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    • Indeed it does¬†:) Info is on Currently Being Released.

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    • Is it just me or does that bsa seem broken af? Gain one day before a hatchie dies, but can't get views for 2. So you basically lose one day of getting views... literally what is this useful for?

      Ok, thought on it a little, guess it's not meant for getting more views, but more for hatchling trading. It'll be fairly useful during holidays when trying to sell dregs after event is finished, as well as just dregs in general. Does it the view block wear off after trading?

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    • Maybe cuz its new people wont care¬†:/

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    • This is definitely a BSA targeted for users who trade often, yes. It's quite a common complaint that many who are trading rare eggs or hatchlings get attention from nasty users who add them to hatching sites, giving them less time to trade. This BSA helps counter this, as well as give additional time for trading in general.

      I presume that the BSA will wear off when the hatchling is traded, considering this is the case for all other BSAs that add something to a dragon (Influence, Incubate, Fertility etc.)

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