• Hey there. Saw the message you left (and then deleted?) about CB prize codes. I don't have any issues with removing the codes, but it should probably be made clear what the policy or rules are about them. On forum or 'talk' page?

    It's not something I was able to find myself when I looked around originally, and I wasn't too sure about.

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    • That's because I'm not too sure myself- I'm currently talking to one of the owners and I'm not sure if it's the code posting they have the issue with or something else related to that, that's why I'm holding off on the messages or saying anything else until I can get a definitive answer. At this stage, just hold off on posting any more codes directly onto the wiki until I can get some clarification as to what's going on :) Sorry for the confusion, I'm kinda in the same boat as you at the moment! Feel free to keep collecting the codes outside of the wiki though, and then you can add them once I've been given the green light!

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    • After some clarification from the owner, they are fine with the egg codes being posted, they just do not wish to be identified as the owner of said egg. So you are welcome to post the codes on the pages, just please don't post any scroll names, user names or links to the actual owners. Sorry for the confusion! :)

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