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Saurian, or Dino Language, is a language from the game Star Fox Adventures. TJ09 names all of his dragons in this language, as do some users. "Thuwed" translates to "Dragon" in English, so all Thuwed Dragons are "Dragon Dragons".

Translation Chart[]

It uses the same written runes as the language used by most other denizens of the Lylat System, except with simple letter substitutions. Consonants are always replaced by consonants and vowels alter into vowels. The letter M stays the same. Y translates into 0, which is pronounced "OO". In certain circumstances, the "x" that "h" becomes is not pronounced "x"; e.g., "the" becomes "kxo", said /kei'-o/. The sole exception to this rule are proper nouns, in which case, they are said exactly the same as galactic standard (i.e. Prince Tricky is Prince Tricky in Dino).

Star Fox Wiki

Language The substitution chart
English A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Saurian U R S T O V W X A Z B C M D E F G H J K I L N P 0 Q

There is also a translator to convert between English and Saurian: http://saurian.krystalarchive.com

Saurian on Dragon Cave[]


The Saurian language even made an appearance on the Send a Valentine event in 2012. Users could send small Valentine cards to friends or a random stranger. But one message (written by Walker) was quite a riddle to some of the users: "Xuff0 Lucodkado'j Tu0" which translates to "Happy Valentine's Day".

Release Banners[]

In the earlier days of Dragon Cave TJ09 even wrote the release messages in Saurian.