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Spinel Wyverns were released on September 30, 2017, alongside Bauta Dragons. The regular violet variant is obtainable normally from the Biomes or through Breeding. The green alternate form is only attainable through breeding with an Earth Element dragon,[1] which will produce a green variant instead of violet.

Official descriptions[]


This glassy egg has a single stripe on it.


Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It has stubby little wings and loves to play.

Mature hatchling[]

Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It has stubby little wings and loves to play.

And look! Its wings have grown, and it’s even more energetic than before!


Spinel Wyverns are small, sleek dragons that zealously collect spinel gemstones to line their nests. They are very affectionate with those they bond with, and will happily spend hours grooming a dragon of a different species if allowed to. Spinels are well-known for their even temperament, but when offended, they are very slow to forgive and will never forget. These wyverns will readily perform tasks in exchange for spinels, and occasionally other stones. Occasionally, they can be born with iridescent pale green scales instead of the usual rich red-violet.

Sprite artists[]


Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult

Spinel Wyvern violet egg.gif Spinel Wyvern violet hatchi.png Spinel Wyvern violet mature hatchi.png Spinel Wyvern violet female.png

Spinel Wyvern violet male.png

Spinel Wyvern green egg.png Spinel Wyvern green hatchi.png Spinel Wyvern green mature hatchi.png Spinel Wyvern green female.png

Spinel Wyvern green male.png

Egg sequence[]

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Spinel Wyvern violet egg.gif Spinel Wyvern violet crack 1.png Spinel Wyvern violet crack 2.png Spinel Wyvern violet crack 3.png Spinel Wyvern violet crack 4.png Spinel Wyvern violet crack 5.png Spinel Wyvern violet dead egg.png
Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Spinel Wyvern green egg.png Spinel Wyvern green crack 1.png Spinel Wyvern green crack 2.png Spinel Wyvern green crack 3.png Spinel Wyvern green crack 4.png Spinel Wyvern green crack 5.png Spinel Wyvern green dead egg.gif

Encyclopedia entry[]

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Appearance/Basic Anatomy

  • Skin has pebbly scales, smooth when rubbed one way but like sandpaper the opposite way.
  • Soft white on the underside, but have striking black markings and glossy, crystalline red-violet scales.
  • Some Spinels have blue markings and pale green scales.
  • Green Spinels are known as Chrysoberyls, and are naturally iridescent.

Hatchling Behavior

  • Spinel hatchlings love everyone and everything.
  • They can walk around from the moment they hatch, and are very curious.
  • Very active and playful, they will keep themselves entertained for hours with a neat rock.
  • They are easily tamed by humans, but cry if left alone and will often escape to seek out someone they recognize.
  • In the wild, one adult Spinel will always remain with the group’s hatchlings to ensure they don’t wander off.

Adult Behavior

  • Energetic and friendly, Spinels are far from dangerous.
  • Collect spinel gemstones, as well as other rocks or shiny things.
  • Very social, and will happily spend time grooming each other.
  • Spinels are approachable, and will do things in exchange for anything they can add to their hoard.
  • Not the brightest dragons, and can be easily tricked.
  • If a Spinel realizes it has been betrayed, it will never forgive and never forget.
  • They have an intuitive sense for what type of mineral a rock contains, which they use to sort their collections.


  • Spinels prefer warm areas, and spend a lot of time riding warm air currents.
  • Will always return to where they hatched in order to breed and nest, no matter how far away.
  • Spinels live in groups and will seek out resting spots with plenty of places to stash their gems.
  • They can thrive in arid climates without issue.


  • Spinels are primarily herbivorous, but will opportunistically eat eggs, insects, or scavenge very fresh meat.
  • They love fruits and tubers, and especially enjoy a nice fat cicada.
  • They have been known to swallow stones to aid in digestion of tougher plant fibers.


  • The green version of this dragon is based on chrysoberyl gems.[2]

Additional information[]

Tiiiime for breed info on Spinels, minus anything that'd reveal how to get green ones!

Spinels were technically not sketched! They were my first attempt at simply blocking out a sprite silhouette and then refining it into a proper dragon. While in that initial phase, I was originally trying to design a Pyralspite/Trihorn hybrid! However, I later decided to instead make them a separate breed with similarities to Pyralspites caused by convergent evolution. The green ones were designed after that point.

They were my second sprite set completed after I got in cave, after the original Scripts; yeah, that means they are an older sprite than the Script redesign.

Spinel dragons, unlike Pyralspites, can't tell gems apart by taste; they do, however, have a sense for it, it's just more of a magical intuition sort of sense. They line their nests with the gems and with fragments of Earth mana. They cannot breathe fire, and their main methods of self-defense are kicking with sharp talons (think like a cassowary), biting, or simply fleeing. They enjoy high heat, love riding on warm air currents, and don't thermoregulate well in cold climates. They're slightly smaller than the smallest Pyralspites in body size, though the green Chrysoberyl variants do grow larger and match the average Spessartine. They choose mates based mostly on two things: how well their personalities mesh, and how shiny their mate's scales are, not including the white underside, which is duller so they don't attract the attention of grounded predators. As the green variant's scales are naturally iridescent, the green ones attract all of the ladies (or men).

Like Pyralspites, they have fine, pebbly scales; unlike Pyralspites, their skin is rough and almost sharp when rubbed opposite the grain, almost like a shark's. They're not nearly as intelligent as Pyralspites, and while they're certainly a good bit more intelligent than, say, drakes, trying to explain concepts to them that they don't have some grasp of by instinct is largely a wasted effort. Spinels are very social, and tend to understand social and interpersonal things very well, except they don't understand monogamy. They do not understand complex magic, scientific principles, or arithmetic beyond addition/subtraction with small amounts. They DO have a strong sense of what it means to be tricked, lied to, or betrayed, though, so... don't let them find out you've done that. Seriously. They live in groups and they will get the entire group riled up to never speak to you again, or in a worst-case scenario, to attack you on sight.

They're mostly herbivorous, but will gladly eat eggs, insects, or already-killed meat opportunistically. They've been known to swallow stones to aid in the digestion of exceptionally tough plant matter. Cicadas are their favorite food.

The hatchlings are very playful and impressionable, and like Pyrals are fairly mobile and able to start taking care of themselves very early on. They can keep themselves occupied for hours with a neat rock. Overall this breed is pretty approachable and generally happy. If you were walking around in the wilderness and came across a Spinel and greeted them nicely it would make their day and they would try their hardest to be your new best friend.
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