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So, the phrase "extremely uncommon" seems a little awkward to me. It sounds rarer than the phrase "rare" to me. Any reason the poster used this phrase? I'm not bashing, just curios. Votehim 23:38, February 6, 2012 (UTC)

  • Jep, that would be me. Since they are not really uncommon but also not rare, they had to be something inbetween. And for there being the term "Extremely Common" in the Dragon Rarity guide, I thought that "Extremely Uncommon" might fit. (and for a lack of creativity on my side ^_^; )
    Maybe a definition of those terms being listed in the Dragon Rarity Guide could help to shed some light into this?

    Dragons which are rare like the Golds, Black...etc, drop in all biomes. (Not to be confused with some of the common and uncommn dragons wich also drop in all biomes) They are very very hard to obtain, because they rarly drop in the cave.

    Extremely Uncommon:
    These dragons also very hard to get by, but they're still easier to obtain than rares. Because of them dropping a tad more sparsly than the normal uncommons they are entitled "extremely uncommon".

    Uncommon dragons drop more regularly than the "extremely uncommons" but still not to regularly to be an easy catch.

    These Dragon can be obtained quite easily and have a pretty steady drop rate.

    Extremely Common:
    Those eggs also often get referred to as "Cave Bloggers", because hey drop so frequently that they start to block the different biomes and since most of the users don't want to pick them up not other eggs can drop.

    greez Nyastara(Talk) 01:13, February 7, 2012 (UTC)
    P.s. All typos are intentional and can be viewed as special effects of my keyboard. :D
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