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Wondering if there should be some discussion about this dragon's name. I'm not big on making posts on the forum, so if there isn't a topic about it already, someone's free to make it. These guys are called Gray dragons in their descriptions, but I noticed they are officially called Storm Dragons in the new Encylopedia (adding that as a note in a moment).

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Hey there,
the dragons official name is Gray Dragon. The problems which are causing this confusion are the breed sort names (some dragons do not sort by their official name or Encyclopedia name, see: Guardian of Nature which sorts as "Lugia" by breed sort instead of "Guardian of Nature") . But this is an issue which has already been brought to TJ's attention. When asked if he would match the breed sort names with the encyclopedia names (or the other way around) he wrote this:
"It's going to happen at some point.

But there needs to be some sort of care put into how it's done. Because otherwise people will be confused/surprised/angry when their breed sort suddenly changes. Mostly I just need to put in the effort to move everyone using breed sort to some "Deprecated Breed Sort" that goes away if you choose something else.

tl;dr: don't worry, I got dis."

You can find his reply in this topic:
TJ's reply on "Make Breed Sort match Encyclopedia Sort, Consistency!"

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I actually have not found one of these dragons for a while even when I tried with effort. Is it possible they're becoming rare, or maybe even retiring? Biddyboo8 (talk) 07:18, February 13, 2016 (UTC)

They're definitely not rare, or will ever be, and they'll never ever be retired (no breeds will ever get retired anymore after the fiasco that was the Frilled Dragon and somewhat the Bright Pink Dragon). It's possible they're moving more towards common/uncommon right now, I suspect it may be because of the somewhat recent breeding/capturing program going on in the forum's breeding section where a large group of people are holding a contest where the user at the end who has raised the most Storm dragons will receive a prize of some sort. Always keep in mind that the rarities listed here, and stated anywhere by anyone, are flexible in the game as the game adjusts each dragon's release & breeding ratios the more popular or unpopular they become.
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