Sinomorph Dragon
Sinomorph adult
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Release Date May 21, 2017
Elemental Affinity Neutral
Morphology Western
Base Rarity Rare
BSA None
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Habitat Summon: No Habitat
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Color Purple, grey, gold
Nicknames None
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Sinomorph Dragons were released on May 21, 2017, alongside Zyumorph Dragons as part of Dragon Cave's 11th birthday celebration. They do not possess egg or hatchling forms, and the adults must be summoned via a Breed Specific Action available through collecting a set of six different Zyumorph adults (not to be confused with the Summon BSA related to Guardians of Nature).

It is possible to have multiple Sinomorph dragons, however only one can be summoned per set of six individually different Zyumorphs. The option to "Summon" will only appear on the Action pages of the first adults to grow up on a user's scroll as part of a full set of six Zyumorphs. For example, the user may have one of each of the six dragons plus an additional Zyumorph; "Summon" will not be available on that additional dragon's action page until five more individually different adult Zyumorphs are collected to complete the second set. The BSA is always successful,[1] and whether the Sinomorph is male or female appears to be random. There is currently a theory whereby the higher the proportion of female Zyumorphs in the set, the higher the probability of summoning a female Sinomorph, and vice versa; this is yet to be confirmed.

Because of the unique way in which a Sinomorph is acquired, these dragons do not have stats for Views, Unique Views, or Clicks. Its "Grew Up On" date is the date it was summoned. Breeding Sinomorphs produces either their partner's breed of egg or Zyumorph eggs- which variation of Zyumorph is produced appears to be random.

When sorted by "Breed", this dragon sorts as "Sinomorph". If still using the old Legacy Breed Name Sort, these dragons sort as an unknown name between Magma and Mint Dragons on a user's scroll.

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Mature HatchlingEdit



"Far and away one of the most enigmatic of dragon breeds, the Sinomorph is shrouded in near-complete mystery. While the exact conditions that herald its arrival are not certain, it is said to only appear when called upon by all six Zyumorphs. Record of its existence may be limited to folklore and ancient legends, but recent sightings seem to suggest this storybook behemoth may truly walk the lands of Valkemare. If the stories of the past are to be trusted, its appearance serves as a beacon of light in the face of looming calamity."

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Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Sinomorph Dragon

- - - Sinomorph adult

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  • Before release, there was a change from this breed's name "Synomorph" to "Sinomorph" which was suspected to be a typo.[2]

Additional InformationEdit

Zyumorphs don't create a Sinormorph, they call upon one which already exists, essentially awakening a dormant force in times of peril. For that reason, it is an adult when Summoned.
  • Regarding the breed's name:
IIRC, I proposed "synomorph" (using the prefix "syn-" for the dragon i.e. "together") and that's what PieMaster counter-proposed.


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