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Rise of the Zombies was a tower defense game made available for the 2019 Halloween event.

The undead are stirring. Will your dragons be able to protect you from the hordes?


Participating in the Rise of the Zombies event awarded users the 2019 Halloween Event badge.

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2019-10-25 Halloween Event banner

Halloween 2019 event banner

Via the Halloween 2019 event page:

Place towers on the board to form your line of defense. Each breed has its own unique effect. Once you click “Survive”, you will be subjected to unending waves of zombies. A new round happens every five minutes.

Though it is not possible to win outright, try to make it through as many rounds as you can. You will gain XP based on how long you survived. As you level up, you will unlock new towers and be able to build bigger and more involved defenses.


Sprite Type Description
Halloween 2019 Keep tower
Keep Your keep, which must be protected.
Halloween 2019 Keep tower destroyed
Keep (destroyed) Your keep, destroyed by the undead.
Halloween 2019 Green tower
Green Dragon HP: 8 · Cooldown: 1 round · Cost: 1

Slams the ground, damaging zombies in all adjacent tiles.

Halloween 2019 Red tower
Red Dragon HP: 3 · Cooldown: 1 round · Cost: 1

Attacks zombies in a line, two tiles in front of it.

Halloween 2019 Vine tower
Dark Green Dragon HP: 5 · Cooldown: 2 rounds · Cost: 1

Prevents adjacent zombies from moving. While on cooldown, attacks immobilized zombies and cannot be attacked.

Halloween 2019 Pink tower
Pink Dragon HP: 3 · Cooldown: 2 rounds · Cost: 2

Charms zombies in a two-tile radius, dealing damage after the next turn.

Halloween 2019 Shallow Water tower
Shallow Water Dragon HP: 1 · Cost: 2

Grants bonus XP if still alive when your base is destroyed.

Halloween 2019 White tower
White Dragon HP: 2 · Cooldown: 1 round · Cost: 2

Heals surrounding dragons.

Halloween 2019 Magi tower
Magi Dragon HP: 3 · Cooldown: 2 rounds · Cost: 2

Teleports nearby zombies back to the end of the board.

Halloween 2019 Purple tower
Purple Dragon HP: 3 · Cooldown: 3 rounds · Cost: 3

Reduces the cooldown of all adjacent towers.

Halloween 2019 Vampire tower
Vampire Dragon HP: 3 · Cost: 1

Moves to attack nearby zombies. Defeated zombies may return as vampires.

Halloween 2019 Bolt tower
Bolt Dragon HP: 3 · Cooldown: 3 rounds · Cost: 2

Stuns zombies in a line, four tiles in front of it.

Halloween 2019 Aeon tower
Aeon Dragon HP: 3 · Cooldown: 3 rounds · Cost: 2

Gives your dragons insight into the future, allowing them to attack before zombies.

Halloween 2019 Soulpeace tower
Soulpeace Dragon HP: 1 · Cooldown: 10 rounds · Cost: 4

Destroys all zombies on the board once there are more than ten. Directly targeted by zombies.

Halloween 2019 Ice tower
Ice Dragon HP: 5 · Cooldown: 1 round · Cost: 2

Slows zombies in a three tile radius.

Halloween 2019 Magma tower
Magma Dragon HP: 6 · Cooldown: 1 round · Cost: 2

Attacks zombies in a 2x3 rectangle.

Halloween 2019 Thunder tower
Thunder Dragon HP: 2 · Cooldown: 2 rounds · Cost: 2

Calls a bolt of electricity onto a random zombie, damaging adjacent zombies as well.

Halloween 2019 Guardian of Nature tower
Guardian of Nature Summoned by Legendary Trio towers.
Halloween 2019 Undead tower
Undead Dragon Spawned every round, will attempt to attack your keep.


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  • Event map, before adding defenses.
  • Round 0.
  • Round 1, first zombie appears.
  • Defeat, when the keep is destroyed.
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