Sunsong Amphiptere
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Release Date April 1, 2010
Elemental Affinity Light
Morphology Amphiptere
Base Rarity Uncommon
BSA None
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Habitat Jungle
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Color Gold, purple
Nicknames None
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Sunsong Amphipteres were released on April 1, 2010, alongside Hellfire Wyverns, Bright-Breasted Wyverns, Guardian of Nature and Nebula Dragons.

As of June 25, 2017, these dragons can produce Risensong Dragons when bred to Sunrise Dragons, or produce Setsong Dragons when bred to Sunset Dragons.

Official Dragon Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Egg[edit | edit source]

"This egg changes colors in the sunlight."

Hatchling[edit | edit source]

"Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. This hatchling is hard to see, but in the sunlight it displays brilliant colors."

Mature Hatchling[edit | edit source]

"Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. This hatchling is hard to see, but in the sunlight it displays brilliant colors.
And look! Its wings have grown large enough that it can now fly. It hardly ever leaves the air now."

Adult[edit | edit source]

"Sunsong Amphipteres are an unusual species. Due to light interference caused by their magical nature, they don't seem to be affected by any ambient light source. However, when struck by direct sunlight, they shine a brilliant gold. They are playful and ever in flight; their ethereal and mysterious appearance and the fact that they are usually only seen at a distance have led many to believe they are a symbol of hope and good fortune."

Sprite Artist(s)[edit | edit source]

Sprites[edit | edit source]

Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult

Sunsong Amphiptere egg.gif Sunsong Amphiptere hatchi.gif Sunsong Amphiptere female hatchi.png Sunsong Amphiptere female.png

Sunsong Amphiptere male hatchi.gif Sunsong Amphiptere male.png

Sprites No Longer In-Use[edit | edit source]

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Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Temporary Holiday Sprites

- - - Sunsong Amphiptere female Halloween 2012.png

- - - Sunsong Amphiptere male Halloween 2012.png
Old Sprites
Old Dead Egg

Old Sunsong Amphiptere dead egg.png

Egg Sequence[edit | edit source]

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Sunsong Amphiptere egg.gif Sunsong Amphiptere crack 1.gif Sunsong Amphiptere crack 2.png Sunsong Amphiptere crack 3.png Sunsong Amphiptere crack 4.png Sunsong Amphiptere crack 5.png Sunsong Amphiptere dead egg.png

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