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    Do people feel that Undead dragons are best described as "hard to obtain" or could be classified as a Holiday dragon because they're only obtainable during a Holiday period, even if they never received an official Holiday release? Please discuss your thoughts hereĀ :)

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    • They didn't had an official release because they were the first breed to be created for an Holiday and the idea of an Holiday release still didn't existed (neither Hollies -created after them- had a properly Holiday release, I recall that users in the forum told that the eggs just appeared in the cave without announcement, since it was kinda a joke). The common reception for them is as Halloween Dragon, since their creation is part of the Halloween event, so I would put them under "Holiday Dragons that have to be created".

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    • They weren't initially created with the idea of a Holiday dragon in mind- when first created, they were available all year round. At some point, they only became available on Halloween (this date I don't know, all I know is that the change was never officially announced). Holly Dragons were the first intentional Holiday dragons. Either way, I realised that we don't get much traffic on these forums so I took it up on the DC forums and got a reply from TJ09- he doesn't seem to consider the Undead belonging to either category, so I think "Rare" is a general enough term to suffice the wiki's need to fill in a Rarity status for each dragon.

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    • I've read the conversation you had with TJ. If he doesn't feel to give them a tag, we could either ask the spriter about the concept or maybe make a poll on the forums and see what's the users' common reception about them.

      Personally I consider them as Holidays and on my scroll I have sorted them within my Halloween Dragons, together with Vampires.

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    • The spriter is only its spriter due to the Sprite Replacement project- the dragon (breed) itself technically belongs to TJ09.

      I made a thread on the forums for people to discuss but there's been hardly any discussion, which is what made me seek out TJ's opinion. I'll be honest with you, I consider them a Holiday dragon too given the definitions for one (even if it only falls in half of them), but if the breed creator himself doesn't agree with this then I respect that too.

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