploaded the png version. When I view it in Chrome the quality still sucks (but that's not surprising, since that's a general problem with Chrome on this site) but if I look at it with IE it's fine

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    • Hard refresh does not help. I hadn't considered the navigator issue, maybe I'll take a look on Vivaldi. However, just so you know it's not just me: the original post was prompted by the insanely bad Pyrovar egg image that was visible on the Currently Being Released page initially (it's now better on the breed page), and the discussion of this image quality on DC Discord by about 10 people who were all seeing the same thing.

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    • I get the feeling that in that case, it's related to a somewhat on-going discussion regarding the data Wikia has on old sprites that are now showing differently on certain browsers or operating systems. (Please don't re-upload duplicate sprites- instead, use the "Replace" action on the existing sprite) I've updated the current sprite on the wiki to what is currently on the site- try hard refreshing on the Magma page now and see if it shows properly?

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    • You can't replace files if they are of different types - the Magma Sprite in the article used a gif, the one I saved from the site itself was a png.

      Anyways, according to my Internet Explorer the sprite's fine now. The quality in Chrome is still terrible (I can hard-refresh all I want, for some reason it just doesn't seem to like wikia files <_<) but that's not the fault of the sprite itself

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    • It's odd that it hasn't been fixed in Chrome though- if you take a look at the file history, do you see a difference between the sprites? In the past, those who've seen lower quality images can see a difference between the two after uploading a newer replacement.

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    • Unfortunately not. I have this problem in another wiki as well even with the ones that are frequently replaced there (or at least I have one other wiki where I can see a drop in quality compared to other browsers). I already tried to look for a solution to this online but all the suggestions (hard-refreshing, deleting your cookies, etc.) never worked for me. Now that I think about it I gotta say that I only seem to have this problem with images uploaded to wikia, though. So you're probably right about it being related to how the files are displayed on different browsers

      The weird thing I just noticed, though, is that other sprites in this wiki seem to be perfectly fine in Chrome, quality-wise (or, at least, the Siyat dragon sprites are). The Magma sprite - according to IE - shouldn't have a drop in quality either so my best guess now is that maybe the image hasn't updated for me/in general yet - I think we all know that wikia sometimes has that problem. If that's not the case ... well, then I'm stumped

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    • Yeah I'd say based on previous conversations I've had with others, that it would be an issue with Wikia specifically. Kinda similar to when they would shrink larger images posted outside of a wiki to prevent them being used as an image hosting site but then browsers caching this image and then showing them on the wiki itself when you returned. You could try raise a support ticket with Wikia for this? That's what I did for the resizing blurring error we had a few years back and they were able to make some fixes.

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