• I guess we both had the same idea after Kila edited her profile page. XD

    I added user tags (like the Admin tag we have) to the dc staff profiles I know of.

    For now I only created the tags for: Confirmed DC staff member , DC spriters, DC forum mod and DC creator (TJ). What are your thoughts about adding tags for: chat mod, inactive mod, event spriter or any other tag suggestions? (I know of some accounts from: event spriters, chat mods and inactive mods)

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    • Haha yeah, it was an idea that popped into my head and I shelved it in my profile to look at later (otherwise I forget). Glad to see you weren't far behind though haha! Love this idea MUCH more than templates to be honest.
      My feedback though: I think that's waaaay too many tags and looks rather tedious/ridiculous next to people's names; I'd recommend sticking with "DC Staff Member" and "DC Spriter". DC Creator, Forum Mod, chat mods and such fall under DC Staff Member. If event spriters are recognised with a Spriters badge or staff-like title on the forum (as far as I was aware they weren't?), then give them "DC Spriter" as well but otherwise I would just leave it and follow what the forum does. My idea behind having something like this is just so that people know we've confirmed their accounts and that they're genuine, but I don't think the extra titles are needed to be recognised as they're not formally needed for operations on this wiki i.e. we admin the place as opposed to them who moderate the forums.
      The other thing I would suggest is do away with those extra colours and just keep our standard brown for all of them (or find a bit more gentle colours?).

      Considering the new tags, perhaps ours should be changed to "Wiki Admin" so as to differentiate from DC forum staff?

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    • Building on this, can we delete the "userRightsIcons.js" if the Wiki is using "UserTags.js" instead?

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