• I have a female Magma dragon with 10,121 views and a Chicken with 10,099 views. I am scared to edit the Magma Dragon and Chicken pages to include the information about these two and their extremely high view counts. I was wondering if i could please add the info?

    I do not wish to be banned

    And i have observed that breeding a female Pillow Dragon and a male purple Ridgewing Dragon has a chance to breed a tan Ridgewing.

    I really don't want to be banned from this wikia

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    • Hi there! I would have appreciated to be asked before it being added- I did you see that you added the information to Magma dragon page and removed a category in the process. I'm sorry but we don't add personal dragon information like that to this wiki- it is for official information only.

      Also, regarding Ridgewing breeding, breeding with any dragon has a chance to produce the Tan colour Ridgewing- it is not dragon specific.

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    • oh. ok.

      I thought that there could be some type of ahivement. I'm sorry

      And i did not really know that. I've only been on Dragcave since May and I'm still sort f learning the ropes

      A previous online friend of mine, Fazboggle, has more experience at it than me

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    • No achievements on this wiki sorry ^__^ And that's ok, you still asked before adding it to the chicken page and I appreciate that. If you need any help regarding DC I'm always here to talk to¬†:)

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    • A FANDOM user
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