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Valentine’s Day 2020 Event: The Great Chocolate Heist A new story has arrived. What mischief will you get up to this time, as Valentine’s approaches?

The 2020 Valentine's Day event featured a text-based "choose your own adventure" style mini-game. In this game, you play as a hatchling who accidentally eats an entire box of chocolates meant as a Valentine's Day gift for your father.

Participation in the Great Chocolate Heist story awards a new badge.

Valentine's Day 2020 badge
Valentine 2020 badge

Day 1[]

You wake up on Valentine's Day morning. Leaving your room, you're met by your mother. She has a box of chocolates, which she tells you are a gift for your father, and that you should not touch. She then leaves the cave, which you are free to explore. You can look around, go back to your bedroom, or check out the kitchen and get some breakfast.

Eventually, you are irresistibly drawn to the chocolates, and while you just meant to take a closer look at them, you end up eating them all. You quickly dispose of the empty chocolate box, and realize your parents are going to be unhappy when they find out. You go out in front of your cave for some fresh air, and try to come up with a plan. As you do, you notice your neighbor coming home with a heart-shaped box under his wing.

Day 2[]

You consider two possible plans: you can check out the sweet shop in town and buy a replacement for the chocolates, or you can check out your neighbor's cave and try to take the heart-shaped box he came home with.

If you choose to check out the sweet shop, you leave your cave to head to the village. You pass through several locations, and can explore the village square before heading to the sweet shop. Inside, you find it crowded, but you locate the same box of chocolates your mother had bought for your father. You take it to the shopkeep, who tells you that it costs 15 gold pieces. Without the money to pay for the chocolates, you leave empty handed.

If you choose to look for the box your neighbor had, you sneak over to the neighbor Magnanimous's cave. While he's outside gardening, you slip into his cave to investigate. After checking a few places, Magnanimous's dog Lancelot enters the cave and barks at you happily. Worried the dog will alert your neighbor, you can attempt to quiet him.

After quieting the dog, you can keep looking for the box, or retreat from the cave. With further searching, you find the box, but as you reach to take it you realize that this is a bad idea, and stealing is wrong. You try to slip out of the cave just as Magnanimous enters from his garden. He asks if you're here to play with Lancelot, and offers you a treat from the box. It turns out it was not a box of chocolates after all, but is actually full of candied bugs.

After attempting both plans, you realize you're going to need to figure out a way to buy the chocolates at the sweet shop.

Day 3[]

You return to your room, having decided you need to get together enough gold to buy the chocolates from the shop. You can shake out your piggy bank to gain 3 gold. Then, you must find jobs to earn the remaining gold.

The following jobs can be completed for gold:

  • Dog walking: You go back to your neighbor Magnanimous's cave and offer to walk his dog, Lancelot. To complete the job, you must travel to several different location nodes to make sure Lancelot gets a good walk. When you pass by the village outskirts, Lancelot will get away from you and make a mess of someone's garden. You bring Lancelot back home and earn a small pile of gold.
  • Gardening: After completing the dog walking job, if you pass by the village outskirts the owner of the garden Lancelot tore up will tell you to fix the damage. You put back the dug up plants and decorative rocks, and water the garden.
    You don't receive any gold for this, but the owner of the house across the street offers to pay you if you wouldn't mind doing a bit more gardening. Their yard is full of weeds. If you accept, you must pull weeds many times before you are eventually rewarded with a medium pile of gold.
  • Lost cat: You check the bulletin board for any odd jobs you could do for some gold. There is a new flyer about a lost cat, with a gold reward for finding it. You can start investigating by asking the old two-headed dragon and human sitting at the fountain if they've seen a cat around. They give you some leads, saying they may have seen a cat behind the sweet shop, by the river, or in the village outskirts.
    If you investigate behind the sweet shop, you will find a raccoon picking around the trash cans.
    If you investigate the river, you will find a skunk in the bushes.
    If you investigate the village outskirts, the owner of the shabby garden will tell you they saw the cat heading toward the forest. On the path to the forest, you'll meet some rowdy hatchlings who tell you they chased the cat up a tree in the woods. Investigating the woods, you do find the cat up a tree, and after coaxing it down find it belongs to the dragon with the nice garden. You return the cat for a large gold reward.
  • Fountain: You see lots of coins shining at the bottom of the fountain and dive in for them. You collect a lot of gold, but a sour response from the old folks sitting by the fountain makes you put it all back. You gain no gold.

After completing some or all of the jobs, you will have enough gold to purchase the replacement chocolates.

Day 4[]

Now that you've earned some honest gold, you return to the sweet shop to buy a new box of chocolates. You pay for the chocolates, and exit the store, but notice your mother out shopping in the village. Not wanting to be caught buying new chocolates, you duck out of sight until she moves on, then race home.

Just as you come to the outside of your cave, you notice your father flying up above, coming in to land. You can choose to hide again, or try to bolt for the cave without being noticed. If you hide, your father will land and then stop to talk with your neighbor Magnanimous for a moment, giving you time to sneak inside. You put your replacement chocolates back where they go, then go to your room to wait for your parents to get back.

Once your mother and father are both home, they exchange their Valentine's Day gifts. Your father loves the chocolates and shares some with you.


Item Location
Valentine's Day 2020 empty chocolate box Living room (eat chocolates)
Valentine's Day 2020 breakfast Kitchen
Valentine's Day 2020 3 gold pieces Your room (shaking out piggy bank)
Valentine's Day 2020 piggy bank Your room (shaking out piggy bank)
Valentine's Day 2020 strawberry candies Village square (fountain)
Valentine's Day 2020 candied bug Neighbor's cave
Valentine's Day 2020 dog Neighbor's cave (walk dog quest)
Valentine's Day 2020 cat Woods (lost cat quest)
Valentine's Day 2020 skunk River (lost cat quest)
Valentine's Day 2020 raccoon Sweet shop (lost cat quest)
Valentine's Day 2020 flower Village outskirts (gardening quest)
Valentine's Day 2020 small gold End of dog walking quest
Valentine's Day 2020 medium gold End of weeding quest
Valentine's Day 2020 large gold End of lost cat quest
Valentine's Day 2020 chocolate box Sweet shop (buy chocolates)