This topic is considered outdated, as it was in reference to AP Trading which has since been replaced by the Teleport BSA.

The Lost in Trade Thread (LiT) is a thread which helps people find eggs that they have either lost during trades, or rare eggs people have picked up off the AP. It works closely with the Replacement Project to help people get back eggs they have lost.

Found EggEdit

CODE: (code of egg – MUST BE ALTERED – SEE RULE 2)
TIME: (when found)
State the information that you would like PMed to you as proof.

Lost EggEdit

TYPE: Egg/Hatchling
BREED: Breed type
CODE: (code of egg – MUST BE ALTERED – SEE RULE 2)
TIME: (when lost)
SENDER: (who sent the egg)

RECEIVER: (if you want to say who the egg was for)
PLEASE PM: (whoever you would like contacted in this matter)
OFFER FOR RETURN: (This is completely optional. However, if you are offering something for the return of the egg/hatchling, place that info here)