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  • Why the undo of my edits about the new dragons being "in anticipation of the birthday event" - there are confused people on the forums asking  if they WERE that event, and I can't see the connection - how were they "in anticipation" of anything ? I'm not sure where else to ask you this !

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    • well this release is right before the DC B-day release which everyone is still looking forward to cause it was mentioned WITH the May release,

      and plus if an admin added that, why remove it?

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    • Just because they were mentioned along with the birthday ones is not the same as their "anticipating" them. I am guessing the admin's first language is not English, because in English that suggests there is a direct connection, and in fact they were just the May release, and have nothing to do with the birthday. And people are therefore now asking what the connection is and if that WAS the birthday release, so including it has caused confusion.

      I guess I'll have a word with admin then. Thanks for responding.

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    • Lets calm down a little bit you two hot blooded dragon tamers. ;)

      @ SkyRider3217: This information was not added by a wiki admin. ;) (Frostbite page history & Falconiform page history)

      @ Talentless: You're right Talentless, english is not my mother tongue, but I also didn't put that sentence there. ;)

      @ All:
      The May release was simply that, the May release. TJ may have given information on the upcoming May release and the birthday event in one post, but the May release didn't occure "in anticipation of the birthday event".

      TJ's post on the news forum

      There will be two events coming up in May:

      The first, on Saturday, May 03, 2014, is the May release. It will occur at 1 PM EST. This is a refinement from this month's experiment--note the change from Sunday to Saturday.

      The second is DC's birthday (May 21), which falls on a Wednesday this year. The event will begin at midnight EST (that is, the time after 11:59:59 on May 20), and details will be announced at that time.

      If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread.

      — TJ

      Both may occure (or already have occured) in May but they are two sepreate events which are not related to each other. Therefore I removed the "in anticipation of the birthday event" part from the two dragon articles.

      Have a great day you two :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I just have to tell you, I love it when contributors upload event images with the correct file names (if they are known)! <3 *is an lazy ass and doesn't like re-naming images* (XD) I just wanted to thank you for that. :)

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    • well I saw the names of the other files so that I arranged them correctly for ya,and uploaded all of them in quick time

      so there is no need for modifications :P

      (except for adding categories and copyright)

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    • I don't take it for granted that people take a look at the old FoE articles to check the image names, therefore it makes me happy if someone does. ;) It will be no problem for me to add the copyright template and categories to all the FoE 2014 event eggs. Thanks again! :)

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    • no problem :3

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    • A FANDOM user
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