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    08:02, May 29, 2015

    If you freeze a hatchling while it is sick, will it keep the message on its viewpage that says "the hatchling seems sick" ? Just wondering.

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    • I can't remember if I tried to do this experiment, but I think the message disappears soon after freezing, cause frozen hatchling stops counting views and clicks.

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    • Hey there Burnie9,
      it's as Ivaristal said. The sickness message can stay for a little bit when you freeze the hatchling but it can't die, since they are treated like adult dragons.

      From the FAQ on the forums:

      Q: My frozen hatchling is sick, will it die?
      A: No, frozen hatchilngs are treated like adults in that they cannot die unless you hit the "kill" button. Your hatchling will most likely get better eventually, but it is no big deal if it doesn't.

      — Dragon Cave Forum

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