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Neglected Science is an organization on Dragon Cave forums, having been started in August of 2009 by chaosrah. Their goal is to discover how to make Neglected Dragon; while the final method hasn't been quite figured it out yet, but there are plenty of theories and leads. Their motto is "We do what we must because we can", a line from the song Still Alive from the video game Portal.

The members have an announcement board on the forums, and a forum of their own where they discuss experiments and theories related to Neglected dragons.


Originally, the discussion of Neglected dragon creation was banned because the discussion of all information regarding what egg hatched into what dragon was completely forbidden on the forums. Any users in violation of this would not only receive penalties on the forum, but would also have their scroll burned. After the ban was lifted on the general discussion and guide creation to dragon collecting, users asked to allow the discussion of Neglected dragon creation on the forums as well.

This was eventually granted, and the Neglected Science held its own discussion thread on the forums. While it started well, the thread eventually devolved into chaos, where moderators were attempting to keep things under control but with great difficulty as they did not have all the answers themselves. March 20, 2010, the thread was finally closed due to users apparently using reverse engineering to obtain Neglected dragons. TJ09 later came on to reveal that this was not the true reason, and that the thread had actually been closed due to members promoting each other to engage in multiscrolling (the act of having multiple accounts, which breaks ToS).

Users involved relayed that it wasn't just a minority that were engaging in multiscrolling, but that the situation had gotten so bad that it was in fact the majority that were doing so. People did so because they found it easier to bounce dragons with themselves as opposed to co-ordinating with another user, as well due to a lack of trust and not knowing if the other user may or may not return a turned egg. Others used multiple accounts so that they could avoid interrupting their usual gameplay as well as not having dead eggs collect on their scrolls.

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