• Hey bluesonic! Not sure if you got my forum messages because I forgot to track them, but could you please remove the event images that have not yet appeared on the site from the Wiki? I know some are visible from changing the numbers in the image URLs, but the artists who worked on them wanted the new ones to be discovered daily, and having them visible here kinda muddies that. Thanks so much!

    Also, please don't add the full mana bars until they have been filled completely. Thanks!

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    • Hey there PieMaster,
      all unrevealed images got deleted. :) Sorry for the trouble again.

      I went ahead and deleted the images, Bluesonic1. ;)

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    • That's fine although everyone can see all the Mana bars by the way- when you right click to save the image, it turns out to be just one whole thing with all the bars loaded onto them. It's hardly a secret :/

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    • @ Bluesonic1:
      I personally prefer to remove the art when the artists ask for the art to be removed, just out of respect for them. And it's irrelevant if the images are on one image when you try to save only one of them, when they haven't been displayed on site and haven't even appeared in the event they shouldn't get posted.
      (only the mana bars but come in one image but not the mascot dragons) When we ask the Wiki users/contributors not to upload unrevealed (or in this case "hidden") art/information, then we too shouldn't do so. ;) As it's quite obvious, that -even when the mana bars all come in one image- the images weren't intended to be revealed at once but step by step.

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    • Oh don't get me wrong, I agree that it's fine to take it down when requested, I'm just annoyed that others are annoyed with me for finding something that was just in plain sight.

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    • When did someone say in this conversation that they're annoyed with you for finding these images? (I personally shouldn't judge you since I've found them too.) No one -at least to my knowledge- complains about you finding the images but about you uploading them while they haven't even been revealed in the event yet. This is why Birdz and PieMaster asked to have them taken down (not because of you finding them). ;)

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    • Quote from the first PM sent to me by PieMaster: "It's come to the artists' attention that some images from the event were added to the wiki before they became openly available on site." The images are available on the site, as both you and I have pointed out finding them, particularly the Mana bars. If the artists didn't want people finding out what the Mana bars looked like in advanced (as the public can clearly still see them now on the site) then that should have been taken up with TJ and how he coded the event, not shooting me over it all (this is in reference to the messages that followed PieMaster's original PM). Again, as I've said in PMs on the forum, it wasn't that first request that got me upset, it was the accusations that follow them, though that's something for you to discuss with the artists and it's probably better not to talk about it in public.

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