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Been trying to get an Avatar of Change out of my GoN and a Blacktip for a while now. Every egg is a Blacktip though. The other dragons I paired the same GoN with produced the correct avatar first time. Is Blacktip being listed an error, or am I just having incredibly bad luck? — AnselaJonla (talk) 01:24, December 25, 2014 (UTC)

Nyastara wrote this at ~ 05:10, December 25, 2014 (UTC) ~

Hey there AnselaJonla,
I think you're have incredibly bad luck with your Blacktip-GoN pairing. (As do I with the Falconiform-GoN pairing ^_^;) And I can'r really tell you why they sometimes give us this refusing-treatment (instead of silent treatment XD).
Confirmations that Blacktips can produce Avatar of Change eggs:
From the Blacktip Encyclopedia entry:

  • Elemental affinity: Air

From the Element encyclopedia entry:

  • Magi — The “neutral” change element.
  • Air — This element brings affinity with air, and wind.
  • Time — Perhaps the rarest element, it is exactly as it appears.
  • Ice — Ice and the change of physical state that surrounds it.
And last but not least a lineage link of a Blacktip-GoN pairing which produced a Avatar of Change:

I hope that your Blacktip will see reason and finally give you an Avatar of Change egg. :)
I whish you a merry Christmas

greez Nyastara(Talk)
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