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    Bluesonic1 closed this thread because:
    Permission obtained & sprites displayed on appropriate articles. Closing due to resolution & inactivity.
    00:38, December 2, 2015
    It is blue now...
    Val09 spriters alt sif adult
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    • My goodness you're right, that's so odd o__0 I'll get in contact with Sif to see if the wiki can get permission to host these new sprites. Thanks for bringing to our attention!

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    • (Edited your first post to include the proper sprite.)
      Got Sif's permission to add them here- you should be able to see them on the Valentine Dragon's page now :) Thanks again for letting me know! Apparently TJ accidentally loaded Marrionetta's alt for the both of them and it took a long while till he got round to fixing it and giving Sif their actual alt.

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