Shadow Walker
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Release Date October 31, 2011
Elemental Affinity Magi
Morphology Western
Base Rarity Rare (Holiday)
BSA None
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Habitat No Habitat
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Color Silver, white
Nicknames Ghost, SW
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Fiona BlueFire,

Shadow Walkers, or Halloween 2011 Dragons, were the Holiday species given out during Halloween of 2011. Unlike dragons of other holidays, Halloween dragons can be either male or female and do not have a scroll limit set for them. They are only capable of producing more Shadow Walker eggs during a certain period when Halloween is celebrated in October. They can still be bred to all year round, producing their partner's breed of egg.

The lack of a scroll limit for Halloween dragons was explained during one year's event by TJ09: "In the words of the pumpkin dragon's creator, Christmas and Valentine's Day are about giving, but Halloween is about grabbing as much candy for yourself as you can".

Shadow Walkers were the first dragons whose complete appearance is semi-transparent and were the first Halloween dragons to be given a Spriter's Alt. They have a unique hatching sequence where the egg gets more transparent as it hatches.

The implementation of biomes that year made the 2011 Halloween egg hunt much easier than past years, with small drops every 5 minutes and a large drop every full hour. The sprites were reviewed after TJ09's dragons grew up, and had their graphics updated as per the spriters' request.

Under the old Breed sort, these dragons sorted as "Halloween 2011 Dragon" on a user's scroll. As of August 14, 2016, they now sort using their Encyclopedia name.

Official Dragon Descriptions


"This egg fades into the shadows."


"The egg faded away completely; in its place there's a cute baby dragon. It doesn't seem to have much substance, though."

Mature Hatchling

"The egg faded away completely; in its place there's a cute baby dragon. It doesn't seem to have much substance, though.
And look! It's grown its wings! It must be close to maturing."


"Shadow Walkers are a strange breed that possess the ability to slip between the planes of reality, becoming immaterial. This allows them to hide in the shadows, either hunting from the concealment of near invisibility or evading enemies. Though they become corporeal to mate or to eat, they spend most of the rest of their lives walking in the shadows. Shadow Walkers are wary creatures, though on dark Autumn evenings when the leaves fall to swirl in the chilly, rain damp air, they may be seen drifting out from the shadows."

Sprite Artist(s)


Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker egg Shadow Walker hatchi Shadow Walker mature hatchi Shadow Walker adult
Spriter's Alt
Fiona BlueFire's Alt

- Fiona BlueFire's Alt Shadow Walker hatchi Fiona BlueFire's Alt Shadow Walker mature hatchi Fiona BlueFire's Alt Shadow Walker adult
Nakase's Alt

Nakase's Alt Shadow Walker hatchi Nakase's Alt Shadow Walker mature hatchi Nakase's Alt Shadow Walker adult

Sprites No Longer In-Use

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Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Temporary Holiday Sprites

- - - Shadow Walker adult Christmas 2011

- - - Shadow Walker adult Halloween 2012

- - - Shadow Walker adult Halloween 2015

Egg Sequence

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Shadow Walker egg Shadow Walker crack 1 Shadow Walker crack 2 Shadow Walker crack 3 Shadow Walker crack 4 Shadow Walker crack 5 Shadow Walker dead egg

Encyclopedia Entry

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Appearance/Basic Anatomy

  • Adults have the swiftness of a thoroughbred with agility of a cat on the ground. However, their prowess on the ground is matched by their speed and agility in the air.
  • Shadow Walkers have some iridescence in their coats, causing a sheen of color that’s only noticable when the light strikes in certain ways.
  • The mane of a young Shadow Walker begins to grow in just after their wings begin growing.
  • The mane of an adult is long, silky fur that never seems to tangle.
  • Pads on their feet allow the dragons to identify the footsteps of even small animals before they venture into the solid plane. This aids them both in stalking prey and avoiding predators.
  • Though the exact mechanism is unknown, it is observed that the longer and thicker a Shadow Walker’s mane, the easier and more completely it vanishes into an ethereal plane.

Hatchling Behavior

  • While young, avoid being out in the open where there are no objects casting a shadow they can quickly hide in.
  • Newly hatched Shadow Walkers are extremely shy. Once they have wings they are more confident.
  • When at ease, winged hatchlings are very playful.
  • Very young hatchlings are so shy they will hide in the shadows to the point of starvation unless their caretaker is present and alone.
  • The most effective way to coax a young Shadow Walker hatchling out from hiding is with some sort of treat (i.e. food).

Adult Behavior

  • Adult Shadow Walkers are rarely seen fully corporeal; instead they are mostly glimpsed out of the corner of the eye as they move about in the shadows.
  • Breeding season is suspected to be tied to the onset of autumn and the harvest season.
  • Partially-corporeal Shadow Walkers’ manes can be seen to be moving as if in a gentle breeze.
  • Though more confident than hatchlings, adult Shadow Walkers are still reserved.
  • Hunt for prey, but are not a vicious species.
  • Fiercely loyal to those they consider family. Normally they refuse to be ridden; however they will allow a closely-trusted person to mount and ride on occasion. A person riding a Shadow Walker will find that it is somehow difficult to fall off.
  • The roots of their mane are particularly sensitive. If the hairs are tugged at, Shadow Walkers will snap furiously.


  • It is easiest to catch sight of a young Shadow Walker just at the edges of groups of trees, most usually at dusk or dawn.
  • Though Shadow Walkers are nicknamed ghost dragons, they actually avoid human graveyards.
  • As young Shadow Walkers becomes more confident in their control over plane walking skills, they become bolder in how far they’ll stray from home.
  • Establish regular territories. These are not exclusive, as they willingly socialize with other Shadow Walkers, but are based on a preference for areas that are familiar.
  • Though walking the planes of existance is by choice, it also is a natural state for Shadow Walkers.
  • An adult Shadow Walker’s territory is anywhere that dragon decides it is, since there really is nothing to stop them from going where they choose.


  • At harvest time one may see Shadow Walkers grazing at the edges of fields, eating grain.
  • Shadow Walkers are omnivorous, though their preferred diet mainly consists of small game such as rabbits and squirrels.
  • Will only eat freshly-killed meat, and most usually only if they’ve killed it themselves.
  • Young Shadow Walkers have a bit of a sweet tooth. Fruit is a particular treat.
  • Small mammals are the mainstay of Shadow Walkers’ diets, but they also enjoy fruits and vegetable, as well as grain.
  • Shadow Walkers are particularly fond of apples and pumpkins. They have also been known to help themselves to a carelessly unguarded pie left out to cool.
  • Love prepared human food, particularly sweets.


  • The original sprite was replaced within 24 hours of users seeing the first adults because of a discussion between the two artists involved.[1]


All of the Shadow Walker sprites are semi-transparent, so their color depends on the color of the background.

With background Without background
Shadow Walker's transparency examples


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