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June 2024 release

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Halloween 2023 event icon Halloween 2023
A series of spooky events returns, along with a new Pumpkin Carving event.

Pumpkin Carving was a mini-game released on October 25, 2023, as part of the 2023 Halloween event.


Players who participated in the Pumpkin Carving mini-game received a commemorative badge:

Badge Text
Halloween 2023 badge 2023 Halloween Event
Participated in the 2023 Halloween Event


The Pumpkin Carving mini-game began with the player choosing to either carve from a pattern or free-form. The player then enters the pumpkin editor, where they can begin carving. Using the mouse, the player can outline their next cut, which is indicated with a red line. Clicking the "Complete" button will make the cut and pop out the outlined piece from the pumpkin. The player can repeat this process to make as many cuts as they wish before saving and submitting their pumpkin. Pumpkins using patterns will receive a score based on how well the player's cuts followed the chosen pattern. The player will be rewarded with a blue ribbon for high-scoring pumpkins. Free-form pumpkins are not scored.


The buzz of the crowd fills you with joy as you head into town. Stalls with goods and games line every road, and merchants cry out above the din to hawk their wares. The coins in your pocket beg you to investigate further, but for now you are content to leisurely browse. After all, it is only mid-afternoon, and you certainly have no plans to leave until the bonfire later tonight.

Everyone squeezing past has some sort of scarf, hat, or thick clothing, and you yourself are no different—though here within the throng, you hardly need such attire to ward off the autumnal chill. Among the people are a few dragons, standing head and shoulders above the rest. It’s clear that they, like you, are unwilling to head into the town square where the crowd is thickest.

With a shift in the wind, you can smell the alluring scent of food. Perhaps it’s time for lunch. Armed with a string of apologies and a rumbling stomach, you navigate towards a line of food stalls. As you emerge from the swarm, you notice a surprisingly orderly set of lines, and without hesitation, place yourself squarely at the end of one of them. After all, if everything smells this fantastic, it doesn’t matter which stall you end up at.

You and your line neighbors strike up cordial conversation as you wait, chatting about the shift in the weather, this year’s bountiful harvest, plans for upcoming holidays, and any number of other topics. From the throng emerge a few of your friends on their way to check out the game stands. You wave them over with a hearty hello from the line and briefly make plans to meet later. Not long after they depart, you finally make it to the front, and after debating over the choices for a moment, you walk away with a massive savory pasty and a mug of steaming cider.

Food in hand, you find yourself drawn to a sprawl of long wooden tables. A large cart full of pumpkins is parked by one table in particular with a crowd gathered round. Taking a nibble on your pasty, you approach. Scattered across the table is a plethora of carving instruments, and seated at the table are people of all ages enthusiastically carving pumpkins together.

“Oi, you! Yes you there! With the pasty!” a grizzled-looking old man shouts from beside the cart, waving at you. “Y’wanna come carve a pumpkin? We’re giving some fine young dragons a fresh home for the coming winter.”

At his feet you notice a swarm of Pumpkin dragons, all tussling playfully and scampering about. After a brief, thoughtful chew on your food, you agree and carefully pick your way toward the old farmer. As you approach, he grabs a pumpkin from his cart and hefts it into your arms.

“There’s all manner of carvin’ tools and whatnot for you to use. A few patterns lyin’ about too. I suggest usin’ them if you’re new to carvin’ for Pumpkin dragons. After all, we’re tryin’ to help the little rascals out. Ain’t no use in givin’ them somethin’ they can’t use.”

He winks at you. “An’ of course, we got a bit of a competition goin’ on. Our judges over there’ll grade your work.” The man gestures to a mixed group of humans and Pumpkin dragons sitting at a small table apart from the rest. “So, dependin’ on how good you are at stickin’ to your pattern, you might walk away with somethin’ nice. Y’know. If that’s your kinda thing.”

With a nod, you take your pumpkin and lug it to the nearest table. After plunking it down and sitting before it, you reach for the nearest carving knife and contemplate just what kind of pattern you want to carve.

Select a pattern to get started, or make a free-form pumpkin. Your pumpkin will receive a score based on how accurately you match the pattern—try to earn a gold ribbon on all of them! More patterns will unlock later in the event.


Players would receive a score based on how accurately they carved their pumpkin from a given pattern. Receiving a good score would give the player a red ribbon on the pattern, while a high score awarded a blue ribbon.

High score pumpkin[]

Pumpkin with ribbon

Pumpkin with blue ribbon after achieving a high score for the pattern.

Taking to your task with gusto, you carefully consider the patterns scattered across the table. You pick one that will best compliment the pumpkin you’ve been given, and study it for a quiet moment before getting to work. In your hands, the carving instruments become the most deft and delicate of tools. Eventually, you sense a crowd gathering behind you to watch as you impart your will upon the pumpkin’s form.

After a long and meticulous battle, you finally hold your masterpiece aloft for judgment. The judges—human and dragon alike—crowd in to inspect your work. They spend very little time talking before declaring your piece the grand prize winner. The crowd erupts into cheers around you, and several of the Pumpkin dragons are already squabbling over who will get to use your magnificent jack-o-lantern as their home for the winter.

As you consider what you’ll do next, an elderly woman in an intricate pink shawl approaches you with a basket so huge you can barely see her around it. “Here you are, dearie. Your prize, for such fantastic work! Feel free to carve another—I’m sure any dragon would be thrilled to have it.” She heaves the basket into your arms, and once you’re able to plunk it down on the table, you find it stuffed with a massive, cozy-looking sweater, a plethora of baked goods, some candied fruit, and a small satchel of coin. Perhaps you could carve another—whether for the love of the craft, or to see if you can head home with anything else.

Good score pumpkin[]

Pumpkin with red ribbon

Pumpkin with red ribbon for achieving a good score for the pattern.

After a few moments of internal debate, you pick a pattern that really speaks to you. While you work, you share friendly banter with your fellow carvers and laughter abounds as the air grows a bit nippy. Even before you complete the pumpkin, you can tell you’ve strayed from the pattern you’ve been given. Charitably, you’d call it ‘charmingly lopsided’, and uncharitably it’s ‘unfortunately whopperjaw’. However, the folks around you seem to think it’s not half bad.

Luckily for you, the judges agree. With some deliberation, they declare your pumpkin a fine piece of work. One of the judges—a Pumpkin dragon sporting a striking green scarf—approaches you with a satchel in tow. “Here you are, my friend. Your prize! Don’t eat it all in one go now, you hear?” He hands you the satchel, which is cunningly embroidered with autumnal motifs, and inside you find all sorts of enticing food items. As you decide what to eat first, you notice a couple young Pumpkin dragons looking over your jack-o-lantern and discussing who among them should get it. With a smile, you look over to see how many uncarved pumpkins are left, and consider doing another.

Low score pumpkin[]

Holding your pumpkin at arm’s length, you inspect it thoroughly. The design you picked probably wasn’t the best one for this particular pumpkin, but it was close to hand and seemed easy enough. However, at this point, you’re not certain if you’d be able to guess the original design based on how your pumpkin’s turned out.

As one of the judges—a young, female Pumpkin dragon with a pointed hat—passes by, you sheepishly show her your work. Her gaze passes from it to you and back again. “Er, that’s very nice. I’m sure one of the little ones would love to have that for their home,” she says politely, averting her gaze. “Let me see if I can get you one of our gratitude bags.” She disappears for a moment before returning with a small sack containing a cookie and some bits and bobs. “Feel free to do another if you like,” she says before vanishing again. You consider her words for a bit as you look at your most recent carving attempt.

Free-form pumpkin[]

You look over your masterpiece with a satisfied smile. While there were many patterns lying about, you felt confident working without one. Surely, any Pumpkin dragon would be glad to use it for the winter. Rising, you wave over the older gentleman who gave you the pumpkin initially. He hustles over to inspect your work.

“Hey there, that’s a fine lookin’ specimen!” he says brightly, giving you a hearty clap on the back. “What say we take it over to the judge’s table, let them get a look at it?” You shake your head, indicating that you didn’t do this for a prize, but rather for the fun of it. He laughs. “Alright, alright, I getcha. At least take a goody bag for all your hard work. An’ feel free to do another if you like.” You nod, and wander over to a table covered in small bags. You take one, finding it full of small toys and edible delights. Haul in hand, you look about and idly consider what to do next.