Red Dragon
Red adult
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Red egg
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Release Date August 5, 2007
(Original Species)
Elemental Affinity Fire
Morphology Western
Base Rarity Common
BSA Incubate
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Habitat Desert
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Color Red, gray
Nicknames None
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Red Dragons were released on August 5, 2007, and are part of the original set of species that founded Dragon Cave. They were often called "Fire Dragons", a nickname that isn't used anymore. Red dragons have a Breed Specific Action called Incubate, which allows them to take a day off the time an egg has left.

Official Dragon DescriptionsEdit


"This egg is rather warm."


"Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It occasionally shoots small puffs of smoke from its nose, like it's trying to breathe fire."

Mature HatchlingEdit

"Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It occasionally shoots small puffs of smoke from its nose, like it's trying to breathe fire.
And look! It's grown its wings! It must be close to maturing."


"Red dragons are similar to typical story book dragons. They shoot flames, can fly, etc. However, they aren't evil creatures as depicted in myths, and won't go around raiding castles, killing knights, or kidnapping princesses. They live in a variety of habitats, from forests to coastlines to abandoned castles, usually in warm climates, and eat whatever living creatures they can find."

Sprite Artist(s)Edit

New Sprites:

Old Sprites:


Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Red Dragon

Red egg Red hatchi Red mature hatchi Red adult

Sprites No Longer In-UseEdit

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Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Temporary Holiday Sprites
Halloween 2012

- - - Red adult Halloween 2012

- - - Red adult Halloween 2015
Old Sprites
Original Sprites

Original Red egg Original Red hatchi Original Red mature hatchi Original Red adult
Replacement Sprites

- Old Red hatchi Old Red mature hatchi Old Red adult
Old Egg Sequence

Old Red egg Old Red crack 1 Old Red crack 5
Old Dead Egg

Old Red dead egg

Egg SequenceEdit

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Red egg Red crack 1 Red crack 2 Red crack 3 Red crack 4 Red crack 5 Red dead egg


  • Before their sprite update in 2018, Reds shared the same base hatchling sprite with the Bright Pink and Dark Green dragons as well as the old Holly Dragons.
  • The original adult sprite is a recolored Red Dragon from Final Fantasy VI.

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

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Appearance/Basic Anatomy

  • Heavy, ridged, plate-like scales, especially along the spine.
  • Hard, smooth belly scales; few soft vulnerable areas on the underside of the body.
  • Sharp spur-like projection off the hocks, ending in a large claw.
  • Teeth replaced continuously throughout their lifetime.

Hatchling Behavior

  • Typically fearless and inquisitive, quick to learn but slow to obey.
  • Hatchlings lack the hardened scales of their older counterparts.
  • Beg shamelessly in a manner similar to young birds when small, though this behavior will continue into sub-adulthood if it is encouraged.
  • Frequently bully smaller, weaker hatchlings in order to monopolize access to the best food, water, and shelter.
  • Begin trying to breathe fire from a young age.

Adult Behavior

  • Very territorial. Both sexes establish well-defined borders around their hunting grounds.
  • Both parents guard the eggs and care for the young. The offspring are ignored once they grow wings and will eventually disperse to search for food.
  • Often attack humans that venture into their lairs; this aggression is motivated by territoriality and is usually not related to predation, though the interloper is often eaten.
  • In social situations tend to be assertive and very reactive.
  • Primarily diurnal, though occasionally active at night.
  • Fire-breathing is fueled by mana, rather than being a biological process.


  • Live anywhere with sufficient prey and shelter.
  • Very hardy; in arid environments can survive on only the water contained in their prey.
  • Adapt to colder climates by using fire-breathing to create warmth.


  • Are notorious for eating livestock.
  • Carnivorous, though vegetation is occasionally consumed.
  • Will prey on smaller breeds of dragon.

Rarity Edit

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