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Pillow Dragons were released on March 16, 2011, alongside Black Striped and Swallowtail Dragons.

Official descriptions[]


This egg has a velvety texture.


Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It sleeps a lot, but when it's awake, it's quite a handful.

Mature hatchling[]

Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It sleeps a lot, but when it's awake, it's quite a handful.

And look! It's grown its wings! It must be close to maturing.


Pillow Dragons are covered in enormous amounts of fur affectionately referred to as fluff. Despite their deceivingly large size, they can still fly even with such tiny wings because their bodies are remarkably light. Pillow dragons have a habit of sleeping for up to eighteen hours a day, waking only in short bursts. During their few waking hours, they take the time to hunt for prey. Once a pillow dragon becomes an adult, its fur grows very slowly. Pillow dragon fur is used to make very expensive and valuable cloth known as “dragon cashmere.”

Sprite artists[]


Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
Female Pillow egg.gif Pillow hatchi.gif Pillow female hatchi.png Pillow female.png
Male Pillow male hatchi.gif Pillow male.png

Egg sequence[]

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Pillow egg.gif Pillow crack 1.gif Pillow crack 2.png Pillow crack 3.png Pillow crack 4.png Pillow crack 5.png Pillow dead egg.gif

Retired sprites[]

Temporary event sprites
Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
Holiday 2011
Pillow hatchi Christmas 2011.gif Pillow female hatchi Christmas 2011.gif Pillow female Christmas 2011.gif
Holiday 2011
Pillow male hatchi Christmas 2011.gif Pillow male Christmas 2011.gif
Halloween 2012
Pillow male Halloween 2012.png
April Fools' Day 2018
Pillow female AF 2018.png
April Fools' Day 2018
Pillow male AF 2018.png
April Fools' Day 2020
Pillow female AF 2020.png
April Fools' Day 2020
Pillow male AF 2020.png
April Fools' Day 2022
Pillow female AF 2022.png
April Fools' Day 2022
Pillow male AF 2022.png
Retired sprites
Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
Retired female Old Pillow female.png
Retired male Old Pillow male.png
Retired dead egg Old Pillow dead egg.png

Encyclopedia entry[]

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Appearance/Basic Anatomy

  • Gender doesn’t necessarily determine richness of skin color; females have been observed with copper skin and males with tan.
  • Different teeth fall out and regrow on a frequent and regular basis with no hindrance to the dragon, similar to sharks.
  • The pelt is comprised of two layers; the long, fine fur which is visible and a thick protective mesh underneath.
  • Adults possess many visible snaggleteeth, like that of a crocodile’s maw.
  • The face, forearms, hind feet, and wings are covered by a thick, scaley hide and are completely hairless.
  • Dewclaws are present on all four feet, though the ones in front appear longer and opposable, like thumbs.
  • The eye color is a vibrant orange, with no visible pupil. Inside of the mouth is the same shade of orange.
  • The tongue is quite flexible and very long when fully extended. The top side of it has a painfully rough texture, supposedly good for grooming.

Hatchling Behavior

  • Teething begins immediately after hatching. Victims often include parents, siblings, bones, and sticks.
  • Youngsters tend to avoid other breeds. Level of caution seems to subside as they grow.
  • Hatchlings are curious and mischeivious. Will sneak off if left unsupervised.
  • Immature dragons are much more active than adults and will sleep only a small portion of the day in comparison.
  • Hatchlings are compelled to attack and pounce on anything which moves in erratic patterns; sometimes anything which simply moves.
  • Young dragons purr when happy, although the sound appears unusually deep and gruff for their size.
  • If separated from its group, a hatchling will hide, but chirp loudly, as if calling out for help.
  • It is immediately obvious that the dragons are very social, as hatchlings are quick to form close bonds with others around them.

Adult Behavior

  • Possesses an affinity for Air mana. Shards found high on the mountain are often used to line bedding and egg nests.
  • Males and females share the same tasks. There does not appear to be one dominating sex.
  • When food is scarce and it becomes difficult to keep the entire group fed, the clan will seperate into smaller groups and split apart into different territories until conditions improve.
  • An adult napping in the sunshine will actively get up and follow it should the sun move and a shadow fall over the Pillow’s napping place.
  • Very easy-going and caring. Have been known to adopt in hatchlings and ill or injured adults of other dragon species.
  • While the rest are asleep, dragons in the group will take shifts in different tasks such as keeping watch for danger, care taking, or hunting.
  • Adults prefer to walk and climb to their destinations rather than fly. This behavior has led to the myth that Pillows are flightless.
  • Pillows are very difficult to anger, but one may use Air magic in a roar to help defend itself or others.


  • Prefer cool, humid climates.
  • Territories span along lower mountainsides and into the valleys of the mountain range where foliage is lush and green.
  • Clean river water running through the territory is a must.
  • Nests are built higher up the mountainside within hidden crags or self-built dens.
  • Habitats may expand out into the neighboring forests as well, but not deeply.


  • Primarily carnivorous.
  • Fruits and berries are considered treats. These and other vegetation is generally only eaten as a primary meal when hunting has gone poorly.
  • Pillows are excellent fishers. One fishing trip can yeild nearly 100 lbs of fish per individual.
  • Big game such as large deer or mountain goats are usual prey. Drakes may fall victim to Pillow hunting parties as well, but dragon flesh is considered an appalling choice of food.
  • Young trainees are often started on small game, such as rabbits and creatures of similar size. Taking down a wolf or other large predatory animal is considered a rite of passage into adulthood.
  • Hunting is done in shifts throughout the day. Foodstores for the clan are kept hidden higher up the mountain where cold temperatures will preserve the meat.


  • These dragons were completed in the forum's Dragon Requests board in a very popular thread; because of this, many forum members knew what the adults looked like before they grew up. However, no major spoilers were given out until after the release was completed.
  • On May 21, 2016, these dragons received updates to their adult sprites as part of the 10th Birthday release.