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It was correctedEdit

TJ's have grown up male. However, so far all other hatchlings have gendered female.
As TJ09's response suggest, all Floral-Crowned Dragons were supposed to be males and it was a mistake to them become females. Collagen [TalkContributions] - - 23:40, February 17, 2018 (UTC)

Thanks for finding this- added to the article! :)
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Birthday release extra info Edit

Flagging some posts with art/extra info here, 'bout to run out the door and won't be able to import it properly til later. If someone else wants to grab/format it, be my guest. :)

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I just realized! Edit

Valentine 2020 dragons change colors as they get views! Because of this, I think they’re mood ring themed. It makes perfect sense as mood rings have almost the exact same colors!

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