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Morphology refers to the specific body sub-types found among the dragon types on Dragon cave. Each morphological type is identified by particular physical characteristics. Morphology generally does not restrict breeding behavior, or game mechanics such as Vampire biting, though it does sometimes have gameplay impacts for features such as the monthly raffle. Additionally, each morphological group has a unique Undead Dragon sprite. Breed morphologies can be found in the Dragon Encyclopedia.


Amphipteres are winged serpents. They usually have a long, snake-like body, one or more sets of wings, and no other limbs.

Dragon breed Sprites
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Aeria Gloris Dragon Aeria Gloris egg.gif Aeria Gloris hatchling.gif Aeria Gloris mature hatchling.gif Aeria Gloris adult.png
Garland Dragon Garland egg.png Garland hatchi.png Garland mature hatchi.png Garland adult.png
Hydrophidius Dragon Hydrophidius egg.png Hydrophidius hatchling.png Hydrophidius mature hatchling.png Hydrophidius adult.png
Iridichi Dragon Iridichi egg.gif Iridichi hatchling.gif Iridichi male hatchling.png
Iridichi female hatchling.png
Iridichi male.png
Iridichi female.png
Magnesium Amphiptere
Desert variant shown
Magnesium egg.gif Magnesium hatchling bronze.gif Magnesium mature hatchling bronze.gif Magnesium male bronze.png
Magnesium female bronze.png
Mirisia Amphiptere Mirisia egg.gif Mirisia hatchling.gif Mirisia male hatchling.png
Mirisia female hatchling.png
Mirisia male.png
Mirisia female.png
Lacula Dragon Lacula egg.gif Lacula hatchling.gif Lacula mature hatchling.gif Lacula adult.png
Skystrider Dragon Skystrider egg.gif Skystrider hatchi.png Skystrider male hatchling.png
Skystrider female hatchling.gif
Skystrider male.png
Skystrider female.png
Skywing Dragon Skywing egg.gif Skywing hatchi.gif Skywing mature hatchi.gif Skywing adult.gif
Sunsong Amphiptere Sunsong Amphiptere egg.gif Sunsong Amphiptere hatchi.gif Sunsong Amphiptere male hatchi.gif
Sunsong Amphiptere female hatchi.png
Sunsong Amphiptere male.png
Sunsong Amphiptere female.png
Two-Finned Bluna Two-Finned Bluna egg.gif Two-Finned Bluna hatchi.gif Two-Finned Bluna mature hatchi.gif Two-Finned Bluna male.gif
Two-Finned Bluna female.png
Undead Dragon

Amphiptere variants

Undead amphi hatchi.gif Undead amphi mature hatchi.gif Undead amphi adult.png
Undead two-headed amphiptere hatchling.png Undead two-headed amphiptere mature hatchling.png Undead two-headed amphiptere adult.png
Wintertide Dragon Wintertide egg.png Wintertide hatchi.gif Wintertide mature hatchi.gif Wintertide adult.png


On Dragon Cave, drakes are a separate species to dragons, making them incapable of cross-breeding with other dragon types. Unlike dragons, which may have many morphological classes within a type, drakes share a common morphology. They are defined by being quadrupedal, with leathery wings, and having antlers.

Dragon breed Sprites
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Glaucus Drake Glaucus Drake egg.png Glaucus Drake hatchi.png Glaucus Drake mature hatchi.png Glaucus Drake male.png
Glaucus Drake female.png
Greater Spotted Drake Greater Spotted Drake egg.png Greater Spotted Drake hatchling.gif Greater Spotted Drake mature hatchling.gif Greater Spotted Drake adult.png
Honey Drake Honey Drake egg.gif Honey Drake hatchi.gif Honey Drake male hatchi.gif
Honey Drake female hatchi.gif
Honey Drake male.png
Honey Drake female.png
Howler Drake Howler Drake egg.png Howler Drake hatchi.gif Howler Drake mature hatchi.gif Howler Drake male.png
Howler Drake female.png
Moonglow Drake Sunbeam Moonglow egg.gif Moonglow hatchling.png Moonglow mature hatchling.png Moonglow adult.png
Morphodrake Morphodrake egg.png Morphodrake hatchi.gif Morphodrake mature hatchi.png Morphodrake adult.png
Ochredrake Ochredrake egg.png Ochredrake hatchi.gif Ochredrake mature hatchi.gif Ochredrake adult.gif
Pseudo-Wyvern Drake Pseudo-wyvern Drake egg.gif Pseudo-wyvern Drake hatchling.gif Pseudo-wyvern Drake mature hatchling.gif Pseudo-wyvern Drake adult.png
Sabertooth Bull Drake Sabertooth Bull egg.png Sabertooth Bull hatchling.png Sabertooth Bull mature hatchling.png Sabertooth Bull adult.png
Spotted Teal Drake Spotted Teal egg.gif Spotted teal hatchling.gif Spotted Teal mature hatchling.gif Spotted Teal adult.png
Sunbeam Drake Sunbeam Moonglow egg.gif Sunbeam hatchling.png Sunbeam mature hatchling.png Sunbeam adult.png
Tarantula Hawk Drake Tarantula Hawk Drake egg.png Tarantula Hawk Drake hatchi.gif Tarantula Hawk Drake mature hatchi.gif Tarantula Hawk Drake adult.png
Tatterdrake Tatterdrake egg.gif Tatterdrake hatchi.gif Tatterdrake mature hatchi.gif Tatterdrake adult.png
Undead Dragon

Drake variant

Undead drake hatchi.gif Undead drake mature hatchi.gif Undead drake adult.png
Vremya Drake Vremya egg.gif Vremya hatchi.gif Vremya mature hatchi.gif Vremya adult.png

Eastern dragons[]

Eastern dragons are quadrupedal dragons with long, sometimes serpentine bodies and no wings. Typically, they will also have antlers, a furry mane or ruff extending down the neck or back, and two long whiskers.

Dragon breed Sprites
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Almerald Dragon Almerald egg.gif Almerald hatchling.gif Almerald mature hatchling.png Almerald adult.png
Amarignis Dragon Amarignis egg.gif Amarignis hatchling.gif Amarignis mature hatchling.gif Amarignis adult.png
Aqualis Dragon Aqualis egg.gif Aqualis hatchling.png Aqualis mature hatchling.png Aqualis adult male.png
Aqualis adult female.png
Blancblack Dragon Blancblack egg.gif Blancblack hatchi.png Blancblack male hatchi.png
Blancblack female hatchi.png
Blancblack male.png
Blancblack female.png
Bolt Dragon Bolt egg.gif Bolt hatchling.png Bolt mature hatchling.png Bolt adult.png
Cloudplume Dragon Cloudplume egg.gif Cloudplume hatchling.gif Cloudplume mature hatchling.png Cloudplume adult.png
Gemshard Dragon

Sapphire variant shown

Gemshard egg.png Gemshard sapphire hatchling.png Gemshard sapphire mature hatchling.png Gemshard sapphire male.png
Gemshard sapphire female.png
Heartstealing Dragon Heartstealing egg.png Heartstealing hatchi.gif Heartstealing mature hatchi.png Heartstealing adult.png
Kyanite Pygmy Kyanite Pygmy egg.gif Kyanite Pygmy hatchi.gif Kyanite Pygmy mature hatchi.gif Kyanite Pygmy adult.gif
Labradorite Dragon Labradorite egg.png Labradorite hatchling.gif Labradorite mature hatchling.png Labradorite male.png
Labradorite female.png
Lihnseyre Dragon Lihnseyre egg.gif Lihnseyre hatchi.png Lihnseyre mature hatchi.png Lihnseyre adult.png
Melismor Dragon Melismor egg.png Melismor hatchi.gif Melismor mature hatchi.png Melismor male.png
Melismor female.png
Scourgekeeper Dragon Scourgekeeper egg.png Scourgekeeper hatchling.gif Scourgekeeper mature hatchling.gif Scourgekeeper adult.png
Shimmer-scale Dragon

Gold variant shown

Gold Shimmer-scale egg.png Gold Shimmer-scale hatchi.png Gold Shimmer-scale mature hatchi.png Gold Shimmer-scale adult.png
Silver Dragon Silver egg.gif Silver hatchi.gif Silver male hatchi.gif
Silver female hatchi.png
Silver male.png
Silver female.png
Striped River Dragon Striped River egg.gif Striped River hatchling.gif Striped River mature hatchling.png Striped River adult.png
Thundersnow Dragon Thundersnow egg.gif Thundersnow hatchling.gif Thundersnow mature hatchling.gif Thundersnow adult.png
Undead Dragon

Eastern variants

Undead eastern hatchi.png Undead eastern mature hatchi.png Undead eastern adult.png
Undead pygmy eastern hatchi.gif Undead pygmy eastern mature hatchi.gif Undead pygmy eastern adult.png
Undead two-headed eastern hatchi.gif Undead two-headed eastern mature hatchi.gif Undead two-headed eastern adult.png
Venturis Dragon Venturis egg.gif Venturis hatchi.gif Venturis male hatchi.png
Venturis female hatchi.png
Venturis male.png
Venturis female.png


Lindwyrms are bipedal dragons, with only a set of forelimbs and a long, serpentine body. Though lindwyrms typically have one or more sets of wings on Dragon Cave, the traditional definition is usually wingless.

Dragon breed Sprites
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Blusang Lindwyrm Blusang Lindwyrm egg.png Blusang Lindwyrm hatchi.png Blusang Lindwyrm male hatchi.png
Blusang Lindwyrm female hatchi.png
Blusang Lindwyrm male.png
Blusang Lindwyrm female.png
Ciriax Lindwyrm

Blue variant shown

Ciriax blue egg.gif Ciriax blue hatchling.gif Ciriax blue mature hatchling.png Ciriax blue adult male.png
Ciriax blue adult female.png
Elux Lucis Dragon Elux Lucis egg.png Elux Lucis hatchi.png Elux Lucis mature hatchling.png Elux Lucis adult.png
Erador Lindwyrm Erador Lindwyrm egg.png Erador Lindwyrm hatchi.png Erador Lindwyrm mature hatchi.png Erador Lindwyrm adult.png
Kovos Pygmy Kovos Pygmy egg.png Kovos Pygmy hatchi.png Kovos Pygmy mature hatchi.gif Kovos adult.png
Paper Dragon Paper egg.gif Paper hatchi.gif Paper mature hatchi.gif Paper adult.gif
Pryanost Lindwyrm Pryanost egg.gif Pryanost hatchling.gif Pryanost mature hatchling.png Pryanost adult.png
Risensong Dragon Risensong egg.gif Risensong hatchi.gif Risensong mature hatchi.gif Risensong adult.png
Script Dragon Script egg.gif Script hatchi.png Script mature hatchi.png Script adult.png
Seawyrm Pygmy Seawyrm egg.gif Seawyrm hatchling.png Seawyrm mature hatchling.png Seawyrm male.png
Seawyrm female.png
Setsong Dragon Setsong egg.gif Setsong hatchi.gif Setsong mature hatchi.gif Setsong adult.png
Tideweaver Lindwyrm Tideweaver egg.gif Tideweaver hatchling.gif Tideweaver male hatchling.png
Tideweaver female hatchling.png
Tideweaver male.png
Tideweaver female.png
Undead Dragon

Lindwyrm variants

Undead lind hatchi.png Undead lind mature hatchi.png Undead lind adult.png
Undead pygmy lind hatchi.gif Undead pygmy lind mature hatchi.gif Undead pygmy lind adult.png
Undead two-head lind hatchi.png Undead two-head lind mature hatchi.png Undead two-head lind adult.png

Sea serpents[]

Sea serpents have long, snake-like bodies, and have flippers or fins in place of limbs or wings. These dragons are typically aquatic, though this group also includes Stratos Dragons, which are known to be unable to swim.

Dragon breed Sprites
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Baikala Dragon

Blue variant shown

Baikala blue egg.gif Baikala blue hatchling.png Baikala blue mature hatchling male.png Baikala blue mature hatchling female.png Baikala blue adult male.png
Baikala blue adult female.png
Deep Sea Dragon Deep Sea egg.gif Deep Sea hatchi.gif Deep Sea mature hatchi.gif Deep Sea adult.png
Lotaan Dragon Lotaan egg.gif Lotaan hatchling.gif Lotaan mature hatchling.gif Lotaan adult.png
Sapo Dragon Sapo egg.png Sapo hatchling.gif Sapo mature hatchling.png Sapo adult.png
Shallow Water Dragon Shallow Water egg.gif Shallow Water hatchi.gif Shallow Water male hatchi.gif
Shallow Water female hatchi.gif
Shallow Water male.png
Shallow Water female.png
Stratos Dragon

Dawn form shown

Stratos egg.png Stratos hatchi.png Stratos mature hatchi.png Stratos adult dawn.png
Undead Dragon

Sea serpent variants

Undead levi hatchi.gif Undead levi mature hatchi.gif Undead levi adult.png
Undead two-head levi hatchi.gif Undead two-head levi mature hatchi.gif Undead two-head levi adult.png
Water Dragon Water egg.gif Water hatchi.gif Water male hatchi.gif
Water female hatchi.gif
Water male.gif
Water female.gif

Western dragons[]

Western dragons are the most populous morphological class on Dragon Cave. These dragons are defined as winged quadrupeds, and frequently have horns.

Dragon breed Sprites
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Albino Dragon Albino egg.gif Albino hatchling.gif Albino mature hatchling.gif Albino adult.png
Amalthean Dragon Amalthean egg.gif Amalthean hatchling.gif Amalthean mature hatchling.png Amalthean adult male.png
Amalthean adult female.png
Anagallis Dragon Anagallis egg.png Anagallis hatchling.gif Anagallis mature hatchling male.png
Anagallis mature hatchling female.png
Anagallis adult male.png
Anagallis adult female.png
Antarean Dragon Antarean egg.gif Antarean hatchling.gif Antarean mature hatchling.png Antarean adult male.png
Antarean adult female.png
Arcana Dragon Arcana egg.png Arcana hatchling.png Arcana mature hatchling.png Arcana adult male.png
Arcana adult female.png
Aria Dragon Aria egg.png Aria hatchling.png Aria mature hatchling.png Aria adult male.png
Aria adult female.png
Arsani Dragon Arsani egg.gif Arsani hatchling.gif Arsani mature hatchling.gif Arsani adult.png
Astaarus Dragon Astaarus egg.png Astaarus hatchling.png Astaarus mature hatchling male.png
Astaarus mature hatchling female.png
Astaarus adult male.png
Astaarus adult female.png
Astralophyne Dragon Astralophyne egg.png Astralophyne hatchling.png Astralophyne mature hatchling.png Astralophyne adult.png
Avatar of Change Avatar of Change egg.gif Avatar of Change hatchling.PNG Avatar of Change mature hatchling.png Avatar of Change adult.png
Avatar of Creation Avatar of Creation egg.png Avatar of Creation hatchling.PNG Avatar of Creation mature hatchling.png Avatar of Creation adult.png
Avatar of Destruction Avatar of Destruction egg.gif Avatar of Destruction hatchling.PNG Avatar of Destruction mature hatchling.png Avatar of Destruction adult.png
Avea Pygmy Avea egg.gif Avea hatchling.gif Avea mature hatchling.gif Avea adult male.gif
Avea adult female.gif
Azure Glacewing Dragon Azure Glacewing egg.gif Azure Glacewing hatchling.gif Azure Glacewing mature hatchling.png Azure Glacewing adult.png
Balloon Dragon Balloon egg.gif Balloon hatchling.gif Balloon mature hatchling.gif Balloon adult.gif
Bauta Dragon Bauta egg.gif Bauta hatchling.gif Bauta mature hatchling.png Bauta adult.png
Black Capped Teimarr Black Capped Teimarr egg.png Black Capped Teimarr hatchling.gif Black Capped Teimarr mature hatchling male.png
Black Capped Teimarr mature hatchling female.png
Black Capped Teimarr adult male.png
Black Capped Teimarr adult female.png
Black Dragon Black egg.gif Black hatchling.png Black mature hatchling male.gif
Black mature hatchling female.gif
Black adult male.gif
Black adult female.gif
Black Dragon


Black egg.gif Black alternate hatchling sitting.gif Black alternate mature hatchling sitting.gif Black alternate adult male.gif
Black alternate adult female.gif
Black alternate hatchling curled.gif Black alternate mature hatchling curled.gif
Black Marrow Black Marrow egg.gif Black Marrow hatchi.gif Black Marrow mature hatchi.gif Black Marrow male.gif
Black Marrow female.png
Black Tea Dragon Black Tea egg.png Black Tea hatchi.gif Black Tea mature hatchi.gif Black Tea male.png
Black Tea female.png
Black Truffle Dragon Black Truffle egg.png Black Truffle hatchi.gif Black Truffle mature hatchi.gif Black Truffle adult.png
Blacktip Dragon Blacktip egg.gif Blacktip hatchi.gif Blacktip mature hatchi.gif Blacktip adult.png
Blazeback Dragon Blazeback egg.gif Blazeback hatchling.gif Blazeback mature hatchling.gif Blazeback adult.png
Bleeding Moon Dragon Bleeding Moon egg.gif Bleeding Moon hatchi.gif Bleeding Moon mature hatchi.png Bleeding Moon Male.png
Bleeding Moon Female.png
Blizzard Wizard Blizzard Wizard egg.png Blizzard Wizard hatchling.png Blizzard Wizard mature hatchling.png Blizzard Wizard adult.png
Blue-Banded Dragon Blue-Banded egg.gif Blue-Banded hatchi.gif Blue-Banded mature hatchi.gif Blue-Banded adult.png
Boreal Dragon Boreal egg.gif Boreal hatchling.png Boreal mature hatchling.gif Boreal adult.png
Brimstone Dragon Brimstone egg.png Brimstone hatchling.png Brimstone mature hatchling.png Brimstone adult.png
Brute Dragon Brute egg.png Brute hatchling.png Brute mature hatchling male.png
Brute mature hatchling female.png
Brute adult male.png
Brute adult female.png
Caligene Dragon Caligene egg.png Caligene hatchling.gif Caligene mature hatchling male.gif
Caligene mature hatchling female.gif
Caligene adult male.png
Caligene adult female.png
Candelabra Dragon Candelabra egg.gif Candelabra hatchling.png Candelabra mature hatchling.png Candelabra adult.png
Canopy Dragon Canopy egg.gif Canopy hatchling.gif Canopy mature hatchling.gif Canopy adult male.gif
Canopy adult female.png
Carina Dragon Carina egg.gif Carina hatchling.gif Carina mature hatchling male.png
Carina mature hatchling female.png
Carina adult male.png
Carina adult female.png
Cassare Dragon Cassare egg.gif Cassare hatchling.gif Cassare mature hatchling.gif Cassare adult.png
Cavern Lurker Dragon Cavern Lurker egg.gif Cavern Lurker hatchling.gif Cavern Lurker mature hatchling.png Cavern Lurker adult male.png
Cavern Lurker adult female.png
Celestial Dragon

Corporeal form shown

Celestial egg.png Celestial corporeal hatchling.gif Celestial corporeal mature hatchling.gif Celestial corporeal adult male.png
Celestial corporeal adult female.png
Cheese Dragon Cheese egg.gif Cheese hatchling.gif Cheese mature hatchling.gif Cheese adult.gif
Common Pygmy Common Pygmy egg.gif Common Pygmy hatchling.gif Common Pygmy mature hatchling male.gif
Common Pygmy mature hatchling female.gif
Common Pygmy adult male.gif
Common Pygmy adult female.gif
Crimson Flare Pygmy Crimson Flare egg.gif Crimson Flare hatchling.gif Crimson Flare mature hatchling.gif Crimson Flare adult.gif
Crystalline Dragon Crystalline egg.gif Crystalline hatchling.gif Crystalline mature hatchling.gif Crystalline adult male.png
Crystalline adult female.png
Dark Lumina Dragon Dark Lumina egg.gif Dark Lumina hatchling.gif Dark Lumina mature hatchling.gif Dark Lumina adult male.png
Dark Lumina adult female.png
Daydream Dragon Daydream egg.gif Daydream hatchi.gif Daydream mature hatchi.gif Daydream male.png
Daydream female.gif
Desipis Dragon Desipis egg.png Desipis hatchling.png Desipis male hatchling.png
Desipis female hatchling.gif
Desipis male.png
Desipis female.png
Diamondwing Dragon Diamondwing egg.gif Diamondwing hatchi.gif Diamondwing mature hatchi.gif Diamondwing adult.png
Duotone Dragon Duotone egg.png Duotone hatchi.png Duotone male hatchi.png
Duotone female hatchi.png
Duotone male.png
Duotone female.png
Dusk Pygmy Dusk Pygmy egg.gif Dusk Pygmy hatchi.gif Dusk Pygmy male hatchi.gif
Dusk Pygmy female hatchi.gif
Dusk Pygmy male.gif
Dusk Pygmy female.gif
Electric Dragon Electric egg.png Electric hatchling.gif Electric mature hatchling.png Electric male.png
Electric female.png
Ember Dragon Ember egg.gif Ember hatchi.gif Ember mature hatchi.gif Ember male.png
Ember female.png
Equinox Dragon Equinox egg.png Equinox hatchling.png Equinox mature hatchling.png Equinox adult.png
Fanalea Dragon Fanalea egg.gif Fanalea hatchling.png Fanalea mature hatchling.png Fanalea adult.png
Fire Gem Dragon

Blue variant shown

Fire Gem blue egg.png Fire Gem blue hatchi.png Fire Gem blue male hatchi.png
Fire Gem blue female hatchi.png
Fire Gem blue male.png
Fire Gem blue female.png
Floral-Crowned Dragon Floral-Crowned egg.png Floral-Crowned hatchi.gif Floral-Crowned mature hatchi.png Floral-Crowned adult.png
Freckled Dragon Freckled egg.png Freckled hatchi.gif Freckled mature hatchi.png Freckled adult.png
Frilled Dragon Frilled egg.png Frilled hatchi.png Frilled male hatchi.gif
Frilled female hatchi.gif
Frilled male.png
Frilled female.png
Frostbite Dragon Frostbite egg.png Frostbite hatchi.gif Frostbite mature hatchi.png Frostbite adult.png
Geminae Dragon Geminae egg.gif Geminae hatchi.gif Geminae mature hatchi.png Geminae adult.png
Geode Dragon Geode egg.gif Geode hatchi.gif Geode male hatchi.gif
Geode female hatchi.gif
Geode male.gif
Geode female.gif
Gilded Bloodscale Dragon Gilded Bloodscale egg.gif Gilded Bloodscale hatchi.gif Gilded Bloodscale male hatchi.png
Gilded Bloodscale female hatchi.png
Gilded Bloodscale male.png
Gilded Bloodscale female.png
Glowback Pygmy Glowback Pygmy egg.gif Glowback Pygmy hatchi.gif Glowback Pygmy mature hatchi.gif Glowback Pygmy male.png
Glowback Pygmy female.png
Gold Dragon Gold egg.gif Gold hatchi.gif Gold male hatchi.gif
Gold female hatchi.gif
Gold male.gif
Gold female.gif
Gold-horned Tangar Gold-horned Tangar egg.gif Gold-horned Tangar hatchi.gif Gold-horned Tangar mature hatchi.gif Gold-horned Tangar male.png
Gold-horned Tangar female.png
Grave Dragon Grave egg.png Grave hatchi.gif Grave mature hatchi.png Grave male.png
Grave female.png
Green Dragon Green egg.gif Green hatchi.gif Green mature hatchi.gif Green adult.gif
Guardian Dragon Guardian egg.gif Guardian hatchi.gif Guardian mature hatchi.gif Guardian adult.gif
Guardian of Nature Guardian of Nature egg.gif Guardian of Nature hatchi.gif Guardian of Nature mature hatchi.gif Guardian of Nature adult.png
Harvest Dragon Harvest egg.gif Harvest hatchi.gif Harvest male hatchi.gif
Harvest female hatchi.gif
Harvest male.png
Harvest female.png
Heartseeker Dragon Heartseeker egg.gif Heartseeker hatchi.gif Heartseeker mature hatchi.png Heartseeker adult.png
Hellhorse Dragon Hellhorse egg.png Hellhorse hatchi.gif Hellhorse male hatchi.png
Hellhorse female hatchi.png
Hellhorse male.png
Hellhorse female.png
Holly Dragon Holly egg.png Holly hatchi.png Holly mature hatchi.png Holly adult.png
Hooded Murkling Dragon Hooded Murkling egg.png Hooded Murkling hatchling.png Hooded Murkling mature hatchling.png Hooded Murkling adult.png
Hooktalon Dragon Hooktalon egg.png Hooktalon hatchling.gif Hooktalon mature hatchling.png Hooktalon male.png
Hooktalon female.png
Horse Dragon Horse egg.gif Horse hatchi.gif Horse mature hatchi.gif Horse male.png
Horse female.png
Ice Dragon Ice egg.gif Ice hatchi.gif Ice mature hatchi.gif Ice adult.gif
Imperial Fleshcrowne Imperial Fleshcrowne egg.gif Imperial Fleshcrowne hatchi.gif Imperial Fleshcrowne mature hatchi.png Imperial Fleshcrowne male.png
Imperial Fleshcrowne female.png
Jester Dragon Jester egg.png Jester hatchling.png Jester mature hatchling.png Jester male.png
Jester female.png
Khusa Dragon Khusa egg.gif Khusa hatchi.png Khusa mature hatchi.png Khusa adult.png
Kingcrowne Dragon Kingcrowne egg.gif Kingcrowne hatchi.gif Kingcrowne mature hatchi.png Kingcrowne adult.png
Lumina Dragon Lumina egg.png Lumina hatchi.png Lumina mature hatchi.gif Lumina male.png
Lumina female.png
Lunar Herald Dragon

Gold variant shown

Lunar Herald gold egg.gif Lunar Herald gold hatchi.gif Lunar Herald gold mature hatchi.png Lunar Herald gold adult.png
Magi Dragon Magi egg.gif Magi hatchling.gif Magi mature hatchling.gif Magi adult.png
Mariner Pygmy Mariner egg.gif Mariner hatchi.gif Mariner mature hatchi.gif Mariner adult.png
Misfit Pygmy Misfit Pygmy egg.gif Misfit Pygmy hatchi.gif Misfit Pygmy mature hatchi.gif Misfit Pygmy male.gif
Misfit Pygmy female.gif
Mistletoe Dragon Mistletoe egg.png Mistletoe hatchling.png Mistletoe mature hatchling.png Mistletoe adult.png
Mistlet Pygmy Mistlet egg.gif Mistlet hatchling.gif Mistlet male hatchling.gif
Mistlet female hatchling.gif
Mistlet male.gif
Mistlet female.gif
Mistra Dragon Mistra egg.png Mistra hatchling.gif Mistra male hatchling.png
Mistra female hatchling.png
Mistra male.png
Mistra female.png
Monarch Dragon Monarch egg.gif Monarch hatchi.gif Monarch male hatchi.gif
Monarch female hatchi.gif
Monarch male.png
Monarch female.png
Moonstone Dragon Moonstone egg.GIF Moonstone hatchi.gif Moonstone male hatchi.gif
Moonstone female hatchi.gif
Moonstone male.png
Moonstone female.png
Mutamore Dragon Mutamore egg.gif Mutamore hatchi.gif Mutamore mature hatchi.gif Mutamore adult.png
Neglected Dragon Neglected egg.gif Neglected hatchi.gif Neglected mature hatchi.gif Neglected male.png
Neglected female.png
Neglected ungendered.gif
Neotropical Dragon Neotropical egg.png Neotropical hatchi.gif Neotropical mature hatchi.gif Neotropical male.gif
Neotropical female.gif
Nexus Dragon Nexus egg.png Nexus hatchi.png Nexus male hatchi.png
Nexus female hatchi.png
Nexus male.png
Nexus female.png
Nilia Pygmy

Blue variant shown

Nilia Pygmy egg.gif Nilia Pygmy hatchi.gif Nilia Pygmy mature hatchi.gif Nilia Pygmy male.png
Nilia Pygmy female.gif
Nobleshield Dragon Nobleshield egg.png Nobleshield hatchling.png Nobleshield male hatchling.png
Nobleshield female hatchling.png
Nobleshield male.png
Nobleshield female.png
Nocturne Dragon

Night form shown

Nocturne egg.gif Nocturne hatchi night form.png Nocturne mature hatchie night form.png Nocturne male night form.png
Nocturne female night form.png
Olive Dragon Olive egg.gif Olive hatchi.gif Olive mature hatchi.gif Olive male.png
Olive female.png
Pargulus Pygmy

Blue variant shown

Pargulus Pygmy egg.gif Pargulus Pygmy blue hatchling.gif Pargulus Pygmy blue mature hatchling.png Pargulus Pygmy blue male.png
Pargulus Pygmy blue female.png
Pillow Dragon Pillow egg.gif Pillow hatchi.gif Pillow male hatchi.gif
Pillow female hatchi.png
Pillow male.png
Pillow female.png
Pink Dragon Pink egg.gif Pink hatchi.gif Pink male hatchi.gif
Pink female hatchi.gif
Pink male.gif
Pink female.gif
Pipio Pygmy Pipio Pygmy egg.gif Pipio Pygmy hatchi.gif Pipio Pygmy male hatchi.gif
Pipio Pygmy female hatchi.gif
Pipio Pygmy male.png
Pipio Pygmy female.png
Pitfire Dragon

Standard form

Pitfire egg.png Pitfire hatchling.png Pitfire mature hatchling.png Pitfire male.png
Pitfire female.png
Plated Colossus Dragon Plated Colossus egg.gif Plated Colossus hatchling.gif Plated Colossus male hatchling.png
Plated Colossus female hatchling.png
Plated Colossus male.png
Plated Colossus female.png
Purple Dragon Purple egg.gif Purple hatchi.gif Purple male hatchi.gif
Purple female hatchi.gif
Purple male.gif
Purple female.png
Pyralspite Dragon

Almandine variant shown

Pyralspite Almandine egg.png Pyralspite Almandine hatchling.gif Pyralspite Almandine mature hatchling.gif Pyralspite Almandine adult.png
Pyrovar Dragon Pyrovar egg.gif Pyrovar hatchi.gif Pyrovar mature hatchi.gif Pyrovar adult.png
Pyrrhichios Dragon Pyrrhichios egg.gif Pyrrhichios hatchling.png Pyrrhichios mature hatchling.png Pyrrhichios adult.png
Radiant Angel Dragon Radiant Angel egg.png Radiant Angel hatchi.png Radiant Angel mature hatchi.png Radiant Angel adult.png
Red Dragon Red egg.gif Red hatchi.gif Red mature hatchi.gif Red adult.png
Ribbon Dancer Ribbon Dancer egg.gif Ribbon Dancer hatchi.png Ribbon Dancer mature hatchi.png Ribbon Dancer adult.png
Ridgewing Dragon

Purple variant shown

Ridgewing purple egg.gif Ridgewing purple hatchling.gif Ridgewing purple male hatchling.gif
Purple Ridgewing female hatchi.gif
Ridgewing purple male.gif
Ridgewing purple female.gif
Rosebud Dragon Rosebud egg.gif Rosebud hatchi.gif Rosebud mature hatchi.gif Rosebud adult.gif
Royal Blue Dragon Royal Blue egg.gif Royal Blue hatchi.gif Royal Blue male hatchie.gif
Royal Blue female hatchi.gif
Royal Blue male.png
Royal Blue female.png
Royal Crimson Dragon Royal Crimson egg.PNG Royal Crimson hatchi.png Royal Crimson mature hatchi.png Royal Crimson adult.png
Royal Eminence Dragon Royal Eminence egg.png Royal Eminence hatchling.gif Royal Eminence male hatchling.png
Royal Eminence female hatchling.png
Royal Eminence male.png
Royal Eminence female.png
Sandwaste Dragon Sandwaste egg.gif Sandwaste hatchi.gif Sandwaste male hatchi.gif
Sandwaste female hatchi.gif
Sandwaste male.png
Sandwaste female.png
Sapphire Dragon

Blue variant shown

Sapphire egg.gif Sapphire hatchi.png Sapphire mature hatchi.png Sapphire adult.png
Sawtooth Dragon Sawtooth egg.png Sawtooth hatchling.gif Sawtooth male hatchling.png
Sawtooth female hatchling.png
Sawtooth male.png
Sawtooth female.png
Scymrian Pygmy Scymrian egg.gif Scymrian hatchling.gif Scymrian mature hatchling.gif Scymrian adult.png
Seasonal Dragon (Autumn) Autumn egg.gif Autumn hatchi.gif Autumn male hatchi.png
Autumn female hatchi.png
Autumn male.png
Autumn female.png
Seasonal Dragon (Spring) Spring egg.gif Spring hatchi.gif Spring male hatchi.gif
Spring female hatchi.gif
Spring male.png
Spring female.png
Seasonal Dragon (Summer) Summer egg.gif Summer hatchi.gif Summer male hatchi.png
Summer female hatchi.png
Summer male.png
Summer female.png
Seasonal Dragon (Winter) Winter egg.png Winter hatchi.gif Winter male hatchi.gif
Winter female hatchi.gif
Winter male.png
Winter female.png
Shadow Walker Shadow Walker egg.gif Shadow Walker hatchi.png Shadow Walker mature hatchi.png Shadow Walker adult.png
Shumoga Dragon

Pale variant shown

Shumoga egg.gif Shumoga pale hatchling.gif Shumoga pale mature hatchling.gif Shumoga pale adult.png
Sinii Krai Dragon Sinii Krai egg.gif Sinii Krai hatchi.png Sinii Krai male hatchi.png
Sinii Krai female hatchi.png
Sinii Krai male.png
Sinii Krai female.png
Sinomorph Sinomorph adult.png
Siyat Dragon

Blue variant shown

Siyat egg.png Siyat blue hatchi.gif Siyat blue mature hatchi.png Siyat blue adult.png
Skysilk Dragon Skysilk egg.png Skysilk hatchi.png Skysilk mature hatchi.png Skysilk adult.png
Snow Angel Snow Angel egg.gif Snow Angel hatchi.gif Snow Angel mature hatchi.gif Snow Angel full gold adult.gif
Snow Angel tri-colored adult.gif
Snow Angel white tipped adult.gif
Snow Dragon Snow egg.png Snow hatchi.png Snow mature hatchi.png Snow adult.png
Solstice Dragon Solstice egg.gif Solstice hatchi.png Solstice mature hatchi blue.png Solstice adult rosy.png
Sophrosyne Dragon Sophrosyne egg.gif Sophrosyne hatchling.png Sophrosyne male hatchling.png
Sophrosyne female hatchling.png
Sophrosyne male.png
Sophrosyne female.png
Soulstone Dragon Soulstone egg.png Soulstone hatchi.png Soulstone mature hatchi.png Soulstone adult.png
Speckle-Throated Dragon Speckle-Throated egg.gif Speckle-Throated hatchi.png Speckle-Throated male hatchi.png
Speckle-Throated female hatchi.png
Speckle-Throated male.png
Speckle-Throated female.png
Spitfire Dragon Spitfire egg.gif Spitfire hatchi.gif Spitfire mature hatchi.gif Spitfire adult.png
Split Dragon Split egg.gif Split hatchling.gif Split male hatchi.gif
Split female hatchling.gif
Split male.png
Split female.png
Spotted Greenwing Spotted Greenwing egg.gif Spotted Greenwing hatchi.gif Spotted Greenwing mature hatchi.gif Spotted Greenwing adult.png
Starsinger Dragon Starsinger egg.png Starsinger hatchi.png Starsinger mature hatchi.png Starsinger adult.png
Stone Dragon Stone egg.gif Stone hatchi.gif Stone mature hatchi.gif Stone adult.gif
Storm Dragon Storm egg.gif Storm hatchi.gif Storm mature hatchi.gif Storm male.gif
Storm female.png
Storm-Rider Dragon Storm-Rider egg.png Storm-Rider hatchi.png Storm-Rider mature hatchi.png Storm-Rider adult.png
Striped Dragon

White variant shown

Striped white egg.png Striped white hatchling.png Striped white mature hatchling.png Striped white male.png
Striped white female.png
Sunrise Dragon Sunrise-Sunset egg.gif Sunrise hatchi.gif Sunrise mature hatchi.gif Sunrise male.gif
Sunrise female.gif
Sunset Dragon Sunrise-Sunset egg.gif Sunset hatchi.gif Sunset mature hatchi.gif Sunset male.png
Sunset female.png
Sunstone Dragon Sunstone egg.gif Sunstone hatchi.gif Sunstone mature hatchi.gif Sunstone adult.png
Swallowtail Dragon Swallowtail egg.gif Swallowtail hatchi.gif Swallowtail male hatchi.png
Swallowtail female hatchi.png
Swallowtail male.png
Swallowtail female.png
Tercorn Dragon Tercorn egg.gif Tercorn hatchi.png Tercorn mature hatchi.png Tercorn adult.png
Tetra Dragon Tetra egg.gif Tetra hatchi.gif Tetra mature hatchi.gif Tetra adult.png
Thunder Dragon Thunder egg.gif Thunder hatchling.gif Thunder mature hatchling.gif Thunder adult.png
Tinsel Dragon

Gold variant shown

Gold Tinsel egg.gif Gold Tinsel hatchi.gif Gold Tinsel mature hatchi.gif Gold Tinsel adult.png
Turpentine Dragon Turpentine egg.png Turpentine hatchi.gif Turpentine mature hatchi.gif Turpentine adult.png
Ultraviolet Dragon Ultraviolet egg.gif Ultraviolet hatchi.png Ultraviolet male hatchi.png
Ultraviolet female hatchi.png
Ultraviolet male.png
Ultraviolet female.png
Undead Dragon

Western variants

Undead standard hatchi.png Undead standard mature hatchi.png Undead standard adult.png
Undead two-head hatchi.png Undead two-head mature hatchi.png Undead two-head adult.png
Undead pygmy hatchi.png Undead pygmy mature hatchi.gif Undead pygmy adult.png
Undine Dragon

Regular variant shown

Undine egg.png Undine hatchi.png Undine male hatchi.png
Undine female hatchi.png
Undine male.png
Undine female.png
Valentine Dragon Valentine egg.gif Valentine hatchi.gif Valentine mature hatchi.gif Valentine adult.gif
Vampire Dragon Vampire egg.gif Vampire hatchi.png Vampire male hatchi.png
Vampire female hatchi.png
Vampire male.png
Vampire female.png
Whiptail Dragon Whiptail egg.gif Whiptail hatchi.gif Whiptail mature hatchi.gif Whiptail adult.png
White Dragon White egg.gif White hatchi.gif White mature hatchi.gif White adult.gif
Witchlight Dragon Witchlight egg.png Witchlight hatchi.png Witchlight mature hatchi.png Witchlight male.png
Witchlight female.png
Wrapping-Wing Wrapping-Wing egg.gif Wrapping-Wing hatchi.png Wrapping-Wing mature hatchi.png Wrapping-Wing adult.png
Yellow-Crowned Dragon Yellow-Crowned egg.gif Yellow-Crowned hatchi.gif Yellow-Crowned mature hatchi.gif Yellow-Crowned male.png
Yellow-Crowned female.png
Yulebuck Yulebuck egg.gif Yulebuck hatchi.gif Yulebuck mature hatchi.gif Yulebuck adult.gif

Volcano variant shown

Zyumorph volcano egg.png Zyumorph volcano hatchi.png Zyumorph volcano mature hatchi.png Zyumorph volcano adult.png

Wingless dragons[]

Wingless dragons are quadrupedal dragons with no wings. Though sometimes similar to eastern dragons, wingless dragons usually have a shorter and stockier torso than easterns. Some wingless dragons have vestigial wings.

Dragon breed Sprites
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Aegis Dragon Aegis egg.png Aegis hatchling.gif Aegis mature hatchling.png Aegis adult.png
Aranoa Dragon Aranoa egg.png Aranoa hatchling.gif Aranoa mature hatchling.png Aranoa adult.png
Ash Dragon Ash egg.png Ash hatchling.png Ash mature hatchling.gif Ash adult.png
Dark Green Dragon Dark Green egg.gif Dark Green hatchling.gif Dark Green mature hatchling.gif Dark Green adult.gif
Dorsal Dragon Purple Dorsal egg.gif Purple Dorsal hatchi.gif Purple Dorsal mature hatchi.gif Purple Dorsal adult.png
Fell Dragon Fell egg.png Fell hatchi.png Fell male hatchi.png
Fell female hatchi.png
Fell male.png
Fell female.png
Furor Pygmy Furor egg.png Furor hatchling.png Furor mature hatchling.png Furor adult.png
Leodon Dragon Leodon egg.gif Leodon hatchi.gif Leodon mature hatchi.png Leodon adult.png
Magma Dragon Magma egg.gif Magma hatchi.gif Magma mature hatchi.gif Magma adult.gif
Mint Dragon Mint egg.gif Mint hatchi.gif Mint mature hatchi.gif Mint adult.gif
Sweetling Sweetling egg.gif Sweetling hatchi.gif Sweetling mature hatchi.gif Sweetling adult.gif
Terrae Dragon Terrae egg 1.gif
Terrae egg 2.gif
Terrae egg 3.png
Terrae hatchi.gif Terrae male hatchi.gif
Terrae female hatchi.gif
Terrae male.png
Terrae female.png
Undead Dragon

Wingless variant

Undead wingless hatchi.png Undead wingless mature hatchi.png Undead wingless adult.png
Undead pygmy wingless hatchling.gif Undead pygmy wingless mature hatchling.png Undead pygmy wingless adult.png
Water Walker Dragon Water Walker egg.gif Water Walker hatchi.gif Water Walker mature hatchi.gif Water Walker adult.gif
Waterhorse Dragon Waterhorse egg.gif Waterhorse hatchi.gif Waterhorse male hatchi.gif
Waterhorse female hatchi.gif
Waterhorse male.gif
Waterhorse female.gif
Wisteria Dragon Wisteria egg.gif Wisteria hatchling.gif Wisteria mature hatchling.gif Wisteria adult.png
Xol Dragon

Blue variant shown

Xol blue egg.gif Xol blue hatchi.png Xol blue mature hatchi.png Xol blue male.png
Xol blue female.png


Wyrms lack any type of limbs, giving them the most snake-like appearance of any morphological group. Though they frequently have horns or spikes on their heads and bodies, these traits are not required.

Dragon breed Sprites
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Aquilo Xenowyrm Aquilo egg.gif Aquilo hatchling.gif Aquilo mature hatchling.gif Aquilo adult.png
Aso Xenowyrm Aso egg.gif Aso hatchling.gif Aso mature hatchling.gif Aso adult.png
Astrapi Xenowyrm Astrapi egg.gif Astrapi hatchling.gif Astrapi mature hatchling.gif Astrapi adult.png
Chrono Xenowyrm Chrono egg.gif Chrono hatchling.gif Chrono mature hatchling.gif Chrono adult.png
Gaia Xenowyrm Gaia Xenowyrm egg.gif Gaia Xenowyrm hatchling.gif Gaia Xenowyrm mature hatchling.gif Gaia Xenowyrm adult.png
False-Headed Hydra Dragon
Coast variant shown
False-Headed Hydra teal egg.gif False-Headed Hydra teal hatchling.png False-Headed Hydra teal mature hatchling male.png
False-Headed Hydra teal mature hatchling female.png
False-Headed Hydra teal adult male.png
False-Headed Hydra teal adult female.png
Glystere Wyrm Glystere egg.png Glystere hatchling.gif Glystere mature hatchling.png Glystere adult.png
Ke’maro Xenowyrm Ke'maro Xenowyrm egg.gif Ke'maro Xenowyrm hatchling.gif Ke'maro Xenowyrm mature hatchling.gif Ke'maro Xenowyrm adult.png
Mageia Xenowyrm Mageia Xenowyrm egg.gif Mageia Xenowyrm hatchling.gif Mageia Xenowyrm mature hatchling.gif Mageia Xenowyrm adult.png
Obidar Xenowyrm Obidar Xenowyrm egg.gif Obidar Xenowyrm hatchling.gif Obidar Xenowyrm mature hatchling.gif Obidar Xenowyrm adult.png
Omen Wyrm Omen Wyrm egg.png Omen Wyrm hatchi.gif Omen Wyrm male hatchi.gif
Omen Wyrm female hatchi.gif
Omen Wyrm male.png
Omen Wyrm female.png
Oracle Wyrm Oracle egg.png Oracle hatchling.png Oracle male hatchling.png
Oracle female hatchling.png
Oracle male.png
Oracle female.png
Pharos Xenowyrm Pharos Xenowyrm egg.gif Pharos Xenowyrm hatchling.gif Pharos Xenowyrm mature hatchling.gif Pharos Xenowyrm adult.png
Pyro Xenowyrm Pyro Xenowyrm egg.gif Pyro Xenowyrm hatchling.gif Pyro Xenowyrm mature hatchling.gif Pyro Xenowyrm adult.png
Red-Tailed Wyrm Red-Tailed Wyrm egg.gif Red-Tailed Wyrm hatchi.png Red-Tailed Wyrm mature hatchi.png Red-Tailed Wyrm adult.png
Rift Wyrm Rift Wyrm egg.gif Rift Wyrm hatchi.png Rift Wyrm mature hatchi.png Rift Wyrm male.png
Rift Wyrm female.png
Staterae Xenowyrm Staterae Xenowyrm egg.gif Staterae Xenowyrm hatchling.gif Staterae Xenowyrm mature hatchling.gif Staterae Xenowyrm adult.png
Temple Wyrm Temple egg.gif Temple hatchling.gif Temple mature hatchling.png Temple adult.png
Thalassa Xenowyrm Thalassa Xenowyrm egg.gif Thalassa Xenowyrm hatchling.gif Thalassa Xenowyrm mature hatchling.png Thalassa Xenowyrm adult.png
Umbra Xenowyrm Umbra Xenowyrm egg.gif Umbra Xenowyrm hatchling.gif Umbra Xenowyrm mature hatchling.gif Umbra Xenowyrm adult.png
Undead Dragon

Wyrm variants

Undead wyrm hatchi.png Undead wyrm mature hatchi.png Undead wyrm adult.png
Undead pygmy wyrm hatchi.gif Undead pygmy wyrm mature hatchi.gif Undead pygmy wyrm adult.png
Undead two-headed wyrm hatchling.gif Undead two-headed wyrm mature hatchling.gif Undead two-headed wyrm.png


Wyverns are winged, bipedal dragons. Unlike lindwyrms, which have only a set of forelimbs, wyverns have only a set of hindlimbs. Their wings may be either feathered or leathery.

Dragon breed Sprites
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Aeon Wyvern Aeon egg.gif Aeon hatchling.png Aeon mature hatchling.png Aeon adult male.png
Aeon adult female.png
Aether Wyvern Aether egg.png Aether hatchling.gif Aether mature hatchling.gif Aether adult.png
Alcedine Wyvern

Blue variant shown

Alcedine egg.png Alcedine blue hatchling.gif Alcedine blue mature hatchling.gif Alcedine blue adult.png
Avin Pygmy Avin egg.gif Avin hatchling.gif Avin mature hatchling male.png
Avin mature hatchling female.png
Avin adult male.png
Avin adult female.png
Bright-Breasted Wyvern Bright-Breasted egg.gif Bright-Breasted hatchling.gif Bright-Breasted mature hatchling male.gif
Bright-Breasted mature hatchling female.gif
Bright-Breasted adult male.gif
Bright-Breasted adult female.gif
Cantormaris Dragon

Mundus variant shown

Cantormaris egg.gif Cantormaris Mundus hatchling.gif Cantormaris Mundus mature hatchling.gif Cantormaris Mundus adult.png
Carmine Wyvern Carmine egg.png Carmine hatchling.png Carmine mature hatchling.png Carmine adult.png
Coastal Waverunner Coastal Waverunner egg.gif Coastal Waverunner hatchling.gif Coastal Waverunner mature hatchling.gif Coastal Waverunner adult.png
Copper Dragon

Liver of Sulfur

Copper liver of sulfur egg.png Copper liver of sulfur hatchling.png Copper liver of sulfur mature hatchling male.png
Copper liver of sulfur mature hatchling female.png
Copper liver of sulfur male.png
Copper liver of sulfur adult female.png
Coral Pygmy Wyvern Coral egg.gif Coral hatchling.gif Coral mature hatchling.gif Coral adult male.png
Coral adult female.png
Falconiform Wyvern Falconiform Wyvern egg.png Falconiform Wyvern hatchi.gif Falconiform Wyvern male hatchi.png
Falconiform Wyvern female hatchi.png
Falconiform Wyvern male.png
Falconiform Wyvern female.png
Fever Wyvern Fever Wyvern egg.png Fever Wyvern hatchi.png Fever Wyvern mature hatchi.png Fever Wyvern adult.png
Flamingo Wyvern Flamingo egg.gif Flamingo hatchi.gif Flamingo male hatchi.gif
Flamingo female hatchi.gif
Flamingo male.gif
Flamingo female.gif
Iris Floret Wyvern

Gold variant shown

Floret Iris gold egg.gif Floret Iris gold hatchling.png Floret Iris gold mature hatchling.png Floret Iris gold male.png
Floret Iris gold female.png
Floret Wyvern (Alstroemeria)

Pink variant shown

Floret Alstro pink egg.gif Floret Alstro pink hatchling.png Floret Alstro pink male hatchling.png
Floret Alstro pink female hatchling.png
Floret Alstro pink male.png
Floret Alstro pink female.png
Galvanic Wyvern Galvanic egg.gif Galvanic hatchi.gif Galvanic mature hatchi.png Galvanic adult.png
Ghanser Dragon Ghanser egg.gif Ghanser hatchling.gif Ghanser mature hatchling.gif Ghanser adult.png
Golden Wyvern Golden Wyvern egg.gif Golden Wyvern hatchi.png Golden Wyvern mature hatchi.png Golden Wyvern male.png
Golden Wyvern female.png
Hellfire Wyvern Hellfire Wyvern egg.gif Hellfire Wyvern hatchi.gif Hellfire Wyvern male hatchi.png
Hellfire Wyvern female hatchi.png
Hellfire Wyvern Male.gif
Hellfire Wyvern Female.gif
Kohraki Dragon Kohraki egg.png Kohraki hatchi.gif Kohraki mature hatchi.gif Kohraki male.png
Kohraki female.png
Lightning Pygmy Lightning egg.gif Lightning hatchling.gif Lightning mature hatchling.gif Lightning adult male.png
Lightning adult female.png
Luminox Dragon Luminox egg.gif Luminox hatchi.gif Luminox mature hatchi.gif Luminox male.png
Luminox female.png
Magelight Pygmy Magelight Pygmy Wyvern egg.gif Magelight Pygmy Wyvern hatchling.gif Magelight Pygmy Wyvern mature hatchling.gif Magelight Pygmy Wyvern male.png
Magelight Pygmy Wyvern female.png
Mimic Pygmy Mimic Pygmy egg.png Mimic Pygmy hatchi.png Mimic Pygmy mature hatchi.png Mimic Pygmy male.png
Mimic Pygmy female.png
Nebula Dragon Nebula egg.gif Nebula hatchi.gif Nebula purple male hatchi.gif Nebula purple male.gif
Nebula green male hatchi.gif Nebula green male.gif
Nebula blue female hatchi.gif Nebula blue female.gif
Nebula red female hatchi.png Nebula red female.gif
Nhiostrife Wyvern Nhiostrife Wyvern egg.gif Nhiostrife Wyvern hatchi.gif Nhiostrife Wyvern mature hatchi.gif Nhiostrife Wyvern adult.png
Pyropellis Wyvern

Orange variant shown

Pyropellis egg.png Pyropellis hatchling.png Pyropellis mature hatchling.png Pyropellis orange adult.png
Razorcrest Wyvern Razorcrest Wyvern egg.gif Razorcrest Wyvern hatchi.gif Razorcrest Wyvern mature hatchi.png Razorcrest Wyvern adult.png
Sakuhana Wyvern Sakuhana Wyvern egg.png Sakuhana Wyvern hatchling.png Sakuhana Wyvern mature hatchling.png Sakuhana Wyvern adult.png
Scimitar-wing Wyvern Scimitar-wing Wyvern egg.png Scimitar-wing Wyvern hatchi.gif Scimitar-wing Wyvern mature hatchi.png Scimitar-wing Wyvern male.png
Scimitar-wing Wyvern female.png
Serrati Wyvern Serrati egg.gif Serrati hatchling.gif Serrati male hatchling.png
Serrati female hatchling.png
Serrati male.png
Serrati female.png
Spinel Wyvern

Violet variant shown

Spinel Wyvern violet egg.gif Spinel Wyvern violet hatchi.png Spinel Wyvern violet mature hatchi.png Spinel Wyvern violet male.png
Spinel Wyvern violet female.png
Spirit Ward Dragon

Day form shown

Spirit Ward egg.png Spirit Ward hatchling.gif Spirit Ward male hatchling (day).gif
Spirit Ward female hatchling (day).gif
Spirit Ward male (day).png
Spirit Ward female (day).png
Tri-Horn Wyvern Tri-Horn Wyvern egg.png Tri-Horn Wyvern hatchi.png Tri-Horn Wyvern mature hatchi.png Tri-Horn Wyvern male.png
Tri-Horn Wyvern female.png
Tsunami Wyvern Tsunami Wyvern egg.gif Tsunami Wyvern hatchi.gif Tsunami Wyvern male hatchi.gif
Tsunami Wyvern female hatchi.gif
Tsunami Wyvern male.png
Tsunami Wyvern female.png
Undead Dragon

Wyvern variants

Undead wyvern hatchi.png Undead wyvern mature hatchi.png Undead wyvern adult.png
Undead pygmy wyvern hatchi.png Undead pygmy wyvern mature hatchi.gif Undead pygmy wyvern adult.png
Undead two-head wyvern hatchi.gif Undead two-head wyvern mature hatchi.gif Undead two-head wyvern adult.png
Vermeil Dragon Vermeil egg.png Vermeil hatchling.png Vermeil mature hatchling.png Vermeil adult.png