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Halloween 2022 Murder Mystery Party teaser

Murder Mystery Dinner Party is a visual novel style mini-game involving a murder mystery party at the mansion of Joseph King, a Gold Dragon. When the party's host turns up dead, the player must investigate the rooms of Joseph King's mansion and interview the guests to solve his murder. The game was released on October 31, 2022, as part of the 2022 Halloween event, and was available on Dragon Cave for one week. It is currently playable at valkemare.com.


On a stormy Halloween night, the player is called to a murder mystery party to investigate the murder of the party's host, a Gold Dragon named Joseph King. The player's partner, Bob Copper, is already on the scene and has separated the partygoers into different rooms in the mansion so they may be interviewed. However, due to a grievous stubbed toe, Bob is unable to continue the investigation himself. He instructs the player to investigate the rooms of the mansion for clues, and interview the party guests for information.


Main floor[]


Halloween 2022 foyer

The investigation begins in the foyer, where the player meets a Copper Dragon named Bob Copper. The player acts as Bob's assistant, and carries out the investigation on his behalf.

After investigating each room, the player will return to the foyer and be given the option to accuse one of the guests, or continue investigating in another room.


Halloween 2022 ballroom

The exquisite ballroom is clearly the centerpiece of the entire mansion, with a lofty ceiling above and elegant tile work below. Extreme care has clearly gone into the holiday decorations, which cover every inch of the place. You vaguely wonder how much Joseph spent in decorations for this room alone. Or if he decorates this extravagantly for other holidays. Maybe if he were still alive, you could rent this place out for the yearly holiday party. You decide that's enough with the wishful thinking and actually get down to work.


Halloween 2022 conservatory

Perfectly manicured plants of all types surround you, filling the air with a fresh scent. Underfoot is a stone path lined with masterfully crafted stones. The gentle trickle of water can be heard from somewhere in the darkened conservatory. Above, you can make out intricate interlocking arches framed by darkened glass. An elegant, gently-lit gazebo can be seen rising above the foliage, and within is a black tea dragon sipping delicately on their tea.

Dining Room[]

Halloween 2022 dining room

The once nice dining room now sits in tatters as a drake rampages through it, while a well-dressed Red dragon looks on with a defeated expression.

Game Room[]

Halloween 2022 game room

You enter a lovely and comfy game room with a rustic pool table as the centerpiece. There is a large bust in the middle of the far wall. However, distracting you from observing the room is a Blancblack dressed in several pieces of gold and feathers, arguing loudly but indistinctly.


Halloween 2022 kitchen

The smell of warm food greets you as you walk to the kitchen, only becoming stronger as the door opens. Spices line racks and platters of food are placed on the table, prepared to be served. The sound of an oven door closing catches your attention. Sheet of fresh cookies in hand, a dragon--seemingly made of cheese?--stands up.


Halloween 2022 library

You enter the library. It is a large circular tower filled wall to wall with towering bookcases nearly bursting with books. To the side is a high table overflowing with scrolls. In the center of the room, a Thundersnow Dragon wearing a gold scarf is perusing several books at once and muttering to himself as he searches. He doesn't appear to notice you.


Halloween 2022 lounge

Entering the lounge you notice that room seems very comfy. A good place to sit down and unwinde, perhaps listening to music on the... what's the word 'music box thing'.


Halloween 2022 observatory

Your skin prickles with energy as you enter the daunting, arcane tower. Runes are carved into the very walls of this place, around each vaulting archway and on every pillar. Above, mystic lights swirl and dance on the domed ceiling, and intricately wrought metal and glass top this tower. In the middle of the massive room is a huge apparatus of clearly magical design and use, but you'd be hard pressed to even guess what it's for. Despite how impressive it all is, you tear your eyes away long enough to notice the arcana dragon inspecting the wonders this room has to offer.


Halloween 2022 office

You enter an office of modest size, complete with any number of sturdy bookshelves, elegant lamps and an impressive-looking mahogany desk right in the middle of it all. On the shelves are rows of books interlaced with glittering instruments and other odds and ends. The mint dragon occupying the room currently has occupied himself with cleaning and tidying during his wait.


Halloween 2022 study

A large desk sits at the far end of the study. Strewn about its surface are various papers. A Firegem Dragon is bent over in front of the desk, searching for something underneath. Your eyes seem drawn to the golden statue of an indistinct dragon on the back wall.


Guest Bedroom 1[]

Halloween 2022 guest room 1

The first guest room is a large suite with a plush bed and lavish decor. It looks as though someone has been staying in this room at least for a couple nights already. Draped across the velvet chaise is a male Silver dragon—its hard to miss him, since the candle lights shine on his scales to an almost blinding degree. He lifts his paw from over his eyes when you enter, and then re-slumps against the chaise with a melodramatic sigh.

Guest Bedroom 2[]

Halloween 2022 guest room 2

As you enter the guest room, you can't help but notice the large Pitfire standing beside the extravagant bed. He turns around as you enter with a quick swish of his cape and stares at you expectantly. Two lounge chairs surround a table with tea that has long since gone cold, and an ornate rug sprawls across the tiled floor.

Main Bedroom[]

Halloween 2022 main bedroom

You find yourself in a room fit for a king—Joseph King, to be precise. A disgustingly huge bed sets across from the door inviting you to forget about your investigation for a while, but there's no time for that. It is flaned by luxurious furniture. A genuine leather chaise sits to one side of the room, and the carpet underfoot is exceptionally plush. In the corner of your vision you catch the door to the wardrobe snapping shut.


Halloween 2022 basement

A noticeable chill envelopes you as you descent into the basement. Several ornate lanters hang from the ceiling and glow ominously. Chains sway ever-so-slightly in your wake, and everything is cast in deep shadow. The air is thick and full of a strange odor that you just can't place. Amon the shadows are three vampire dragons talking between themselves in quiet murmurs.


Image Name Information Location
Halloween 2022 Bob Copper Bob Copper A Copper Dragon and detective. Unfortunately grievously injured with a stubbed toe, Bob relies on the player to investigate Joseph King's murder. Foyer
Halloween 2022 Joseph King Joseph King A Gold Dragon and owner of the mansion. His body remains in the ballroom where he was killed. He was known for his eccentricity and love of puns. Ballroom
Halloween 2022 Chai Labeouf Chai Labeouf A Black Tea Dragon. She loves gossip and tea. Conservatory
Halloween 2022 Herring Herring A Red Dragon. He sold pun books to Joseph King. Initially closed off, he will talk to the player more if the player wins Toast's trust. Dining Room
Halloween 2022 Toast Toast Warnoff Screechsley A Pseudo-wyvern Drake and Herring's pet. Dining Room
Halloween 2022 Eboni Eboni A Blancblack Dragon. Game Room
Halloween 2022 Ivori Ivori A Blancblack Dragon. Game Room
Halloween 2022 Brie Brie A Cheese Dragon. Works as a cook for Mr. King. Kitchen
Halloween 2022 Nimbus Professor Nimbus A Thundersnow Dragon. Library
Halloween 2022 Floyd Floyd A Flamingo Wyvern. He was invited to the party by mistake. Lounge
Halloween 2022 Sabrina Sabrina An Arcana Dragon. Observatory
Halloween 2022 Sebastian Sebastian A Mint Dragon and Mr. King's butler. Office
Halloween 2022 Chichi RosenScale Chichi RosenScale A red Fire Gem Dragon. She is distraught after losing one of her horn rings. Study
Halloween 2022 Cristaria Cristaria A Seawyrm Pygmy. Study
Halloween 2022 Sterling Sir Sterling A Silver Dragon Guest Bedroom 1
Halloween 2022 Brad Bradwick "Brad" Pitfire A Pitfire Dragon. Guest Bedroom 2
Halloween 2022 Shady Murkling Mirelink A Hooded Murkling Dragon and uninvited guest. Main Bedroom
Halloween 2022 Strong Vampire Strong Vampire A Vampire Dragon. Basement
Halloween 2022 Lady Vampire Lady Vampire A Vampire Dragon. Basement
Halloween 2022 Posh Vampire Posh Vampire A Vampire Dragon. Basement