• Done what I can for the weirdly timed release for this month (Sunday 3am cave time, really?), good luck with getting the cracking sprites and everything. Having pulled an all-nighter, I'll probably miss them and the stage 1 hatchlings as well.

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    • Thanks for the help! I'll be online for a long while still so I can look after the wiki¬†:) Have a good sleep!

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    • Accidentally uploaded duplicates (again). Sorry. I really should get into the habit of checking NewFiles for unused images before uploading things. Or stop ticking the ignore warnings box out of habit.

      These are pretty adults though, and four adult forms is a surprise.

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    • That's alright, I'll take care of it after lunch¬†:P It's happened to me before too, it was hard to get into the habit of checking the photos section and even now I still forget. I wish wikia would include recent uploads in the activity page .___.

      Yeah, that was a very big surprise!! They all look so beautiful <3333

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