Incubator Edit

My mature Shadow Walker hatchling is slightly transparent on my incubator. Do adults do this, too? Is it worth adding to the page? Alicia Jewel 05:57, November 4, 2011 (UTC)

  • Yes, all of the sprites are semi-transparent. I added a picture which shows the difference of the sprites on two different backgrounds. greez Nyastara(Talk) 13:04, November 4, 2011 (UTC)

Initial Release Glitch(es)Edit

Something strange was initially observed when a user caught the first egg to be dropped as part of an hourly drop, except that a single egg appeared in the biome which was then followed by the usual row of 3. This single egg demonstrated the glitches listed below- it is unknown whether the glitches encountered by others were a result of the same initial egg drop error.

  • The dragon egg was replaced with the fogged sprite on the dragon view page or when embedded into a forum/webpage.
  • You could still view the egg's lineage page despite the fogged sprite showing, demonstrating the action was not used on the egg.
  • Under lineage and dragon sorting views, the egg showed correctly as a Shadow Walker egg.
  • The description for the egg was "Unfortunately, your egg has died."
  • The egg behaved like a dead egg usually would on user's scrolls:
    • HTML or BBCodes could not be retrieved for the egg.
    • The egg could not be fogged (or unfogged).
    • It gained no clicks and no views.
    • It didn't take up an egg slot (like any egg that died without being deliberately killed by the owner)
    • It didn't get listed by fansites using the Dragon Cave API (the common implementation; uncommon ones could still list it)
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