Snow Wars 2 was the Dragon Cave Christmas event in 2018. Like its 2013 predecessor, Snow Wars, users could build and maintain their own forts and launch attacks on other players.

Event AnnouncementEdit

2018-12-25 Holiday 2018 release

Happy holidays, everyone! The 2018 Holiday event is here, and we've brought back (well actually, completely remade from the ground up) one of the most popular events from the past: Snow Wars. Build up your fort, conquer others, and level up to unlock even more decorations, weapons, or defenses.

The new Holiday eggs are here as well. You can find them in the the cave for three days (until 12/27 at 11:59 PM EST). After that, they're gone until next year.

2019-01-01 Holiday Event encore

As with the original Snow Wars, we've brought you an encore! This encore brings four more days (until Jan 4 at 11:59:59 EST) to decorate your fort, along with 50 new items to decorate with—many of which are returned from the original event.

Happy New Year!

General Event CreditsEdit

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2013 Encore Assets:

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Christmas 2018 badge

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Christmas EventEdit

Christmas 2018 icon
2018 Holidays Event -- Snow Wars 2

Snow Wars is back! Build up your fort, and conquer others to level up and unlock even better decorations.

Snow Wars is a massive snowball fight between you and all the other people playing Dragon Cave. Build up your fort to defend yourself from attack and bulk up your offensive capabilities so you can attack others. Damaging objects on enemy forts grants Experience Points, which unlocks new defenses, weapons, and decorations for your fort.

At the end of the event, your fort will be saved to show off to others— and don’t worry, all damage will be wiped away.

Event Instructions

Navigating The Event

From your base, you can choose to edit your fort or do battle. While editing, you can return to your base by clicking on it and choosing the “Enter Base” option. Editing

Click the plus button to build new things. While placing (or moving an object), right click to turn objects around. Not everything can be rotated.


Building new things requires resources. Every hour (including while you’re not playing), new desposits (snow drifts, ice crystals, etc) will appear. Destroy them to get the resources they contain.

If your fort is full of decorations and there’s no room for new deposits, don’t worry—they’ll spawn as soon as you free up space.


When battling, you can either choose a specific target if you have someone in mind, or just attack a random fort. After selecting a target, choose your weapon and you’ll be given the opportunity to choose where to attack. Each weapon can attack once per hour.

If you reduce a piece to zero HP, you will receive XP. Gain enough XP and you will level up. New resources, weapons, and defenses unlock as you progress through the levels.

When someone attacks you and damages your fort, you can repair the affected items by clicking on them. Damaged items cannot be moved, and damaged items cannot be used to attack.

Experience points can also be gained while a player is offline and attacked, or by building certain objects in the game. While leveling, the experience bar will be a blue gradient, with the maximum level being 50. Once Level 50 is reached, the experience bar will be a red/gold gradient and additional experience earned goes towards extra resource drops for the player. It is currently unknown what causes a player's scroll badge to change in color.



  • Several updates were added to the game after release to help patch bugs or issues that users were reporting:
    • Brought back a mechanic from the original Snow Wars that encourages defending a bit more: repairing damage on your fort (i.e. successfully defending an attack) grants XP. Fixed a bug where damaged weapons could still attack.[1]
    • Resource drops will now appear in your fort after leveling up. You get a resource every level appropriate to that level (e.g. levels 20–29 spawn tree stumps), and every five levels a present will spawn with extra resources. These drops are retroactive, so people who have been leveling should receive a bunch of new drops. Random battle targeting should be better about making sure the selected fort actually has things for you to damage.[2]
    • Fixed an issue where newly-spawned resources weren't immediately clickable. Adjusted the cursor position so it better matches where you're actually clicking. Claudius does not like being hit with snow and ice, and will enrage upon being damaged (though he'll probably calm down when the event is over). Reduced the cost of castle and log cabin pieces. Icing and gumdrops can now be placed on top of walls. Wreaths can now be placed on walls. Chess squares can now be placed under objects. The "Build" action on most items has been replaced with "Build Another," letting you quickly duplicate items. Added extended versions (three tiles long) of the Castle and Short Ice walls.[3]
    • Gaining XP after level 50 now continues to fill your XP bar. You'll get two random presents full of resources every time you fill it. If you've already been gaining XP at max level, you'll find a bunch of presents already waiting for you. The helpful text box during battle has gotten shy from all the attention and now runs away from your mouse. The Peace on Earth is finished refueling and is now ready to spread holiday cheer to all of your enemies. The Trojan Reindeer is now ready to roll into battle. Damaged weapons can again be used as long as their HP is above zero. Hovering over a disabled weapon will explain why you can't use it.[4]
  • The Aegis Dragon found in this game, nicknamed Claudius, can be Enraged by attacking him. If not attacked, he will remain in his Regular form.


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